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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

Never underestimate the power (and the counterweight) of a big cat.  Will Shie and her motley crew crush Cinder and Lady Red‘s attempt to apprehend the renegade Kilani?  Stay tuned…

Take care, fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your continued support!



Wow Shie is strong You know I kinda like red I am eager to see what happens next.

Shie’s a beast when given the proper motivation, and yeah, Lady Red’s pretty cool when she wants to be. ^__^

Shie in this moment must say “Sup!” 🙂 One question. Saph is able to realise what she has done? Because this is very clearly not self-defense. And Eone reaction on Saph actions after mission will be deemed as ‘furious’.

If you’re referring to the action that killed Kenzi, Saph has shown that she’s fully aware of what she did, and Eone’s already shown how angry this makes her. If everyone survives, I’m sure there’s going to be a long talk between the two when they get back home.

I mean Saph reaction. She not asked herself why the second tiger not attack her and enable her own attack mode :/ And another question. Earth dragons have racists among their kind and with their world view?

By Saph’s opinion, Ennek provoked her when Ennek ran off toward the Dragons, thus constituting an act of aggression, which Saph could then use to justify lethal action. And as for racism among Dragons, let’s just say that not all groups get along with each other and we’ll leave it at that for now. ^__^

Saph’s opinion and logic remind me security from game Hitman. I just grab extinguisher in disguising and guards start shoot me and kill. “I just take extingisher!
What’s the big deal? I not kill people who comes to me with extinguisher!” my words 🙂 Ennek just stay and Saph trying “convice” her to attack. I think what truly provoke Saph that Ennek ran into Lady Red 🙂

And what about Cinder? She clearly heard if somebody die among tigers deal canceled. Why she lie to Red?

Lying to Lady Red? If anything, Cinder probably feels that the Tigers lied to her. They were supposed to let Kilani go, and they’re doing anything but, right now.

In page 392 Riah tell if Kenzi wounded deal canceled and Cinder clearly heard it. And that’s why i asked this question. Cinder lie or it misunderstanding?

Well, from what we’ve seen, Cinder hasn’t actually said anything to the Tigers about Kenzi. Can’t lie if you don’t say anything, right? ~__^

Run away without saying anithing is not good diplomacy. I explain my point of view. Imagine that you have agreed with person about a some product. This person bring that product and take money. You ask a question “This product not broken?” and in this moment person running away and shout “We have a deal!”. Cinder’s words puts the tigers in a disgusting form of a non-performing commitments for dragons view. And this discouraged me.

Well, that is one massively hot counterweight. XD

No, but seriously though, I’m just waiting to see how long it will before one of the Earth Dragons launches a piece of earth at the tigers. Then again, that might be hard as two of the Earth Dragons have an airlift ready and Saph has a tiger in her possession. Either that, or one of the fire dragons to burn off a portion of the straps to separate them and the other tigers. That two might prove rather difficult due to the current circumstances.

So question of the day. The tigers seem gaps weaker than dragons in a lot of ways. Don’t the tigers have SOME strengths at all? You know, other than physical strength, it seems in this page. I don’t mean the whatever the heck happened to red’s powers when one of them grappled her, either. A legit bodily advantage.

Question, Why haven’t the tigers been allowed to kill any dragons other than the one non-combatant?
They took down a flight of dragons, losing one of their own and did not have time to kill any of them and yet they had time to bury the tiger that died?
Then this last fight it seemed like it was a more even thing when one of each species “lost” one but no…the dragon survives while the tiger is the meat in a boulder sandwich.

Tiger in boulder sandwich it Kenzi and she jumped in attack first when Ennek tried to make peace contact. And despite the fact that Kenzi said “Yellow one can drop fucking mountain on you” and she jumped into attack ‘facepalm’. Desire killing each other for the sake of comprasion death points not help! If Kighan would have been dead Cinder transform into another vengeful nature without mercy for tigers. You understand? Another deaths not help to peace, understanding and the story too.

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