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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

So much for Her Majesty’s good mood.  Did Shaleigh work Queen Oscura‘s last good nerve?  And will the mysterious Fox win back the Queen’s good graces?  Stay tuned…

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading! ^__^



HAH! YES! Sorry that was just so satisfying to see Shaleigh get slapped outta her ‘oo I’m mysterious’ nonsense, in a sense. Why do I get the feeling queenie isnt gonna mount an offensive against the tigers though, something about her makes me think that.

Yeah the Dragon Kingsoms capitol got go their shit slapped around by a goddamn volcano with a ton of casualties, resulting in the dragons being so short handed they had to pull in unwilling reserves out of recently emancipated subgroup of themselves. Aside from one stray Tiger group getting nailed by a fireball, how the HELL are the TIGERS the ones vulnerable to attack?

Yeah really smelling the bullshit from Shaleigh here.

Hello nice comic is the next comic will be about thanksgiving and the other comic will be about the tigers in the end of the month.

Shaleigh not get achievement “Royal lover” XD But now i understend why war continues. Encouraging agression it not very good for world and people. And questions: Queen Oscura use all her elements? You talk on forum that masters in physical magic earth dragons. Queen Oscura combine Light and Earth to form that hand right? Oscura can combine more elements? And last thing. Thank you for comic RazorFox! I hope you not close or stop drawning this comic… Many artists or writers close their projects not even finish half of the planned. And again thank you for this comic!

Her Majesty Queen Oscura knows her way around multiple magicks. Using light to physically move tangible objects is child’s play for her! And thanks for the kind words regarding the comic and its longevity. There’s plenty more ground to cover, so I hope you’ll continue to join in the adventure! ^__^

AH SNAP! The Queen is getting all psycho up in here. And she was having such a nice day too. XD
No, but in all due seriousness, I’m rather surprised that Shaleigh so easily turned on the tigers, given that she has been having some personal fund times with the Princess of course. I’m just curious more about her motives than anything else.

So i was wondering how do you think my art doing one day i try doing your style which i admired so tell me what does my art style compared to just curious also i admired fred perry’s too

Like I mentioned, it’s looking real good! Keep practicing every chance you get.

Also, please do us a solid here and try replying under your existing posts here in the comments section. You’re starting a lot of new threads which should actually be nested under your previously-posted comments, as they’re continuations of those conversations. Thanks!

Queen Oscura *earned* her royal title? Interesting…that suggests the position of dragon monarch isn’t necessarily hereditary, yet Chuki (I love Kilani and will only use the name *she* gave her) is considered the princess. =/ I haven’t read the archives in a while, but is it spelled out in-comic how the appointment and/or succession of the dragons’ government works?

Also, now I *really* want to see a prologue detailing Oscura’s rise in power to become ruler of dragonkind. =D

Shaleigh couldn’t have picked a worse time to show her face especially when Lady Red is on her way with Kilani.

I think it would be bad for the fox if any of the dragons could walk in and spot the conniving wench.

Shaddig: Your Majesty, Lady Red is back after capturing the monster Kilani and…who the hell is that?

Queen Oscura: She was just leaving. Isn’t that right?

In one hand i blame Oscura and what she did (arrest all earth dragons because of one “criminal” Gaia, brainwash Lumina/Chuki, can make punishment for miserable things). On other hand i want to ask her out on a date… Yeah. She have something i like in her, but it not power or her greatness as “steel” lady. Or maybe it my knight’s genes “slay/lay powerful dragoness” and something like that.

Oscura’s face in the last panel is pretty much what her and everybody else in the audience is thinking XD And I fully agree. After that “obsidian egg” wild goose chase, no leader in their right mind would trust the intelligence of a third party who could possibly continue to be duped by the enemy. Any intel Shaleigh has to give will most definitely be taken with lots of grains of salt. Oscura’s not one for taking chances unless she knows for sure the risk is worth it, and I think this time whatever “intel” she’s given will be double-checked by other scouts. Soon as the Kilani confrontation is settled, that is. If all Shaleigh has to offer is “attack cuz their numbers are low thanks to the volcano”, Ima facepalm.

Hey razorfox are you making a thanksgiving comic this year if you are there will be 2 parts part 1 is when the tigers rula shie naisha kess kliani kenzi vs dragons lady red queen eone meta gaia saph are in a eating contest in part two the winner is the tigers and the tigers and dragons get very fat

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