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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Looks like it’s official.  Will this be the event that has Team Kess bury the hatchet with Team Aika?  Stay tuned…

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your continued support!



Hm. Maybe Aika not stupid despite her bitch attitude and she clearly desire to hear what say Ennek. We see here another quest for revenge is born. But who begin vengeance? Aika or Rula?

And somewhere Saph right now is smile that she be able kill tiger and impress lady Red. Personally I don’t wish that Saph slowly transforming into fanatical yandere, she show first signs of that.

The dragons and tigers are all sick to death of this war, but are so wrapped up in their cycle of revenge and seeing the enemy as abominations to be exterminated, that they can’t just let go, even if it’s clear to everyone this war is meaningless. Then again, it being measles has never stopped anyone, a war just continues and continues until one side wins even if it means both must grind themselves into dust first.

At this point, the foxes have a fight to help these two species just get it over with and obliterate each other. Why? Because every voice of sanity has been drowned out, eliminated, or convinced the only way it’s ending is with the obliteration of the other. And every attempt by either side to simply not murder each other has ended in failure, not just failure, but spectacular failure.

Ennek tried to communicate with a Dragon and look how that turned out.

Yeah, well, I think Kenzi being an idiot had something to do with how that turned out. She literally ‘jumped’ to (a ridiculous) conclusion, and got herself slabbed for it. Ennek was (arguably) smarter and had things under control…

Ps. Design-wise, I kinda like the tiger with the hair over her eyes. I hope we see more of her.

In month I think about reward of queen Oscura after “capture Kilani” mission. And I have one interesting idea. What if queen instead of reward, will be dissapointed in lady Red? Because lady Red enlist support from “dirt pushers”. And queen have serious talk about this with lady Red. It’s of course theory, but it theory feeded by fact about racism toward earth dragons. Of course plot write by author, but I have questions.

This may happen RazorFox? Or show some signs of it in your plot? What do you think about it?

I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but the rock formation there reminds me of a sandwich. And nothing brings rivalry to a halt like a death of an incredibly fine looking tiger.

That’s it i am leaving this planet going to a planet where there is wild life no inhabitants had enough of people.


Odd question, but if someone dies in the war timeline, does their counterpart then die in the holidays timeline?

I doubt it. The 2017 Valentine’s Day special featured Gaia as part of the “crew” filming the Draconia Chronicles universe, and she’s been dead in-canon for years. We’ll still be seeing Kenzi (in luscious *un*-smashed form) now and then. =)

As a counterpoint, there’s a reasonable possibility that death in the war timeline equals death in all in-universe timelines (War, Holiday, but not Crew). Case in point, the casualties of the first battle. Gone for ten years, and haven’t shown up in any “Draconia Lane” segments. Only reference to the four, are in the ’09 holiday page where they show up as pictures on the fireplace mantle.

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