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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

I know it’s been a while, and this page got bogged down with a ton of artist block, particularly in how to portray the events in the final two panels. After quite a bit of experimenting, I finally got something I was happy with and worthy of the life-altering experience of having one’s magick stripped. What will become of the now-powerless Meta? And where did Saph go? Answers are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your continued support!



Welp, this is going to spark a civil war if anything. Class strife will tear the city apart long before any tiger breaches the walls.

I think the whole point of bringing in another priestess (and divine entity) to deal with the errant priestess was to avoid the whole civil war thing.

Dang, one panel Meta’s sad but also having to accept it, and then next she looks taken aback that Shaddig is doing her a solid. Still, tho, ouch. Something so jarring and so final even if it’s not was portrayed pretty plainly in the last panel especially. I’m glad you took your time with it and came up with something that looked and felt right.

….all y’all could stand to lose a few, tho. That creek didn’t sound like a good one XD

The way she speaks to Kilani, it’s the way you’d speak to a PERSON. 0-0

I don’t get why they feel the need to do this. What kinda threat is she? And I’m surprised they consider Earth dragon magic WORTH sealing.

Was removal of Meta’s magic necessary? She’s done literally nothing to warrant this, unless her unspeakable act was preventing the death of a tiger (388). Her supposed crime of “threatening to use the goddess to bring more destruction” was no such thing, Red invented the crime of the earth dragons causing the volcano (373). Meta interprets the goddess’ will and explains what the intentions are and have been, she also followed every command given by Red. However, Red and the fire dragons have done nothing but mock (352) and threaten (353) her for the past 80 pages. Not to mention, Red claimed to take >full responsibility< if anything went 'wrong' in the earth dragon loyalty (339) and we don't see her getting her soul pulled out.

After this, a possible war of two fronts will be waged against the throne. Not just a physical rebellion from the earth dragons and whatever allies they have, but also a war in heaven between Luasa and Isatu. By having a fire priestess sever an earth priestess' link to her goddess by taking her magic, it's a direct insult to the goddess by taking a devotee from her. This may not have been the first devotee Isatu severed either, as prior to her exile, torture, and subsequent death, Gaia's magic was also removed (38, 353, 383). Whether she was also a devotee of Luasa is unknown, but if so, this is now two connections the goddess has now lost.

Wow talk about harsh I say the earth dragons need to leave the city and find the male dragons.

We know of at least two. ~__^

Speaking of the male dragons, I can’t seem to remember if it was ever mentioned, can they use magic like their female counterparts?

Razor can probably answer the question better, but I believe males can be divided like the females can, into separate elements. Ghislain, catagorized into Light, and now Isatu, catagorized into Fire.

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