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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Why is Kilani getting the royal treatment?  And will Cinder be able to keep the Tiger in good spirits?  Stay tuned…

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Could it be that Kighan is that same person who have “suicidal tendecies” and mentioned back in the forest by Cinder when she mention that she have sort of experience with treatment of others people with suicidal wishes? It’s seems pretty clear that Kighan have hard and edgy teen period than others in comic I guess, especially if you know what sorta tattoes she bear in lower half of her body when she was in that period.

Also Pyra you remember that this savage bloothirsty killing machine twice size of Cinder make lightheart comment about similiarity of your hair with one tiger? Truly barbaric tiger! If that continues that way soon Kilani be seen drinking tea, bear a monocle on eye and haved friendly chitchat with queen of dragons Oscura. True savage! Okay, if be seriously here I’m not must be amused by how hilariously seriously both sides assumes most worst things about each other. By the way dragons and tigers tell their children fairy tales about that if they don’t go to sleep then there are come evil dragon/tiger and eat you at night?

Also it seems dragons don’t like chairs with backs as much as stairs in their towers.

Creatures with large tails and wings wouldnt be very comfortable on chairs with backs.

Man so um Knight of laziness it is gonna be horrifying if lumina has her memory back you know when i red the comic book a long time ago once sarene will soon be torn asunder Man poor lumina .

Sulka, I know that Lumina (Chuki) would enter into mental crisis IF she found out about her true memories and not fake ones from damn beginning, it’s obvious consequnces of Oscura’s constant brainwashing of her own daughter. But you know what? It is better than that she rise to be xenophobic weapon with possibly god complex that’s purpose is genocide of entire sentient species. Or you consider situation of Lumina or Kilani is good? Lumina brainwashed twice, TWICE and underknowst to her Kilani can be killed in gruesome ways.

And what about our dear queen Oscura? I think right now she is more focused on her ambitions and anger than actual problems and true motherly feelings. Why? Because she has choice to follow her ambitions or motherly feelings and she choose ambitions. She lost her daughter and be in search of her six years with help of Red is pretty understandable. I know the mother who once lost her son and found gladly alive. But instead at least TRYING reconcile with Lumina in normal ways (i. e. deep talk) she just plainly brainwash her own daughter as if her daughter precious property and not living person. Not only this but how normally react her surroundings (palace inhabitans) like it just good, it’s be absolute disturbing to see people react to this as “meh it is right decision”. And when it is done second time I just like “wtf queen of dragons”.

Also if Lumina indeed not regain her memories then RazorFox maybe show as third path where Lumina form new friendship with Kilani and possibly Cinder. If of course Kilani survive the next day in draconia universe.

Cinder, Cinder, Cinder…NEVER let yourself be left alone in a room with the ‘essential totally can’t allowed to be killed yet suicidal’ guest. It sets you up as a scapegoat so perfectly when Oscura decides there are a sufficiently small number of unaligned and honest witnesses around to contradict the official story as to why miss Tiger gets found hung by the neck next morning…

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