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Kilani and Her Majesty Queen Oscura are face to face at last! Where do you think things are headed with these two? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Ah jeez man the suspense is killing me, the next page is gona be a real important one.

But this whole affair hasn’t gone how i thought it would. Unless this is just the appetizer to Kilani’s punishment, a private meeting with the queen and her top advisor was definitely not what I thought Oscura had in mind for Kilani.

Where could this all be going?

What were you expecting instead?

Well something more showy or at the very least less “diplomatic”?

To be fair whenever Oscura has talked about the “monster” in the past she always seemed like she was out for her head…

Perhaps having finally captured her and seeing that Kilani is completely peaceful has given her reason to tone it down a smidge, wouldn’t do for the civilized dragon queen to lash out at a peaceful tiger.

In an odd fashion, Oscura seems calm and diplomatic. She’s willing to talk it out with a tiger instead of blowing her away with magic. Didn’t even react when Kilani called the princess “Chuki”, just a correction.
Just seems like two mom’s having a casual conversation, though I doubt it’ll go that way much longer, with Kilani saying Azure gave her the princess. Even still, if Kilani can’t have Lumina, might be “another offspring” around she could have to raise.

If Kilani survives this, you’re saying she could be a Dragon nanny? ^__^

Sulka has the idea. Easier to keep her a secret if she’s being raised by a tiger. And more resuming her position as a surrogate mother than a nanny.
Could just live in a collapsed wing of the palace. Only been a few days since the eruption, and I’m fairly positive there are closed off places they could hide in.
The girl may even be able to carve a home out there for them, being an earth dragon. And potentially a powerful one, with her parentage. Some interesting possibilities.

I’m not going to lie. The memory erasure thing is the most barbaric thing Oscura has ever done. IMHO.

Is Shaddig speaking in the second-to-bottom panel? Dialog boxes suggest Oscura, but the parted lips imply either Shaddig is speaking or she is wordlessly reacting to what is being said.

Prior pages had made it appear as though Oscura didn’t know enough of the tigers’ language to speak and understand for herself, and thus would rely on Shaddig as an interpreter. Is that what is happening and we’re just getting Oscura and Kilani’s dialog without it being explicit that Shaddig is translating, or are the two directly talking to each other? If it turns out that Shaddig really is there just as a witness, that’s not as bad as I’d thought – but it really raises the question of what value Oscura sees in having her there.

Given that Kilani is about to challenge the prevailing narrative about her past involvement as told by Lady Red – another fire dragon – I keep waiting for signs that Shaddig is going to try and steer the conversation to preserve Kilani’s status as “The Monster” instead of letting Oscura be open to what truths will be revealed.

Lady Schaddig is silent on this page, though Her Majesty has her ready to jump in if something needs to be clarified. I once learned in a former profession that once you establish who’s on which side of the scene, they should stay on those sides for the duration of at least the page. Thus, as established in the first panel, Her Majesty Queen Oscura is on the viewer’s left and Kilani’s on the viewer’s right. If you look back throughout my work, you’ll see I do this a LOT. Though it does happen sometimes, I generally try to avoid flipping the “camera” to the opposite side of the action, where everyone switches sides as a result, as it can confuse the viewer. The stubby tails on the word balloons in panel 5 are there to indicate the speaker based on their established positions in the preceding panels. I decided to show Lady Schaddig in that panel to break up the back-and-forth tennis-match visuals of Kilani and the Queen. Plus, in a scene where a character is not directly partaking in the dialogue, it’s nice to check in with them to see how they’re reacting to what’s going on. And now you know! ^__^

Oscura hears it straight from the tiger’s mouth. Her daughter wasn’t “taken” as she originally believed, but was GIVEN away. Azure did so to ensure Lumina/Chuki’s survival and in Kilani’s hands it was the best and really ONLY option available. Another benefit was Lumina wasn’t exposed to any of the animosity that is currently roiling in the character’s hearts. The young dragoness got the best anyone could have hoped for given the circumstances. I’m sure Azure would have been happy to see that and would have blessed Kilani for it.

However, now that Oscura and Kilani are face-to-face at last and the “trial” can begin both she and Lady Schaddig are about to get an earful of what truly happened that fateful day when Lumina went missing in the Tiger Lands. Will Oscura accept it or not?

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