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One step forward…

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Well I mean atleast Oscura doesn’t want Kilani dead anymore, Right? Right? correct me if I’m mistaken but can Lady Schaddig understand Tiger? cus if not she’s just kinda standing there stone faced as her Queen and a “monster” tiger are crying, touching and having a heart to heart…

Duno panel 2 just seems really funny to me XD

Also isn’t Oscura breaking like 20 dozen rules by showing so much emotion, I know that rule has been broken every which way but you’d think the Queen would be more prudent, it is her rule after all.

Her Majesty kept Lady Schaddig in the room due to her fluency in the language to prevent any misunderstandings. Her Majesty mentioned it two pages ago when Kilani first entered the room. As for her reaction, Lady Schaddig’s going to be understandably defensive if a Tiger wants to lay a hand on the Queen. ^__^

Seems learning that Azure was laid to rest by a tiger, and that the princess was being kept safe by the same one, got Oscura to break down her barriers.
To the point that Kilani is able to offer a supporting hand on her shoulder, against Schaddig’s threats. As well as having a nice chat about the past, about how Kilani is just done with the war and futility of it.

The last comment could be played off as either a joke, or that she doesn’t understand how long it takes to change colors. Hopefully Oscura doesn’t take it too hard.
Also, could that be Kilani’s mother in panel 3 opposite Azure? Would explain Kess’ wearing of the headwrap. Might’ve even been hers, just carrying the legacy.

I’m wondering if Kilani made that remark cause of the stereotype that Dragons in fiction live very long lives, and that may be in use here?

Ooh, interesting hypothesis!

A suggestion is that the Queen is a little shocked and then just starts to laugh a little. Which even has the Gaurd a little confused. Then goes on to explain that it varies between dragons and that hers darkened in her teens.

A part of me is happy to see so much openness and vulnerability on Queen Oscura’s part in the page. Lady Shaddig’s prepared strike notwithstanding, it really does appear that Kilani’s pure approach is working. Her faux pas at the end makes me cringe a little, but at the same time it’s almost a sign of her simple honesty – at least I hope that is how it will be understood once the reflexive “Hey!” reaction subsides.

What I’m fearing most is not just the rescuers’ spoiling the moment (I fully expect that to become Kilani trying a “Let me talk to them” path), but rather Kilani herself having an explicit return to her suicidal depression in the midst of this talk. It feels like Kilani’s honesty right now is due to her being at peace with death – she has no need to hide anymore. Kilani’s reaction to hearing about Lumina’s mind-wipe suggests that ripped away one of the few supports that would prevent her from wanting to end it all – she’d wanted assurance Chuki was doing well. The fact she’s connecting with Queen Oscura like this may give her enough hope to not offer to kill herself right in front of the dragons, but I get the strong feeling Kilani is prepared to martyr herself the first chance she gets if she thinks it will stop the violence.

All keen observations, though last we saw, Shaleigh’s new running buddies had their sights set on a “blue ram.” Who could that be? Hmmm…

They’re definitely out for blood, but supposedly this is still a rescue operation too – depends on what they see first I guess. If they pop out in the middle of this conversation it will let Kilani immediately intervene, but it’s more likely they’ll pop out somewhere else and the resulting alarm will make its way to where Queen Oscura and Kilani are talking. I just hope that attack isn’t enough to undo the progress being made here.

As an added worry – if Kilani gets left alone with Lady Shaddig while Queen Oscura deals with the resulting mess, that opens all manner of dangerous possibilities for Kilani to be “Killed while trying to escape”. The fire dragons have two stories up in the air right now – Kilani’s status as “The Monster” and Cinder’s Stripes. So much juggling, and it would make their lives easier if Kilani just disappeared so they could control the narrative.

I feel like she will brush off the comment. However, I’m running through scenarios in my head here and I don’t think the queen can change her mind about killing her. In her position it’s what is expected of her and if she doesn’t execute Killi then she is undermining her own royal power which will be seen as weakness. It’s a common conumdrum in authoritarian regimes. If they contradict their own call that is meant to unite their “followers” it causes unrest and distrust in the ranks. So either she is executed or the system crumbles. Or out of no where they decide to smash to prove the old girl still jas the moves haha

A relieving and heartfelt moment between two souls who’ve lost loved ones in this terrible war. Hopefully Kilani last minute comment doesn’t upset the mood

The pair are able to share sentiments, sorrow, silence and stories of souls long past. In doing this they connect providing an outlet for all the tension that had built up inside and was eating at them for years before now. It’s about time they can get this matter off their chests.

Oscura is showing emotion in front of a tiger even sympathizing with one. Something that I remember from looking at a past page is forbidden. I guess he (or she) that makes their own rules can also break their own rules.

Ruptured rules or no, Kilani is happy to sympathize with Oscura having found common ground they can stand on and not fall. With nothing holding her back, including fear of what could happen afterwards, she is bearing her heart to Oscura with the Queen doing the same.

Altogether, a positive scene where any animosity and aggression is forgotten and everything is laid bare creating a harmonious haven in the midst of a continuing conflict.

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