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She’s baaaa-ack!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs! RazorFox here.

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Dragons Dining in the Dirt.

A half dozen dragons are settled into supper whilst they chatter about the taste of shock-seared birds. Familiar faces form this ragtag crew. Blue expresses her insecurity in her formerly safe suite. It seems Shaleigh and her horde haunt the pacifistic parent after their prior persecution. Elektra whispers about a braided, bold and now seemingly debunked dragon whose name is one of the unmentionables amongst them. The last dragon states that Lady Red’s name and her “illegitimate” title are not to be spoken of.

What has happened here? Why have this group flown to the middle of the mountains? And why is Lady Red’s name become a talk topic taboo?

Well there’s a face we haven’t seen in years. Also does Electra’s little enclave not have any shelters? Do they move to much or was that an earth dragon only thing? The girls might need some adjusting after living in a city.

Well here is one honest opinion to elektre and scyde I hope later on they would have regret and feel terrible of what they did to her if not they are beyond redemption and I hope elektra will see who sombrana is like from the inside out sorry I have to say it .

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