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Tina, are you awesome? if so, tell us what makes you awesome.

Do you subscribe to the theory that if a zombie bites a vampire, then it becomes a zompire?

isnt it already established somewhere that vimpires can make zombies/ghouls by reanimating them with their vampire blood?

you know, like McCoy did to kirk using khan’s blood.

If its a zompire, that mean it only wants your brain fluid? will it suck the blood from your face only then? If a zombie is health concious then it wouldnt eat americans, they too damn fattening if you ask me, better off eating those slender… everything elsewhere but american types. Never know what kind of lab made chemicals are on or in them.

did you really just turn that into nationalistic bullshit? besides the fact that your amount of fat won’t affect he amount of fluid in your brain at all, the only point of this was to spew hate, so sit down timmy and try to live up to your username.

The fluid in your brain contains a percentage of fat just as will your blood, vampires dislike americans due to high in saturated fats and other chemicals not found in wild humans not in countries where toxins like preservatives are found in everything including the tap water, but i must admit for a troll you seem to have a very innate knowledge of the inner workings of non-standardized creatures. It was simply pointing out logic that many vampires and zombies will of course have a preference when there is a large quantity of prey/food towards a particular type, much like humans and meats.

You might buy the extra lean hamburger 90% lean or if your not into the super lean meats can go with the 73% lean meats which i think are a little tastier when cooked into burgers and other things that require a juicy and deliciously soft texture. Not putting nations into anything at all your surmising it in your own way to your own ineptitude.

Even us svelte canines have a preference in foods and things you know.

lmao see? lived up to the username! ;3 Neyh, sorry if i seemed upset… i was kinda taking other shit out on you, and for that i appologise… and yes… partially the fact that I didn’t 100% understand your comment apparently. So, sorry. and i’ll be kinder to wolves in the future… jesus… a zombie wolf….. now THAT is scary…. i’ll go away now xD

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