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Wow someone call Toho studios they’ve lost a monster. Great job on the page.

“There are instances in nature where the female is the uglier or the larger than the male of the species…”

… Just not this time.

I dunno, there’s been no sightings of a female… whatever-it-is, so far at least. This just sets a benchmark in my books

I love it! The various added detail and the lightning just makes this so much for fitting for how serious the situation is. Even the water falling from the jaws just makes it feel all to real for mean. Not in a sense that the picture is realistically done but in the sense that “Oh fuck, shit just got serious.” I honestly had no idea how such a demonic creature would be introduce in a usually bright and colorful comic but this right here is just pure epic. I would this as a poster print.

We’re going to need a bigger gun.

It’s like a cross between an Orca and Godzilla, but most probably was influenced by the recent “Pacific Rim” movie, which itself was influenced by Godzilla and various other giant monster ‘kaiju’ movies. Awesomely done, though. You picked the perfect background to showcase its arrival.

it´s me? or looks the monster like an orca?^^ btw real good art nekonny and mihari 😀

don’t ask for forgiveness for referencing the bible. you have your own beliefs as they have theirs, if they want to preach without having to say then you can at least reference the bible creatively without having to hear about it.

personally though i think it’s pretty cool! it looks like i would imagine a kaiju in real life.

Don’t apologize! People offended by scripture need to get a life.

Really, the offense that comes with the scriptures, or anything else for that matter, is in it’s presentation. Force it down my throat, and yeah, you’re never hearing the end of it. Use it in a way that is relevant and makes sense, without shoving it down my throat, and we’re cool.

Most people only know how to use it one way. Relevance is good, and Nekonny here used it splendidly. And to jump on the band wagon… GODZILLA!

I thought Jörmungandr was a snake so big it could encircle the world and grab its tail from behind and enough venom to drown Thor at Ragnarok. That looks more like your average, run-of-the-mill Kaiju.
Which is not to say that it isn’t F#&$ing awesome, because it is!

AMAZING! this is one of the best pieces i have seen you make. the texture of the skin really shows how tough it is, and the slowing red eyes with the wrinkles around it shows both the evil and the age of this monster. The stormy clouds also play a role in showing the insane amount of power it has. But what ties everything together is the remarkable amount of detail! seriously, holy mierda! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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