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2012 “Draconia Chronicles” Annual – Ethan Qix

2012 “Draconia Chronicles” Annual – Ethan Qix published on 32 Comments on 2012 “Draconia Chronicles” Annual – Ethan Qix

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

The 2012 Draconia Chronicles Annual continues with an entry from longtime friend of mine, Monsieur Ethan Qix of the great nation of France.  He’s contributed fan art before, and I practically begged him to contribute again this year, as he’s got a real knack for capturing cuteness.  In this year’s entry, it appears that Her Royal Highness Princess Lumina is a fan of My Little Dracony: Togetherness is Magickal, though perhaps not quite as big a fan as her mother, Her Majesty Queen Oscura.  Do we have a new “Queen of the Draconies?”

On top of being a really great guy and a good friend of mine, Ethan Qix is a seasoned webcomic creator, noted for his weekly series on Petite Symphony Generation 17, which is best viewed by mature audiences.  Also, be sure to check out his FurAffinity page, which, again, is best viewed by mature audiences.

Also, since I got more submissions than I have Mondays, I’ve added a secondary update day during the course of the Annual, alliteratively referred to as Fan Art Friday.  This past Friday, we showcased a snazzy, sexy piece from Gold Digger creator Fred Perry.

Yes, THAT Fred Perry.  Him.  Yeah.  Word.

Another bit of fan art will pop up this coming Friday, so be sure to come on back now for more pinup sweetness from your fellow Draconiacs!

As for me, I’m enjoying my hiatus from the series.  Production of The Draconia Chronicles is hugely satisfying, and I’m really, really jonesing to get back to work on it.  But it also involves a lot of late nights and sleepless weekends, along with a ton of caffeinated beverages and energy drinks.  I’m tinkering with the idea of a slightly different update schedule once the series returns the week of July 16, which will allow me a bit more breathing room, and time to do a commission or two here and there.  I’ll let you know more specifics as the series’ return draws closer.

And speaking of drawing closer, Otakon 2012 is just a few weeks away.  By popular demand, I’m making my long-awaited return to the biggest anime convention in the eastern United States after a 7-year absence.  Come on out and hang with me in their massive Artist Alley, and check out Otakon’s website for more information.

Be sure to be back here in four days for Fan Art Friday.  Until then, take care, fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for your support.



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