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2012 “Draconia Chronicles” Annual – JazzFox & ChaosCroc

2012 “Draconia Chronicles” Annual – JazzFox & ChaosCroc published on 30 Comments on 2012 “Draconia Chronicles” Annual – JazzFox & ChaosCroc

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

It’s a special set of bonus updates for the 2012 Draconia Chronicles Annual.  This time, we’ve got a collaboration between JazzFox and her awesome writing talents, and ChaosCroc, longtime fan of the series, years before it was ever a webcomic, and a little shading help from Malunis.  I’ll let them tell you more about it:

“Heyaz folks, ChaosCroc here!

Years ago, I created this fan character named Quartz, who I envisioned as a neutral character with the war (aside from the hating Sombrana, which seems to be a running gag in Draconia!). I haven’t touched her in ages, until the “Great and Powerful” Jazzfox came to me with a script for it. I do hope you like her, and if so, I plan on doing more with her. So please enjoy this peek into my character!”

Be sure to glimpse more of ChaosCroc’s work at his FurAffinity page (NSFW).  And now, a word from the shader, Malunis:

“I’m an artist who likes a lot of things, usually I draw those things. When tasked with coloring these two pages I thought greyscale would help make it look good. So it was my attempt to practice greyscale coloring. I think I did a solid job given it’s my first shot. I hope you enjoy my work.

I’m going to be trying my own webcomic at some point, you can find out more at my DeviantART page.”

Thanks so much, guys!  And lo, this is a two-parter that we’re squeezing in here.  The second part will run this coming Saturday, but first, we’ll have another installment of Fan Art Friday, featuring a Dragon who’s just too amazing.  ~__^

Take care, folks!



Nix.. You are evil.. What are you going to do to those poor felines? If they become a thing then cool, but you drew their faces so well and those cute fangs.. And you’re an evil person, I’m almost afraid to see what you have planned. But seeing as this comic is a part of my daily routine I’ll see it anyway, at least I have past pages to look back to (Assuming they do meet with some terrible fate).

A) Schrodiner’s car, nice! His experiment flawed but theory sound. Way to put a new twist to the nerdom

B) the unicorn isn’t so hot without his sparkles

A) There was nothing flawed with his experiment. It was a experiement of thought to prove the flaws of the physical model of the time.

B) Agreed. Wonder what he’d look like with japanese cherryblossoms instead of sparkles though.

A) his theory was sound, however, he stuffed a cat in a sealed box with no air holes and a vial of poison by bumpy carriage to the others. Cats dont do well in confined spaces and will freak out. So chances are, the cat broke the vial in a berserk attempt to escape the box. The theory was sound, but he should have used a turtle or lizard instead.
B) Totally

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