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Talk to the wall, because the Dragon ain’t listenin’.  Very good RazorFox!  And really, the way Eone puts it, I can’t hold her decision against her… she’s doing much good and really, Oscura’s priorities do suck as she’s giving personal issues precedence over what’s best for a Kingdom that barely survived!

Glad you like it!  You warned me it would happen, and it totally did here.  Eone really did hijack the story.  I’d planned for her to say “yes,” but when I put myself in her scales, she not only said “no,” but she proceeded to give a damn good set of reasons why.  Eone was my ghost writer on this one.  ^__^

Hooray for Eone!  I also like that I now know how to spell her name in Draconic Tongue thanks to her Hard-Hat… but I do hope to find out what happened to the poor girl’s shoulders soon.  Looks like patches of scale were ripped clean off!

We’ll eventually find out about the peeling on her shoulders.  I’ll give you a hint, and that’s that the cause of it has already been shown.  ~__^

Careful.  Eone can launch those bricks if you cross her.  She might miss the first time… on purpose.  She might forget to do that on the second go-round.  Then again, knowing her, she’d probably laugh right along with you.  ^__^

Hey This has been bugging me for some time for some reason. How tall are they? Cause I dont even have a clue. But also I do like you you explain every race of every creature with detail. That is hard to find these days in comics X3. Great work!!

Adult female Dragons, on average, are in the low to mid 5-foot range (from head to foot, not counting wings or horns).  On average, adult female Tigers are in the upper 5’s and lower 6’s.

Glad you like our explanations of the different Dragon races.  There’s more to learn, so keep checking back in every week!  ~__^

Well, if you intentionally sought out a specific race of Dragon, then you could theoretically have any one you wanted, provided that they’d want to sully their fine, reptilian bodies with the likes of mostly-hairless apes like us.  “Oh, the apes are so cute!  Look, they think they’re people!”  ^__^

Admittedly I didnt think of Eone would be her option, a bit derp of me xDBut a couple of questions this page has gotten me curious;Eones shoulders seem to be scale-less, I’m assuming thats heat scarring or flaking from sunburn? xD maybe from the volcano incident? Or am I wrong in the respectAlso, we know about each elements role in the kingdom but a modest role has yet to be addressed, what of the smiths? Those tools and hardhats had to come fomr somewhere, and theres numerous other metal-based objects that no doubt need to be made by someone.At first I thought metal linked to Earth dragons, but then I thought Fire dragons would know how to best use the flames of a forge.

You’re onto something there with the peeling.  As for smithing, that’s a really good question.  I think it would best be described as a team effort between Earth Dragons, for the raw materials, and Fire Dragons for the actual smithing.  I might have to address that in-comic at some point.  Thanks for making me think.  ^o^

Well, the shoulders seems too out of the way on the body for any kind of intentional damage, so it’d be more of a natural reaction to something, maybe to that part of the body moving most the scales flake faster? or mayhaps it is scarring and it would become more permenant. Either way I’ll have to wait find out XD And You’re welcome, I’m glad I made you think X3 But I’m worried I brought up so many more questions, like where are the minerals mined, what are the minerals if theyre not the usual iron, steel etc, whats the process if magic is involved, plus theres the whole social implications of a collaborative effort X3;

Very nice page Danny, I love the hard hats! ^_^    Guess Red is going to have to rethink her battle strategy now, and it looks to me that Eone might be getting ready to sport some new tattoos. At least that’s my best guess with the shoulder thing. Can’t wait for next Monday!!

HA!!!  My gut feeling was right.  But this does bring up a somewhat interesting question.  Based on what Eone just said, the Earth Dragons don’t live in the capital city.  So then where exactly do they live?  On the outskirts (better than the Thunder Dragons)?

Good call!  Kudos to you… and your gut.  ^__^;  We’ll eventually find out where the Earth Dragons live, but for the time being, just rest assured that they might have to do a bit of commuting to visit the Imperial City.

Also, while I’m thinking about it, why are they wearing hard hats?  If they can control the material, there shouldn’t be any accidents, right?  Good job on the pun by the way.

“Control” is the key word there.  If there’s a loss of control, or if someone happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, someone could get hurt.  And there’s a pun?  I don’t remember including a deliberate pun here.  Would you mind pointing it out?  o_O

Eone does make some very good points. Rather surprised why Red herself isn’t wondering why the queen is so hung up on one tiger instead of taking care of her crippled city like a good leader would. Also is there some sort of dragon hiyerarchy we should know about, like “Queen, fire dragons, water dragons, earth dragons, lightning dragons, ect?”

If there IS a hierarchy, the royals and the Court go up top.  After that, it depends on just how willing your race is to contribute to the war effort.  Light and Fire Dragons enjoy some primo status from this arrangement, and Water Dragons aren’t too bad off, either.  Lightning Dragons have had their issues, though, and Earth Dragons, as you just saw here, are more interested in pacifism, thus earning those two races a spot at the bottom.

I like how the wall keeps going up between the two of them as they talk. It’s like a visual indication that Eone’s cutting off that line of communication. Not in a hateful kind of way, just a “This is what I gotta do so ‘no’ means ‘no'” sort of way.

Perfect interpretation!  I wanted to make sure Eone was perfectly polite about the whole thing, even when she’s dissing the Queen.  ^__^

So do Earth Dragons get sunburned? Looks like Eone has some peeling going on there.

Someone ate their Wheaties this morning.  A very keen observation, but you’re a little bit off in how it came to be.  Keep trying.  ~__^

Hm…I…have a feeling…that patch of scales missing…was either from her ‘punishment’ or it was from something lava related.  Glad to see the Earth Dragons again though. I have a feeling that once this war is all over, they and the tigers would probably get along the best.

Huh.  Guess it wasn’t made all that clear in the story back then.  Sorry about that.  It’s something I’m trying to correct, moving forward.  Eone and the few Earth Dragons the Palace Guard rounded up were simply jailed to make sure they didn’t flee, as Queen Oscura figured they knew something about the situation and were withholding information.

Huh…Well, I guess what with how they were going on about…I just naturally assumed…meh. Assumptions. We all know what’s said about them. Well, at least now I know they weren’t tortured during their ‘time’. That’s a good thing at least.

Whoo! hard-hat dragons! oh, and do I see “Eone” in Eone’s helmet? btw, maybe that peeling on the shoulders could be caused by the sun, amirite? Anyway, looks like Red’s plan didn’t work as she planned.

Eone’s a bricklayer by trade, so she’s got her own hard hat with her name etched on it.  Good eye!  As for the peeling, I’ll eventually address it in the story.  Hang tight.  ~__^

Yeah…something tells me that Pete is going to have a bad day. Granted it’s great to have optimism, I suspect Pete will be taken and experimented on for military/weapon purposes.

And I absolutely adore Jill’s boob squeeze (for sex appeal) and her tsundere (for cute appeal).

Okay, I know Jill is a scientist, Art is an organizer, and his sister is…sexy. I’m just trying to figure out what Alex would do. Is annoying even a job?

More like comedian and Lyn is a escort/bodyguard too.

Are you sure that you know the meaning of “escort?” 😛

the prostitution angle of the word escort is the less-commonly used one – in this case, escort/bodyguard fits just fine as somebody who escorts/bodyguards a person. As in, escort missions in games?

So you’re telling me Lyn is a bodyguard?
Also, Escort isn’t prostitution, it’s different thing.
Escort girls can have sex with clients if they want to, but the main thing being company for someone for a date or social events when people don’t have anyone else to go with, often to retain a certain kind of reputation in case of social issues.
And she even said “the late evening type”, so what are we talking about?

btw; no new strip this week?

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