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Chapter Five: Comic 292

Chapter Five: Comic 292 published on 88 Comments on Chapter Five: Comic 292


Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

It is great to be back!  While I did enjoy my four weeks off, I can’t begin to tell you how much I missed doing the comic and sharing this fun little story with you all.  I’m strapping myself in for the ride once again, and I hope you all will continue to join me as we commence Chapter Five of my humble little webcomic, The Draconia Chronicles.

When we last saw Her Majesty’s Royal Palace Guard, they had an almost-fatal situation on their hands, thanks to an overzealous attack from new recruit Xhianil.  What’s behind this near-lethal outburst?  Stay tuned…

I want to thank all the contributors of the 2012 Draconia Chronicles Annual for their awesome submissions, and for allowing me to take almost a month off!  Big thanks go to WryterGirl, MrAMP, Ethan Qix, Rukaisho, JazzFox, Cr0, Kompy, ChaosCroc, Lonnie Gaylor and Fred Perry.  You’ll all be receiving complimentary copies of the 2013 Draconia Chronicles Calendar as my way of saying thanks, and in case you missed any of this year’s guest comics, you can start here.

The next big news item is that, effective immediately, The Draconia Chronicles is moving to a new update schedule.  Since the comic’s launch in January 2005, Mondays have meant new pages from The Draconia Chronicles.  It started as a bi-weekly endeavor for the duration of Chapter One before going weekly with Chapter Two.  Throughout this time, the work schedule was largely manageable for me, as the writing was handled by a friend of mine, and the comic was done in grayscale.  For Chapter Three, however, I added the role of writer to my artistic duties, and the series went color, adding a whole new thrust of work.  A lot of late nights, sleepless weekend, and sacrificed side projects and social events were the price I paid to get the comic out on time each week, never missing a single update.  I love what I do and I love your enthusiastic reactions to my material, but burnout sets in and the related stress can take its toll.

Thus, starting here with Chapter Five, I’m embarking on a little experiment, and that is that I’m no longer tying the comic to any specific day of the week for updates.  Rather, like many other webcomics, big and small, I will simply put up pages whenever they’re ready to go up.  Some will come out a little sooner, and others might come out a bit later.  This will allow me to take on side projects, such as creating additional Draconia Chronicles swag, like wallpapers, Katbox Bazaar sketches, merchandise, and even perhaps bonus pages and story arcs.  This will also allow me to once again accept commissions in the near future.

“So, RazorFox, how the heck will we know when our very favorite webcomic–that being The Draconia Chronicles, of course–updates?” you ask.

Well, taking a cue from other webcomics, the answer is social media.  If you haven’t already done so, follow my Twitter feed, join the Draconia Chronicles Facebook group, watch my FurAffinity and DeviantArt accounts, or visit the Draconia Chronicles section of the Katbox Community Forums.  The Draconia Chronicles also has an RSS feed, for those that are so inclined.  I’m also looking to add a Tumblr account down the road.

Or, if you insist on being a luddite, you can just check back here at the site periodically–if not daily–to check to see if there’s an update.

That’s the idea, and I’m sticking to it… for now.  We’ll see how it works.  If it does, then great!  And if it doesn’t, then I’ll make changes.  Let’s see what comes of this.

And that’s it for my blathering this week.  Another page is on its way, so hang tight!  Until then, take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Hat to admit it but I agree with Cinder Xhianil is just not ready for combat. Though that doesn't mean that I wasn't ready to put five flaming fingers across Kighan's eyes for her interruptions and flagrant brown nosing(Still a little wound up after seeing Black Dynamite. Sorry if that was a little extreme.)!
Still cant help but notice that Briella isn't the only one that might be questioning Red's leadership after seeing the look on those two's faces. Wonder how close Red and Xhianil are since some may see this a special treatment.

it's a good thing you decided to release the update pressure you get from monday~monday updates, razor. but even so, please do take care, it can easily get far more tiresome when you go from schedule to no schedule, if one isnt careful. the mind is an odd thing 🙂 and lastly,

Thanks! I'm really glad to be back in the saddle. While the comic is a lot of hard work for me, being that I'm not the world's fastest artist, I do really, really enjoy telling this story, working with the characters, and getting to explore the comic's universe. Between that, and the great reaction and feedback I get from you and your fellow Draconiacs, I think I'm pretty well set on the motivation front. ^o^

Welcome back!

Oh dear… poor, poor Feugana… she never did anything to deserve this ass-kicking induced coma. She just wanted to ear her sandwich!

Think of the sandwich, RazorFox! THINK OF THE SANDWICH!

"They think they have names"

I now have the desire to punch Kighan repeated while berating her for the asinine level of racism she's got going for her.

It's actually creepy and aggravating that the upper echelon dragons seem to share the view that tigers are beasts not people.

It's actually quite realistic… For most people, it's hard to kill someone that you think of as a 'Person'. If you look at history, you'll find quite frequently that during wars, great efforts will be made to dehumanize the 'other side'. During WWII for example, the US government put out just an absurd amount of propaganda with the express purpose of dehumanizing the Japanese in particular.

For another example, you've got the sheer fury the commanders on both sides had about the Christmas truce during WWI as well. They were worried that their men would start to see the other side as being 'just like us' and hesitating to kill them.

You'll also find that most of the major atrocities throughout history have had a period beforehand where the side that committed it was dehumanizing the victims. So much so that it's frequently considered one of the key precursors to Genocide.

Speaking of your endeavors of writing DC, what ever happened to Don? or is his name not to be mentioned and you will send the cyberpolice after me?

a vampire dragon?

P.S. to show some honesty, I think many Dragon and Tiger Characters such Kess and Oscura and many others both got some Serious Hostility, Emotional, Psychological, and Influential ISSUES!!!. That because That's what Hatred and Resentment creates, it does nothing good but Self- Destruction!!. sorry, but this is my Personal view of Wars such as this and because its very True and it happens in Reality.

Just when you start to think there MIGHT be hope for the two sides to realize the REASON for their war is long forgotten, you get whammed with a reminder of how hopeless the situation is and can only in the annihilation of one side.
The dragon is SURPRISED the tigers have names, find it entertaining, and "it's almost like they think they're people."
Those words, and being said so casually, more chilling than a dozen hate fill speeches.

It's so interesting to see the evolution of the comic ….
Keep it up =)

Thanks! The evolution is evident, especially when you go all the way back to the early days, but it's purely unintentional. One thing I've always loved is watching how a particular cartoonist's style evolves over time. Names such as Jim Davis and Charles Schulz come to mind. This is why I refuse to redraw or recolor the old pages. I believe each one is a snapshot of what my artistic abilities were at the time. It's my own little legacy. Glad you like it! ^__^

Give her a samich, that should bring her out of da coma.

Welcome back Razor. I prefer content to artists forcing deadlines. You are an amazing artist and writer. I will take what you can give, when you can give it. The important thing is that you take care of yourself first, and produce comics that meet your standards second. You are on my list and I will check daily to see if you have updated, and reread if you have not. I mind not the delays that are necessary. People forget that most online comic artist/writers don't make their living from their comics and thus must make a living from other ventures. While the world revolves around no one, the Draconian world is yours'. Thus it does revolve around you and the necessities of your life. We have been fortunate that you have made sacrifices to keep up with it to this point. However, artists do not 'have' to suffer for their art, so do what is best for you, and your true fans will be grateful for anything that you can give us on your schedule. I appreciate what you have shared with us, and look forward to what you will continue to produce. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Amen! Thank you so much for the kind words! It's my pleasure to produce this comic and to tell its story. I do have a day job, however, and I'm a pathetically slow artist, so between the job and comic, I had literally no free time anymore. The new schedule will give me a bit of breathing room in between pages, and I hope it shows with more refined artwork. I hope it'll be worth the wait. I can't thank you enough for the praise, Ionjam, and I hope to do you proud with this chapter! ^o^

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