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Comic 293

Comic 293 published on 84 Comments on Comic 293

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

When a flock of hungry Lightning Dragons stops in, you’d better well feed them!

But wait!  Isn’t Her Majesty’s Royal Palace Guard comprised exclusively of Fire Dragons?  Read on, reader.

Those of you looking for a soundtrack to this page can pull up “Some Nights” by Fun.

In case you’re wondering why there was no update this past Monday, but instead getting an update “late” on a Thursday, you might recall that, last week, I announced that, in an effort to reduce stress and not rush the artwork so much, I’m conducting a little experiment for this chapter where I don’t tie the update to any particular day of the week. Until further notice, updates will be posted as they’re done, and if you don’t feel like checking the site every single day (though it’s certainly not unwelcome), you can follow my Twitter feed, join the Draconia Chronicles Facebook group, watch me on FurAffinity and DeviantArt, or subscribe to our RSS feed.  The story will keep coming, and your patience will be rewarded.

Finally, as you read this, I will most likely be either on my way to or already attending Otakon 2012, my first time attending the biggest anime convention in the eastern United States since 2005.  I’ll be in the Artist Alley–look for the big Draconia Chronicles banner with Kess and Lady Chiara on it–and you can pick up prints and even commission artwork!  I’m attending due in no small part to your popular demand, so, in return, I demand to see you all out there!  Come on by and say hi!  I don’t bite, but I might nibble if sufficiently provoked.

Until then, keep your peepers peeled for the next update.  Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Damn, i lost the directions to this place….
Nice work Danny!

I have the feeling, that it's not going to be that simple in the Rose & Wing Tavern.

Hey, That's Circuitae, alive and well! and That must be Vexis right?

I think the ONLY Reason that Circuitae is alive and The Lightning Dragon's are the Queen's current royal palace guard is Because that the comic page's setting is at some point in the past, right?

Good observation! ^o^

Thanks! Also Because I said that i'll be your regular fanart, I think I'll be also contributing Character Spotlight-ish Profile images for The Draconia Chronicles Wiki. That's still around just to let know and maybe you could add a link to the wiki in this website. just a helpful suggestion! ^_^

P.S. Im still working on my "Draconia: the Last Light Dragon" webcomic project. i'll notify you about its progress and i may upload some promo Ads about it in Facebook.

Ooh I smell a flashback, Xhianil doesn't have her eye tattoo so this must be taking some place shortly before the reason why she got her eye tattoo in the first place happens (not spoiling). At least that's my guess anyway seeing as how the last couple of comics featuring Xhianil was her about to kill Fuegana in a fit of blind rage, so the build up as to why Xhianil is so emotional about fighting tigers is due. Time for more popcorn! I look forward to this story Razor ^_^

That isn't even funny. i HATE when people come in and order big at the end of my shift and order big. I don't even cook, but if the chef leaves… UGH

Sorry! I figured a few food-service veterans (including myself) would probably be able to relate to Xhianil's plight. If I struck a nerve, then I'll take that as a point for authenticity. ^o^

Wow that sux, that reminds me of a party of 25 coming in on a Saturday night right when we were going to leave, I got stuck there yeah I made a extra 150 of the party they were so drunk but I did not leave till 4 in the morning and had to be back there in 5 hours. Shivers*

It's the bus full of High School football players pulling into the parking lot 15 minutes before closing. It's the customer wanting a party platter in 30 minutes despite the fact that you explained to them it would take at least an hour to do so. It's that germophobic old lady who deliberately waits until closing time when you sanitize, clean and oil all the cutting equipment in the deli to ask you to slice her $4 Rotisserie Chicken Breast into sandwich meat (thin sliced of course).

Oh yeah. Your strip is 100%, Grade-A, Top of the Line accurate.

Geez, I know what it's like to have to keep working after my shift is over. X.x Great page. 😀 cant wait for more! I especially wanna see what's up with the Palace Guards.

hmm, i voted for the Xhianil part, so i'm damn happy you started with it!! but goddamn it! why do i live in norway?! i would quite enjoy getting to greet you in person. But oh well, i will survive with the untill the day i may have the chance to.

Ok, now we know where the unbridled rage comes from. I worked when McDonald's in it's "infinite wisdom" partnered with Ty(tm) to offer Beanie Baby toys with the food.

We had to tell customers we were sold out just so we could close and clean the store… AT 5:00 AM! The crew that comes in to set up for breakfast starts at 6:00 AM.

As for the restrictions set by TY…. BWAhAHAHA!

1.) No Beanie baby without food. The customer HAD to buy some food item to get one. (People would buy tons of food and then throw it away.)

2.) No more than 3 toys per customer. (People would yell, scream, and shout demanding to buy more than the max and had to be turned away. Some nearly had to be physically removed.)

3.) The store had to completely sell out of one model before moving on to the next. (Patrons would keep coming back over and over, not buying anything, just saying when's the next set coming out?)

Uhhhh ain't that the loose cannon? I foresee great danger to the "royal guards" if they piss her off

That is indeed Xhianil, who Cinder described as a "loose torch." A great rule for life is to never anger those who handle your food.

Wait, shouldnt it be 'guards', not guard?

And what the hell is Shawarma?

Hariman's partially right. It's meat on a vertical rotisserie. When you order it, the cook just takes a knife and the spit rotates, cutting the meat off in ribbons. The newly-exposed flesh then gets cooked. So it's not like it's cooked once and then cut up. Rather, it's continually being cooked, so it's always fresh, no matter when it's cut up and served. The one time I had it was at a Sudanese restaurant in Washington, DC, served on a bed of rice with a delectable sauce. It was delicious, quick, and quite affordable.

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