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wow unbelievable it seems Cheryl’s punch packed a lot more power than Aria thought that she is staggered, (or could it be that Aria is weaker than her?)
her earlier bravado seems empty now not being able to defend herself properly, it’s saddening. and Diego pleading for her is secretly an insult to her pride, let’s see if she hears reason

My guess would be that Aria is weaker. After all, Cheryl’s been a pirate all her life, but Aria’s new at this. So whatever combat training Aria’s had (and clearly she has had at least a little), is not enough to evenatch a lifetime’s worth of experience.

why am I forgetting there is someone we are forgetting……oh yeah wheres the blonde dude!? cause maybe he’ll save the day XD

What blonde dude?


Miles isn’t a blond lol

I’m willing to bet Sesame was assuming Mason did those weapons.

He in fact did not and is a complete nervous wreck when it comes to making his own because of his overcritical blacksmith master.

……to be honest?…. I think the random “autism speaks” ad banner that appeared below actually reflected a lot of the impression I got. the “brilliant crafter that has no people skills” is often autistic.. so to speak. >.>…sorry, just felt that was appropriate to note that there was the irony of that ad banner being below the question.

Uh, wow. Wasn’t expecting that kind of impression, we are going to clarify exactly why he is the way he is very shortly in the next few pages but, that definitely isn’t the reason.

while there are many ‘levels’ of autism, Mason definitely does not have the level hinted at here. While his craftsmanship does point to such mastery, he is not mentally isolated from his environment as an autistic savant would be.

Indeed, Mason seems very much aware of his surrounding. He’s very much like a giant who has difficulty keeping from ‘bumping things and accidentally breaking things. Probably the only graceful aspect of him is what he makes with his hands.

Mason deals with the same ‘size complex’ as Sesame but on the other scale of the spectrum, being so large and feeling out of place for it. It’s another reason he tries to go out of his way to show he is nice – people are easily intimidated by him/gawk at him.

We don’t have any characters that really fit into the autistic spectrum, but if any character was the type wrapped up in their own world/mind it would be Claire. Even she does have insight into her surroundings, she is just kind of an introverted genius with poor people skills and a bombastic personality.

Nods, I agree fully about many ‘over-sized’ people develop complexes about being ‘too large’. It gets particularly difficult for those of the gentle persuasion.

It is very difficult because those with the ‘napoleon complex’ take great pleasure in making trouble for gentle giants.

I am certain Mason will get along with everyone in sesame’s band so far, though Dante could be trouble WHEN she turns up again.

… I apologize for that joke 😛
Dawww! He’s just a big ol’ softie, he diserves way better treatment than how I assume he’s treated. 🙁
And wait, did Sesame just imply that she can lift an entire log without struggling?! Holy heck!

She did kick Claire’s pod miles away out of frustration. Sesame and Mason have a ‘super strength’

ability some are gifted with in Evyr, (similar to how some can use magic like Kibbles) the difference is that Mason has better control over his strength then her.

Man I still SO love this MMO injection you do. 😀

Ya know I just realized that why aren’t the cast bios built like a character sheet? Maybe not with exact numbers like STR 8 and such, but maybe Racial traits and Abilities could be interesting. 🙂

I spy a Master Sword. Also, I’ve found I’m more excited for this comic than I am a few other ones I read every day. I read about 20 or so, so that is a big thing when one catches my attention this much. Cant wait to follow this story for as long as it goes!

Ut oh..

Oh he’s awesome! I think either him or kibbles are gonna end up being my favorite characters. On another note, what exactly did Sesame knock over? Was it a support beam, or just a log lying around? One more random question, are there humans in this world, or is it just different types of Fera?

She knocked over a marble pillar. Mason caught it and moved it out of the way.. I’m guessing because of her super-strength she did that. Humans used to exist in Evyr but are thought to be extinct. All Fera are land-mammal based creatures – there is another race named Dahaki that are dragon people.All Fera can interbreed as the only difference between Sesame and Mason is an aesthetic one, but Fera cannot interbreed with Dahaki or Humans. Any other races we haven’t yet quite decided.

Wait, did I miss something? What is it that both Sesame and Mason can do?

Lift giant objects? Apologize profusely for minor infractions? Or some thing, they both share, that I missed?

It hasn’t been completely explained yet (as upcoming pages will do that) but they both have a ‘super-strength’ ability that allows them to lift/kick/punch whatever things many times their weight. Sesame has less control over her powers than Mason at this point in the comic. Other Fera such as Kibbles are unique as they can use magic (not something everyone can do) others may have a speed-skill- ect. It depends, others are just ‘normal’ such as Claire has no special abilities (except being a genius of course).

Does Farron have this skill, seeing as he can lift all that merchandise around?

Farron doesn’t have super strength but another ability. He is pretty strong for someone who doesn’t have that skill and ranks 3rd in strength after Sesame and Mason. He is able to carry the bag because it is uniquely bonded with him.We will explain all of that in future pages!

I love you skidd and Teh Phuufs. I personally was brought to this comic by tom fischerbach (typo?) because I thought it was going to be like twokinds. As soon as I saw the first 3 comics I was hooked. Keep up the great work I hope this becomes very big so you can have novels or t shirts and other merchandise.
P.S. No I’m not a 20 year old person living in my mothers basement, I am 14 going into high school.

I reverse my statement last page. The ‘matter-a-fact’ tone he agreed when Sesame mentioned she was looking for enchantment tells me he CAN enchant weapons.

I like him already. I happen to know many ‘gentle giants’ who would love to be seen for their craftsmanship in stead of their ‘brute’. Like Mason, most dislike violence, but understand its need, and take pride in the workmanship of their product.

I am sure I am not the only one who already hates the ‘master blacksmith’ just from his one spoken work and Mason’s reaction.

Mason makes me think of a male counterpart to Kibbles for some reason.

Been reading since the second page but haven’t posted before so I felt now might be a good time ^^ loving the comic so far, it’s actually rapidly becoming a check-a-day for me. To answer your question though I enjoy mason so far, he seems cool and I can relate well to the big guy that feels the need to assure people he isn’t mean because of his looks.

the real question is… why isn’t he wearing a shirt??

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