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And then they proceeded to apologize to one another for 5 minutes straight. =P


Howdy, Mason.

According to his profile and this intro, he’ll fit right in with Sesame, Claire, and Kibbles. He and Farron probably won’t get alone too well, though.

Pretty sure Dante would hesitate to steal from Sesame the first time she sees Mason in the group, but not afterwards.

I might be wrong, but it appears Mason just saved Sesame from another severe injury. That post or pillar looks like it was falling directly at her.

Mason might be a peaceful fellow (according to his profile), but I suspect his size will convince many folks to not take any chances.

Besides, I have found it’s the peaceful people who tend to have the worst tempers and a very, very, VERY long fuse on it. Their fighting ability and style (due to their need and desire to end the fight quickly) also tend to be… very rough on their opponents.

Caught that beam like it was nothing. Oh, and my brother’s name is mason 😀 So pretty cool to see the name used.

Ah yes the names were chosen with some thought in mind. Mason is a blacksmith the name means stoneworker. Farron means traveler, Kylar means archer, Sesame for her ‘small size/seed’ as she will grow as a character, Claire is akin to ‘clarity’ attributing to her intelligence, and Kibbles.. need I say? XD

I see 4 swords that I reconise and a shield 😉 tho I guess that all the weapons on the wall are doing a camio here (heck she might even try them out :P) but I like how the shield is painted over or taken a few to many hits in the center 😛

Let’s see… I recognize the Keyblade, Samurai Jack’s blade, the Master Sword from Legend of Zelda, and the Buster Sword on the far left.
Anyone know any of the others?

Leon’s GunBlade from Final Fantasy VIII at the right, the golden one is Finn’s hero sword from Adventure Time, that one is the sword that Dante get from king Slime in the first pages, and I think that the little one aside of the Master Sword is the Kokiri small sword

The key blade! and that’s Finn’s sword! and… is that Sephiroth’s sword?… the other one looks like a shushu… ho nono wait, that’s Link’s sword 😛 hey that’s the guy from befor!

Holy…this guy forges legendary weapons?!? The master sword is there!

wait a second, hes a blacksmith, not a weapon smith

actually in many cases of medieval times the blacksmith, weaponsmith, and armorer either worked in the same large shop or were just all the same person to begin with. the misconception that they were separate in the fantasy Genre came from the fact that large towns could have as many as five or six blacksmiths in one area.

Is there a story behind Mason’s iris colours like with Natani (TwoKinds), or did you guys just like the look

No, he just has really pretty eyes is all!

Mason’s profile says “He is weary of new things”. That means he has been exposed to more new things than he has wanted to. He means he is tired of new experiences. That does not fit the rest of the profile.

I think “weary” should be “wary”.

I think the profile should say “He is wary of new things”. That would mean he hasn’t had much experience and is slightly fearful of that fact. The lack of experience could be a leading reason why he decides to join Sesame’s band.

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