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Man, I was hoping that Sesame would wreck the uncle. I feel so bad for Mason.

Let’s just do unspeakable things to the uncle and be done with it.

I second that motion.

While we’re on the subject of ‘doing unspeakable things’, I noticed that Mason was actually holding a sword while his uncle was busy insulting him. He could have interrupted his uncle’s tirade by feeding him cold steel, if you take my meaning, and Evyr would be rid of a sorry waste of sperm.

That was WAY WAY WAY worse than anything I was expecting….

I was expecting overly critical blacksmith, not THAT.

But he IS overly critical, just in a really harsh way.

hmm, Evyr feels more and more like Westeros every day (drops coin in jar)

Good guy Mason is gonna enchant her sword anyway, screw the prices.

I wouldn’t take that bet. I suspect Mason will obey that order… for now.

Mason must really be trustworthy. In a situation as we find Sesame and Mason (warrior alone with apprentice), one can expect the warrior to try to take advantage of the opportunity for ‘discounts’.

People like this uncle don’t trust people easily, but notice he leaves after ‘laying down the law’. Of course, the uncle may be depending on the rather strong ‘first impression’ Mason gives and Mason’s unusual strength. The uncle doesn’t know Sesame shares that strength attribute.

If I owned a store I’d be angry at Mason too if he was handing out goods and services for free.

He wasn’t necessarily, i don’t believe Mason know how much gold she had to begin with, only that it wasn’t much.

Okay in my average RPG playthroughs THIS would be the point where I overdose myself on charisma and persuasion buffs and just tell the guy “Pack your stuff, you’re coming with me.” If it fails I’ll reload a few times just to see if it was chance based. If it’s STILL not good I’ll check if the old guy is a demon worshiper so I can kill him and if everything else fails I’ll read up on the Wiki.
… Yeah I’m one of those cheap gamers who ruin their experience with save reloads and walkthroughs. Sue me. 😀

The uncle somehow looks asian.

He is addicted to the most powerful addiction known… power itself. Since most people in non-asian cultures believe asian cultures give their elders absolute power over the younger folks, you make that connection.
Power hunger and abuse looks familiar to anyone.

He isn’t meant to be Asian. Although Sesame is heavily inspired to be Asian-esque. :3

I figured that. It’s the attitude that reminded Dawg of the stereotypical (and not very true) view of asian culture.

I’m seeing something different, now that I’ve had a chance to think about this.

The uncle may be crotchety and abusive, but he may also be worried. I’m beginning to think the uncle is practically on his deathbed.

If he dies, does Mason get the shop? Are there other family members who get it? Is there some other reason (such as debts) the shop will not become Mason’s property?

I don’t expect these questions to be answered in the comments forum (at least, I hope they aren’t), but I think we should all think about them.

Since Mason’s profile makes it obvious he’ll soon be traveling with Sesame’s band (and kind of damages the fourth wall), we should wonder how and why he leaves the shop and basically everything he knows.

Wow, this really interesting. I certaintly do enjoy reading this analysis of why readers think characters are certain ways. We tried to give causation in character’s lives for their current personalities and this even includes a bit for this cranky guy. So you will just have to wait and see!
If this secondary character intrigues the audience this much, I can’t wait to see what you think of other characters that will have more center-stage in the plot.

Glad you’re enjoying it. truly, I am glad. You do have some heavy thinkers in your readership, here. I’d like to think I’m one of them.

When an author realizes readers love his creations, it always makes him feel good.

That feeling then translates into a better story…

which is liked more by the readers…

Well, you get the point. LOL

Every now and then I come across a characters that seem black and white but then I try to figure out their story and why they might be so bitter.

I found myself trying to figure out sir uncle and this setup if only to find any redeeming quality. I assumed that Sir uncle adopted and ‘cared’ for Mason at a young age to explain why Mason is so afraid of him despite being a massive hulk. He may have been strict or nasty during this time but he also obviously fed Mason well enough, Mason seems well adjusted and sociable, it also seems he was provided a great education. If this is all true Mason may have a tragic past with his parents, it may also show that Sir Uncle has great appreciation for his craft considering he taught the unwanted boy well enough if Mason is responsible for most the swords. Mason sais he does ‘basically all the work’ but I don’t know Mason and I’ve worked with too many people who all tell me that they do ‘basically all the work’ which is interesting. This is also punctuated when he is no where to be found after their customer came in, he could very well have been ‘pissing around’ since the shop and work area are all up front. Also it’s possible Sir Uncle is being direct with prices because timid ‘little’ Mason might constantly be making people deals like it appeared he might been about to do just last strip. This would be an understandable reason why Sir Uncle was so short, cutting off the customer and accusing Mason of messing up the prices. Assuming Sir Uncle runs the shop, Mason could be giving things away at discounts, being overly nice or outright taken advantage of, slowly driving the store into poverty. Something that would infuriate me as a store owner. That said Uncle was a jerk.

First impressions are important but no one should be judged absolutely by them.

You make very good points and they’re very well thought out.

I like, despite everything else, you still state the uncle is a jerk. At least you gave him a reason to be.

everyone has a reason to be a jerk once in a while

agreed. I think this uncle (noticed he hasn’t been named) is close to death, already.

He could be literally on is death bed without anybody doing anything. I suspect he knows it as well.

If that is true, he may be worried about the shop’s (and Mason’s) future.

That could make anybody a jerk.

I like the thoroughness of your efforts, even if it made my head hurt reading the whole thing

Kinda my life

I am now very interested to know how in the world Mason ended up getting raised by that guy, I can only assume Mason is staying there out of some sense of gratitude, otherwise he would have just left on his own by now.

It’s possible he could of left on his own but Mason strikes me as the type of guy who’d get taken advantage of pretty quickly without someone around to watch him.

I agree, it is quite possible the uncle is ‘giving him a chance’. I wonder if the uncle actually left.
True, Mason is nervous around his uncle, but what if there’s a lot more to their relationship than the shop?
The uncle may actually care very much for Mason.
I’ve seen many people who have problems expressing how much they care directly, but it becomes obvious after just a little time.

I hope the uncle dies.

ill take care of it for 15 gold

you may not have to. He looks like he’s practically walking death already.

if he had acted like that to me id have strangled him

I hate that old fart. What the hell was his problem? Mason was trying to help Sesame with a reasonable prices.

I hope Mason will man up and yell at his old uncle and saying he know what he is doing. That old fool.

Doesn’t the uncle look practically on his deathbed to you guys? What if this a a recent event? I’m not talking about pitying the uncle. I wonder if the uncle is worried about Mason and the shop.

That’s an awful lot of stress and most people don’t handle stress like that very gracefully.

… Wow. Wasn’t expecting that… Well, now that he’s gone, i believe sesame needed an enchantment???

Sorry, but Mason promised and I have a fair idea he keeps even the slightest of his promises.

Yeah, i’m getting that feeling… Even though the uncle isn’t exactly deserving of kept promises, Mason seems like the “I’ll stick to my word, even if I shouldn’t or don’t have to” kind of guy.

We don’t know anything about Mason’s background with his uncle. I see everyone is assuming Mason actually lives with his uncle, but does he?

His uncle says he raised him have his life, but exactly why does he say that? It implies Mason’s parents are dead, or at least, gone. Are they?

Despite what we see, it appears to me “Uncle” did pretty good by Mason. Could his present attitude be a recent change? Could he be dying not-so-slowly of an incurable malady? It sure looks like he’s in damn poor health.

We need more info before we can make a more accurate assessment.

I believe this old jack off has what I call: Pinkie Pie Syndrome. A syndrome that makes you randomly mean for no reason. Side effects are me buying a 3D print of you and BASHING YOUR HEAD INTO THE GROUND A LOT!
Please take caution: Pinkie Pie Syndrome has a 100% chance of fictitious death.

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