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I wanna help. Can I help?

GREAT now I feel sorry for Farron! -_-”
How am I supposed to hate a character if I know his tragic back story reasons for his flaws? 😛

Well there will be more breadcrumbs into his psyche leading up to the eventual reveal that caused him to become the person you see here. Unfortunately he’s the type of character that takes time to warm up to and get the full picture with. We try to make all our protagonists likeable.

I agree with Gaboris.
You should be employed with a company in Austin, Texas called ‘Rooster Teeth’. They are also very innovative and inventive (yes, there is a difference). They make my favorite (and only one I follow) anime.
But that worth mean you’d probably stop writing this…

Forget I mentioned them.

I imagine you’re talking about RWBY? :3

RoosterTeeth are also making a movie soon and they have a gaming channel on YouTube that I follow. Not to mention they make music with their band the Barenaked Ladies. It’s a big, widespread company!

Got it the first try 🙂
Ruby Weiss Blake Yang
I have the DvD for the first season. The Box says the girls are a young Heroine, an exalted heiress, a troubled rogue, and a party girl. The heroine, heiress, and rogue are obvious.
Anybody who thinks Yang is a party girl needs their heads examined. Maybe I should say that another way… If I were to get an invitation to one of Yang’s parties, I’d skip town… for a year.
Second season seems to be going even better than the first. Seems Beacon Academy has some unregistered (and undesirable) new students associated with a white-coated fellow who wields a gun-cane.

it looks likes she actually cares some for him

Let me guess: when you started this whole comic, you were drawing extreme inspiration from Calvin and Hobbes.

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