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You bastard, how dare you to hit little Kibbles. She’s just an apprentice, “and maybe just turn your brother into a pile o ashes”, but there was a lot of pressure on her that time.

Relax man , your brother will probably respawn in 10 to 30 days tops!

Nope, while Evyr is Modelled on RPG Tropes, this Land does Not in Fact Exist in Video Game, so Gene is Very Much Dead Unless there’s a Spell to Fix that.

Going back to the beginning, his name was GenericBlueCatWarrior27 >.>

“Gene” for short. It was originally a joke meant to poke fun at MMO’s. However.. Everyone started thinking it was a video game world… and that is not the case. We wanted to establish that life and death in Evyr is finite.

Nope.. No resurrection spells unless you’re a necromancer.. but even then.. the revived body is just an empty hollow shell of it’s former self. A “zombie” if you’d like. Plus Gene is a pile of ashes… there’s be no way to revive THAT. And as far as healing goes.. it can only heal so much.. like minor wounds, and scratches.. you can’t regrow a limb if you lose one for instance.

It was just a joke. Earlier in the comic we hadn’t a full story panned out until around page 15 or so. Yes, there is alot of little tropes and homages to games in the comic, but if someone dies then it’s a permanent thing. The story wouldn’t be very compelling if our heroes never faced any danger. If they got killed they just respawn in a couple of seconds or whatever. That is why this was a necessary part of the story.

-150 joke was just a random one – making fun of how general damage is shown in RPGS ala Final Fantasy. Farron’s missing eye however isn’t a direct reference to anything in particular.It gives Farron a unique look aswell as a sort of disability as he has poor depth perception being half blind and what not. 🙂

So is Kibbles going to be Incarcerated for her Role in Gene’s Unfortunate End? I mean, I can See that’s she’s Torn up Over it, but Even If she Didn’t Mean to, she’s Still Guilty of Manslaughter at the Least, & I Can’t Really Consider Garret a “Bad Guy” for Wanting to Avenge his Brother.

manslaughter doesn’t exist in the ancient world

Only a coward strikes a woman!!

Can you Really Blame him for being a Bit Emotional about the Death of his Brother?

That still doesn’t make it right.

So striking sesame is for cowards?
Striking Kibbles who could burn you alive at a moments notice is being cowardly?
I’d love to see someone hit a guy who could do half the stuff that Sesame or Kibbles can do. Wait they wouldn’t because of crazy strong they both are. Yet it’s automatically wrong because of your preconceived idea that they are weaker than men. The only male we have seen in this world so far that is strong is Farron. Sure Mason is a blacksmith but we haven’t seen if he can fight let alone hit a fly.
He watched his brother get burnt alive infront of him but Kibbles. Someone who didnt even care from his persppective. This isn’t a world where women are subjugated, least from what we have seen. He has every right to want to get the person who killed his twin. Unless your saying its different if Kibbles was a guy in which case thats a fairly moronic form of equality.

Actually, I would be, it was an accident and was completely unintentional, there is no logical reason to be upset over something they had no control over like, a car tire blowing out and the car rolling onto the sidewalk we were on.

Well if you count someone you knew in High School dying in a horrible car crash then yes. I didn’t hate the guy responsible I just considered him an idiot.

Again, quit trying to apply REAL LOGIC to a WEB COMIC, its for entertainment so doing so defeats the purpose.

Well that little argument ended like, 5 hours ago so yeah, kind of just dropped it where it was and we all stopped trying to gut each other over our opinions. So yeah in all seriousness how do you think things will go with those 3?

Aren’t you Forgetting that Manslaughter is Still a Crime? Even If Kibbles Didn’t Mean to Cast the Spell that Incinerated Gene, she’s Still Responsible for Gene’s Demise. If there are Magic Users in this World Like Kibbles, I’d Have to Hope there’s an Arcane Bar Association who could Disbar Potentially Dangerous Practitioners, Like Kibbles, from Using Offensive Magic at the Least.

No, but I can blame him for hitting Kibbles who had no intention of casting that spell in the first place. Considering he heard the story from those two it’s probably a biased one.

and the fact that Kibbles has already apologized for the accident seems to go right over some peoples head

no actually I would jot forgive her but you can persive that her apology is completely real and that she didnt want to do it, why? well she is crying and she is disturbed for the fact that she killed some one thats not enough for me to forgive some one but at least its enought to spften my anger enought to not hit her

Your talking about a biased view point yet the majority seem to be biased towards letting kibbles walk around burning bars down and incinerating people. Each of us knows she did it. Yet it’s fine just to say sorry. Oh I’m sorry I just killed your brothers, sisters,mother and father. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to burn down that orphanage and all the children inside there can I go now. I can oh great now I can go be reckless and burn down more stuff.

Just because Kibbles is completely ditzy doesn’t make it any less that what she did. Quickly everyone go out and kill people then say sorry it was an accident. Wait that doesn’t work, ever. Not unless your the ones in charge.

Though hey its Kibbles, she’s cute and has big breasts so must everything is perfectly fine for her to do to people even killing them and burning down everything.

You clearly suffer some form of mental incapability to realize this is a WEB COMIC and not REAL LIFE.

You also keep insisting that she did it on purpose, when it was a complete mistake, she also did NOT burn down the bar, it just suffered some scorched boards. I also love how you threw burning an orphanage down in there, because that obviously relates to a single death that would, by real standards as you keep b*tching, be manslaughter, not homicide. Which is a lesser charge as there was no per-meditation nor intent to kill.

It is also hardly a biased viewpoint, it is a REASONABLE viewpoint, we, as the readers, know it was a mistake and she had no ill intent, /he/ as a character who was not there, probably was fed an incorrect story similar to the trash you keep spewing.

Stop ruining the fun of a web-comic and quit comparing it to reality, learn the difference.

Congratulations on now resorting to insults. Your just proving that your biased yourself.
Are we meant to expect that a world just allows people to go around killing others as an accident? It’s a webcomic but one with an actual story and what appears an actual world with its own background developing.
The fact is she killed him and you say its all perfectly fine to go around killing and say sorry after each time? You choose to say I have a mental problem yet by actually not going yeah its fine she killed a random innocent person all because its an accident, I’m the crazy one. Really you need to rethink your logic somewhere.

Glad you finally realized its a webcomic with its own world! That took quite the effort on your part, also NOBODY said it was okay to go around killing people, only YOU said that, not me, nor anyone else, just you, and I quote –

“Oh I’m sorry I just killed your brothers, sisters,mother and father. I’m
sorry I didn’t mean to burn down that orphanage and all the children
inside there can I go now. I can oh great now I can go be reckless and
burn down more stuff.”

– That was all your logic, not ours. No one said it was A-Okay just because she said sorry, we just know it wasn’t intentional which is why we don’t care, there’s a big difference between an intentional killing like you’re making it out to be, and an accidental one by a panicked girl surrounded by 3 guys in a bar like this was, It was an unfortunate accident and nothing else.

Your saying its completely wrong for the guy to hit kibbles for killing his family member. That he’s wrong for wanting revenge.
However it truly appears you can’t either read sarcasm or make links between things based upon your comments.

He has every right to be angry, he has every right to want revenge in any world. Yet this is one thing you keep defending that just because kibbles apologises and didn’t mean to he should be all happy and accept it from his brothers killer.
Once more go and think over things yourself before chucking insults at people or defending such a silly original stance now that your wrong.

Once again I’ll say, nobody said it was okay just because she apologized, you seem to have ignored that bit of my last comment. It’s also quite possible I missed sarcasm, I was up all night, good times.

Also I never said its wrong for him to be angry or want revenge, I am saying he was wrong to hit her, mainly because she was unaware anyone actually died. Also, who are you to claim that someone’s opinion on a matter is “wrong”? You feel it was right to strike an unarmed/unaware woman, I feel it was wrong, ’nuff said.

Why the fuck does whether they’re a man or a woman come into it? Kibbles is NOT unarmed (She’s more than capable of incinerating any threat to her, as she demonstrated on this guy’s twin – even if it was an accident).

Frankly the “GTFO, it’s just a webcomic” argument falls flat, because we’re expected to be invested in the world and characters. You can’t have that investment if you treat it as ‘just a webcomic’. And I’m NOT a fan of Protagonist-Centered Morality.

As for my own stance on what happened – one of my cousins was killed in a hunting accident (Mistaken for a groundhog due to her outfit and terrain she was in). However, the guy who killed her was a friend of the family and her employer. Personally – I believe that she should have to make amends with the surviving family.

I thought she needed her staff at least to cast but she might not so good point. I’m also not saying her gender matters, that was just the situation, if it was a man I’d still think it was wrong to strike them for something they were unaware of. As for making amends, I agree, but it will probably be impossible for a while to even attempt it, I’m expecting them to follow the MC-Group for a while only to end up getting into trouble and being saved by said MC-Group, what do you think will happen?

Good LORD this turned darker then I have expected. O_O

Looking back at the beginning I now remember that the third guy was indeed incinerated. But if that happened yesterday then what are these guys doing enjoying their time? Okay they have healing spells for those burns, but shouldn’t they be at least mourning their lost friend or something? And don’t give me the “everyone takes it differently” line cuz that doesn’t apply if it only happened half a day ago. 😛

They’re probably drunk now. And yes, people DO take it ‘differently’ even after less than a day – My cousin was killed in a hunting accident a few months ago (Has it been that long already? It feels like it was just yesterday…), and I was in the bar with my friends as normal throughout the week – I just had something else to talk about, but there wasn’t really a lot to say, and it wasn’t worth dwelling on anyway.

Can I just say I really like that there is a horse anthro here. Nobody ever attempts them. Good job on that, guys. Also, this turned dark indeed. Yes, a guy died, and that’s bad. We all know that Kibbles is going to takes a serious blow from this and beat herself up about it a LOT. It obviously didn’t turn out well for either Kibbles or Garret.

I will rip his dick off.

I say we round up a posse and hang him by it


Dude Lost his Brother! Am I the Only One Showing Sympathy for this Poor Fellow’s Loss?

Actually, the hero I normally design is a Rogue class who has healing abilities. He is a mixture of Kibbles and Sesame in the sense that if he were to find out he did something like Kibbles did, he’d let them beat him up to a pulp, using his healing power to keep him from dying. And if he found out Kibbles did it, he’d offer himself in her stead.

So I can really relate to this comic. Well done.

Why doesn’t it surprise me that the male herbivores are multiples in size to the carnivores, omnivores, and female herbivores?

Think about it. Mason is a gentle giant, but he is LARGE and an elk. This guard is of equine bent and he is LARGE. The madam was a rabbit and she was not LARGE, but she is female, while this guard and Mason are both male.

It is true we have a very small selection here, mostly chosen for their role (Mason=blacksmith and the guard=well, a guard), but we haven’t seen many herbivores and quite a few carnivores and omnivores.

The Innkeep is also a horse, the guard is modeled after the breed Clydesdale. However certain characters should be relatively smaller considering their species. Claire, a fennec fox is easily smaller IRL then your typical dog or even cat (but she towers over Sesame and Kibbles) the same can be said for Farron who is a rat but is quite a tall man himself — being second only to Mason in height. (Claire is 6’0″, Farron 6’4″ and Mason is 6’9″ but 7’0″ if you count his antlers)

he hit Kibbles… *Grabs my sword* anyone comin’ with me?

I am Afraid can Not Allow you to Slay a Man who is Clearly Suffering for the Loss of his Brother, so I Must Obstruct your Short-Sighted Quest for Vengeance. As they Say, you will Have to Go Through Me If you Wish to Harm Garret.

*stabs you then goes on my merry way to kill the mofo that hit kibbles*

Technically, I’m Unstab-able as I do Not Exist in Three Dimensions, but it Doesn’t even Matter Does it? You’re just Going to Defend Ms. Kibbles because she’s Adorable, & Not Consider what Poor Garret’s going Through, because Only the Protagonist Matter & Damn Everyone else…

Probably because he hit her for something she didn’t even mean to do, quit defending this fucking jackass, yes, his anger his understandable, but she did not deserve that punch, and this is coming from a kid with fucking aspergers, please, do us all a favor and keep your self-righteousness to your god-damn self

I’m Not being Self-Righteous, I’m being Fair, also Consider that you Think it’s Okay for Kibbles to Get Away with Murder because it was an Accident, but you Don’t seem to Realize that Garret Doesn’t Know it was an Accident, for All Garret Knows, Kibbles is a Coldblooded Killer.

Technically speaking, that big button is a combination of dark gray and black. It is in no color of the word red. Not even in the slightest sense. XD

No but in all due seriousness, I must say I got a kick over this entire page mostly due in part to the following three items:

1. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but if you look at Yuki’s outfit and the missile opening in the robot, the chest clothing style kind of matches.

2. The fact Tina’s mom knows it’s a bad idea to leave those two alone is heighten with that water drop mark right below her right ear. And Ron’s naivety in all this only strengthens my opinion of what’s going to happen to him next. He’s going to get painted on.

3. The paint tornado at the end. Although, I’m trying to figure out if Tina is trying to help Yuki make a mess at this point or if she’s trying to hit her with all that paint.

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