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You’re right, is getting weirder and weirder. What is that cat up to ? Is she after Sesame or her friends?

And one more thing, in the first panel the word “escalate” it’s somehow divided in “esca” and “late”.

Huh, quite the tone change from the earlier comics…

We had always intended for UberQuest to tackle darker more mature themes from time to time, rather then purely being a light-hearted fantasy adventure. Not to say we aren’t going to go back to having fun here and there too. 🙂

is there a reccomended age group for this comic?

I may have stated this on a previous page. Our original intention was the 18-34 crowd but we have seen teens to people in their 60s reading it. Nothing insanely horrible/dark/gritty/sexual will happen in the comic, but it does handle more adult situations then some other comics you will see here on The Katbox.

Does that also mean you won’t reference anything insanely horrible, dark, or gritty? Like a horrible past event or something from the history of the world. Really you’ve already surpassed the darkest event I can think of from another KB comic.

well gang, looks like we have another mystery on our hands


yeah, like who the H-E-double toothpicks is that orange cat associated with?

Note how that kitty is laying some docent words on a guard’s willing ear.

Sesame’s ‘watchers’ are more than just watching.


Truthfully, I see so many different plots starting at this point, I have no idea which one to think about.

Let’s go with the most ridiculous…
1> Claire’s little teleport experiment caused massive disruption on an interstellar scale and sent her FORWARD in time 700+ years.
2> She finally finds a way to return to her own time and ‘home’, but is aware she can’t stop the devestation her experiment started.
3> She visits this planet right after the damage is done and arranges a secret ‘help’ society to repair the damage
4> She leaves messages with that society so ‘things’ will go ‘right’ when she arrives in the future.
5> That is why the orange kitty is there. She will be working to ‘fix’ this problem which her society knew would occur 700+ years.

Awww. Poor Kibbles. I hope she gets a fair trial.

In a Fair Trial, she’d be Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter, you Should Hope the King’s a Friend of Ms. Kibbles’ Family.

Im no expert in such stuff, but that judgement sounds like the most reasonable judgement, but i agree. We’d better hope that adorable Kibbles or the other girls got some good connections. And now i cant help but think of when i’m playing Skyrim, gets caught in stealing something and uses my title as the jarls Thane to avoid getting arrestes or tell the guards that i’m with the Thieves Guild and pays off the bounty. Stupid guards. If only i could wear some sort of insignia in game that states my rank in each hold and what factions i stand for such as The Stormcloaks, The Dark Brotherhood, The College of Winterhold, The Thieves Guild and The Companions.

But then Members of Enemy Factions would Recognize you Right Quick.

What if each insignia were pinned to my clothing in each of their own leather pockets that can be opened to show the insignia when necessary? They would look like storage for small objects like magic gems for easy access instead of searching through your backpack.

Heck yes. Also, do you know about that woman in Solitude that owns the shop Radiant Raiments? She friggin keeps commenting about my attire even when i have finished the quest where i have to wear her wares while going to Blue Palace for recommending it to Jarl Elisif. I just want to enter her store and gut her just like i did with that stupid Talos preacher in Whiterun.

It may be true, but considered that you do a visit to the jarl so often (if you do that at all), it might be a good idea do wear a decent attire instead of perhaps a hideous attire such as… ragged clothing. Not a very good attire for when visiting the jarl. Also, have you restored the thieves guild to its former glory? I already have started to get Delvin Mallorys more unique job requests, but i still wonder how many of Vex’s jobs i neex to do before she starts giving me any unique jobs. Or do i just have to continue doing Delvin’s unique jobs until the guild has been restored?

Dude, i’ve gotten way further than that. The Guild’s reputations has already been restores in Solitude and Whiterun. Of course, i dont have to worry about Riften, since the Guild got headquarters there and already got their reputation high up there, so i was wondering what i need to do to get reputation in the remaining six holds?

whierun it’s killing the dragon, solitude its killing Potema (wolf queen)to become the protector… i think the hold in the marsh (idk the name) is you have to find out if that house was set on fire on purpose or accident… i think…

heh… I’m too stealthy for the guards. I can stand in front of one and steal the food on the table they’re sitting at.
most likely because im a kajiit with sneaking fully upgraded…

I dont even wear the best armors.
the best armor Ive found is gilded elven, and still wear forsworn armor (gives me 20% more stamina) a circlet of eminent archery, a ring of namira, gualder amulate fragment, and dwarven boots of brawn. i carry 2 daedric swords (one enchanted with shocks, the other fine) and when not using nightvision, i use the elemental fury shout,
and the shout that lowers enemies life force (i forgot what it’s called but its purple colored)

I dont know what heartscales are, but for the whole dragonplate armor set which is the light weight version, you only need dragon scales, bones and leather strips. For the dragonscale armor set which is the heavy weight version, you need dragon scales, bones, leather strips and iron ingots. But in order to unlock both, you need a smithing of 100 and the dragon smithing perk. So just get grinding away at the blacksmith.

Police… Business… Lawyers… Courts… Royal… that murder that totally wasn’t her fault.

Any Real Life Court would Say “Yes, it Is her Fault.”, One of the Reasons Why Real Life can be a Drag…

Yeah well it’s not real life, it’s fantasy, a parody of fantasy MMOs, and a comic one reads to escape the day-to-day boredom of reality, please take your reality and go somewhere else, have a nice day :3

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