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If it isn’t Miss… Dang it. I wrote a whole comment about this character, but then I realized that every single word would’ve been a spoiler for the new readers so I had to delete it all. 😛

Anyways I just love this character. Kuu and CV are using just the right amount of mystery and characterization with her so I’m really looking forward to seeing this next chapter again. 🙂

And NOW to get back to my comment on the previous “Normal” page.

I actually couldn’t remember how some of the pages went in the original, but I didn’t think about going back to the old archives up until that page. So I went to DA to refresh my memory and then it hit me like a bombshell that the old pages were removed.

Now I have a LOT of thoughts stirring in my head witch I won’t talk about since they’re all outbursts of the moment, things that come without thinking and what are wrong by default so let me skip to things that I actually thought about.

As a fateful reader I can understand why it had to be done and I accept the reasons Kuu gave in his DA journal, but as an old time fan I’m sad.
I don’t have the right to complain since I’m not giving you anything and you don’t owe me anything. I’m sad to see any art getting lost no matter if they’re irrelevant or bad so this isn’t a negative comment about you guys. I just needed to say this.

P.S.: Also I just had to bring it up if in case the pages on DA weren’t the only copies. Ya know just in case if there’s an somewhere. 😛

I still have them on my hard drive. CV has insisted we eventuall repost them somewhere again later, if just on an archive somewhere. Don’t woryr, they haven’t been erased from existence. 🙂

That’s great to hear, I’m real happy now. I’m looking forward to seeing the old pages again. 🙂

Any plans? Maybe upload the old pages after their new version is up or upload by chapters after a new chapter is done or upload the whole thing after all the old pages were remade?

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