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Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Ministers and saints of grace deliver us

Denmark is a country

I have a feeling it’s someone we already know. conjecture time!:
-Sesame? Well, we know she’s trying to avenge her clan or family or something, I’m a little confused sometimes.
-Kibbles? She trained under the wizard, Winsley the Great, but we don’t really know her family heritage… possibly. However, she is about to go on trial, so I doubt it.
-Clair? Her family heritage would be interesting, but even if she truly is nobility it would be difficult for these individuals to know that, and even more so to be looking for her.
-Farron? If he’s royalty, his lifestyle has been eluding his former life to that end, and for that purpose.
-Mason? We know more about his family than most of our heroes. Very highly doubt it.
-Proto? IT’S GOTTA BE HIM!!!

It would be just as interesting if any of our protagonists were mistaken for this missing person of nobility.

I don’t know about you guys, but i have a bad feeling about Prince Drayven. I not sure but i feel he doesn’t look trustworthy…

He’s the prince of a country that has been shown to be intolerant and oppressive. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

..Please don’t tell me it is who I think it is.

I choose to not take that order at face value, sadly Kylar has the personality traits to be easily “used as a pawn”, he is eager to prove his worth, honest, loyal, and zealous to a fault.

The prince obviously knows much more then he is letting on, the way his guard stares knowing towards him.

I think the “noble” in question will be Claire, of course she may just “look” very similar to an actual noble, or this could all be entirely fabricated and there is no missing noble at all. All in a means to get her to the palace (possibly all linking back to Proto or her pod or both.) In a twist I suppose it could be Dante as a way of getting her back into the plot but it would surprise me greatly if that were the case.

Or he could just be following the orders of his superior, which is mandatory in any military.

Hmm, he’s being quite brief for such an important mission such as finding lost nobility. Either he’s hiding something, or this isn’t just about finding lost nobility… or he’ll go more into detail in the next page and I’m just being to hasty. But I mean, look at him! He just gives a sorta… “untrustworthy guy of power that will be a pain in the tail later on in the adventure” vibe.

Ooh, a reward? I wonder what that could be? *wink wink* LOL

All joking aside, the whole important mission thing is sounding like a setup or a suicide mission.

“Nobility… Especially hand-picked… paramount importance… great rewards…” Either that, or something will go horribly wrong.

Hey,just because Kylar is gay doesn’t mean he is a slut! The guy has standards.. besides he is in a loving monogamous relationship — it wouldn’t be in his nature. He’s very old-fashioned in that sense. =p

Which is why I said “All joking aside.”

I’d make the same joke even if they were opposite sexes.

Anyone else thinking “Kibbles”?

That’s what I’m thinking too , might explain why she has to go to the royal court instead of just being just imprisoned or hanged right there and then.


I immediately like this prince. He does not seem to be the spoiled brat his profile hints at.

Then I wonder… why is his profile available? It does not seem like he’ll be joining Sesame’s little group.

In fact, it does not seem Kylar will be joining Sesame’s team.

Things were already interesting, but now the interest is greater.

with the last panel, I can sort of see why some people get the villain vibe off of Drayven. It’s the posture, isn’t it?

His posture tells me he’s used to getting his orders obeyed NOW.

One thing bugs me, though. I know it’s common to call male royalty “sire”, but I always saw it as lame… especially when the “sire” is younger than the speaker.

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