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The prince does have good intentions but in the end power corrupts us all.


Is that how it goes?

not exactly.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Someone here is not like the others here. I wonder who it could be. /looks at kid in the alley
And what exactly was wrong with your father’s reign exactly? The people look happy, the army seems disciplined and in control of itself, the roads and buildings are in good repair and I haven’t seen any evidence of there being a war on. So… what exactly is wrong and how is it you plan to make it better?

hmm let me guess on the advisors: a seemingly innocent old man with a long chain around his neck (acts as if he is naive old codger, but he isn’t), a man in a dark green cloak with black hair (a brilliant liar and schemer), green eyes, and a forked beard, a bald eunuch (master of whispers), a handsome dark haired man in bright, colorful clothes (why do I feel he might be giving Kylar suggestive looks), a cruel conniving power hungry blonde woman (one who might also be incestous…eyugh), a pudgy frog-faced man (though in this case, he might as well be a frog), a cunning, witty, lawful just dwarf (who prefers to be called Imp or Half man), and stern, cold middle aged man (the master strategist).

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