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I can’t decide weather to play fight music from “Mortal Kombat” or from “Street Fighter”

Compromise and use Fatal Fury:

Ah, Dante. You have much to learn about how the more roguish types fight, particularly against focused warriors. All that time thieves spend practicing trickery and subterfuge, warriors spend finding the most efficient methods to implode people’s faces.

Go for the cheap shot! Run away! Where is your sense of shame? If the answer wasn’t “What shame?” then practice harder!

Never trust a rogue who asks for a fair fight… There is a 70% chance the rogue has a trick up her sleeve, or will get a hold of a weapon while Sesame is unarmed.


And Sesame has a couple team mates who won’t take kindly to such a trick. BOTH of those team mates have range weapons/powers. Claire has that black powder pistol (if she didn’t ‘buy’ more) and Kibbles has her magic (no need to worry about accidental harm, here).

I especially want to see Claire’s reaction when she understands Dante is the cause for the earlier misunderstanding (which got her ‘baby’ mis-located).

Sesame sure looks more “manly” in this comic.

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