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that last panel….DARN YOU FOR INTSTILLING A TORNADO OF FEELS IN ME!!!! now where did I put the Kleenex? (up-bup-bup, it’s for the tears, ok? get your little brainwaves out of the gutter, you little creeps)

im sure no one was thinking that way

Thank God!!!! also the only reason I mentioned that is because sometimes people can be way too immature and have such thoughts go through their minds…not everyone and not all the time, but you get the idea of what I mean….or I was just making a joke with the stuff in parentheses….also, apologies for the overload of exposition.

geez. Sir (I mean Claire) sure looks like she was looking forward to a bright life. Now we have an inkling why she was so determined to prove herself.

That is apparently her father and something most have happened to him. Apparently, she must have been well on the way before he was taken out of the picture (she had already made Proto). Otherwise, Proto wouldn’t recognize him, much less have a “proto-name’ for him.

Heck, Proto must have been there. He mentions it as ‘back then’, not “before I was made”.

I am getting a brainstorm…

The time travel sent Claire and Proto forward (not backward) and devastated the interstellar society Claire knew. After all we do have a hint that something tremendously negative happened 713 years ago.

When they return to their own time, Proto will come to this planet in a new (much much better) model. He will stay here thru the ages (more than 700 years, after all), guiding survivors.

We will meet this upgraded, widely respected and feared Proto later in the strip. He will still call Claire “Sir”.

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