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(Trauma Team: Truth Unraveled plays.) WARNING!!! POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!!!!

“*NOW I know what happened to Gaia’s child, the moment she was born, Oscura had her locked up in the deepest prison in the castle and was mistreated throughout her life so far, not being well fed and educated, always knowing pain, never knowing joy, and being treated like an animal! And the WORST part is, she’s Lumina’s HALF-SISTER and ALMOST to the point of not being known, THAT’S really CRUEL Oscura you $£&¥ of a @¥#$!!!!!!!!! Right now, I’VE HALF A MIND TO CHOP YOU INTO PIECES AND SPLATTER YOU ALL OVER THE ROOM!!!!!!!!!!*”
#>:| > )|(

He keeps drastically changing his personality. I have no remaining explanation for him. This is in no way consistent with his earlier behavior. Even if the rabbit saw sexual relations as this tremendous taboo and he saw it as no bigger deal than a date and thus being shot down repeatedly for a year was just a hurtful thing that the person he liked was doing to him for no good reason, that wouldn’t quite account how badly he acted before, there was no forgiving it, so this simply makes no sense now.

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