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And with but a single word, the DantexFarron ship was sank. *plays amazing grace on bag pipes*

Incest hasn’t stopped the internet before.

And the plot thickens 😀

No. The plot was thick 30 pages ago. Now it’s so thick that you wouldn’t be able to cut it with a chainsaw.

Well screw that ship. At least I had foreseen that at least something must’ve been between them.
But wait. Brother? Is that possible? A rat and a mink? Are they step-siblings or are they blood siblings?

Anyways, I’m just eagerly waiting for something awesome to happen.
Like white ghost-like creature that shoot fireballs apparently making some sort of debut in midst of the chaos.

They are half siblings! Farron is the older sibling. Actually the way Fera genetics work is a bit odd. A cat and a rabbit can produce offspring – one child may look like a cat – the other a rabbit or they could be a hybrid of both. It makes it easier then only cat/cat couples or rabbit/rabbit ones. There is a few other characters that are examples of this yet to be revealed.. but that isnt to say same “species” couples don’t exist. For example, Claire’s parents were both foxes (Fennec and Arctic..) and Drayven’s parents were both wolves.

they’re Brother and sister? well…that was unexpected. I like that. In fact, there was a panel about wring stories for at a convention I recently went to and the writer presenting the panel said it’s good idea not to make things too predictable. Instead, the story should catch the reader off guard by having something unexpected happen (we’ve certainly seen that a lot with Game of Thrones). Skidd…Phuufy…I salute you.

Well, her pain sure wasn’t from any fight she has with Sesame (when ONE hit would kill her) or Claire (might take two or even three hits).

Besides, they haven’t seen her in weeks.

Uhm, only 3 days has passed in the comic. She even says “the fight yesterday” implying the one she had with Sesame.

You’re the author and all, so it must be so.

I remember only two meetings between Dante and Sesame’s party. I don’t remember their last meeting having any sort of combat with Sesame, Clair, or Kibbles damaging or hurting Dante. I wouldn’t say the king slime hurt her either.

These two could have the perfect business set-up. Dante ninja’s the loot/steals adventuring gear, brings it back to dear older brother who then sells it to adventurers and they divide the profits…

Then Dante steals it from them and the cycle repeats. As long as Farron doesn’t sell the same person the same equipment twice (or at least changes the appearance a bit) then no-one will be the wiser.
This all comes undone if/when he meets back up with Sesame and sells her own sword back too her (last time he saw it, it wasn’t blue and didn’t catch fire.)

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