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This might be something of a wakeup call about the real cost of the war.  Thus far, it seems that most of the recent conflicts have been small-scale skirmishes.  Hope some character in-comic makes the observation, “Gee, just how many tigers will have to die to wipe out every scaly?”  

Even though our Tiger ladies are certainly pretty, war itself seldom is.  Hopefully, we’ll see just what Ennek and company’s next move is, soon.

May the Moon protect their souls, from the coldest wars to the warmest friendships, let these dragons and tigers rest in peace… and please don’t make jokes about being ‘horn-y’ (I’m not mad, just breaking the moment XD). And yes, I’m a fan of the dragons (in general), but the tigers are gaining a space in my heart ;). Leaving that aside… what happened here? a previous war or just a small battle?

So, I think I may have been a little confusing last time I talked about this, but are we going to see any more tribes? Right now, we’re in an area with only the dragons and tigers we’ve seen, but that might not be everybody on planet Draconia– are there any more tribes that we haven’t focused on? Do they have any more species and/or languages?And in the Khalira/Calera/possible-original-spelling, were these the same tribes attacking each other but earlier in history? It seems to me that at least the tiger tribe was different, hence the feeling that the cave was just a myth.Anyway, sorry for the long post.

It like how it seems that this is a known place and event to the dragons, but it seems more like old lore to the tigers.  I wonder, is this due to the difference in culture, aka centralized for the dragons and clan based for the tigers?  Or, perhaps, is it a difference in lifespan, aka one generation for the dragon, two or three for the tigers?

Still sticking with the black and white or now going color? Also this chapter is gonna be sweeeeet :D!

I love her design, but I bet it’ll be a pain to draw often. I like the redesigned graphics for the webpage!

To be honest i think Mayte is harder to draw due to all the spots on her body. And what redesigned graphics?

That’s a beautiful drawing of Sitala but if she had just plopped down after a tough fight, that creatures tongue wouldn’t be draped over her leg, it would be under it.
Random thought: Seeing her spitting made me wonder, are anthros based on venomous creatures also venomous? Does she have retractable fangs (not that she would need them)?

A rattlesnake? That’s kickass.

I’m REALLY glad to see you drew her flat-chested. So much of the time i see people giving boobs to reptiles and it just REALLY irks me.

Glad to see you’re back, Avencri. 🙂

I hate to burst your bubble(s) but you may want to look closer. She definitely has boobs. You can see the curves under her top.

Eh, i prefer the black and white, makes it seem like a old western, but what you could do is wait till like halfway trough, then change to color, like during a fight science, and have one of the characters comment about wanting to see the color of there blood

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