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Comic 291

Comic 291 published on 162 Comments on Comic 291


Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Fly, Briella!  Fly!

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Master Of Light” by Monster Magnet.  I thank our fellow Draconiac Kobra for the suggestion.

And with that, Chapter Four concludes.  I hope you all have had as much fun reading it as I’ve had writing and drawing it.  I really, really enjoyed this chapter, and I really got into the characters.  A lot of people were expecting this chapter to end with a body count, with either Briella, or at least one of the Tigers buying the farm.  I’m sorry if that disappoints anyone out there, and I did consider it at various points.  I won’t say whose name was on the “Kill List,” but I decided that all the characters involved in this escapade deserved a reprieve from the cold, unfeeling rubber of my eraser.

This chapter was originally intended to be only 25 pages long, but I was was having so much fun with the “Briella vs. Everyone” part of this story that I decided, given where things stood approaching page 275, that I wasn’t good enough a writer to wrap up the chapter without it seeming forced and without giving each character their due.  There have been too many neglected characters in this series over the years, and I set out to rectify that when I inherited the writing duties.  Yes, there are still a good number of loose ends, including whatever happened to Xhianil and her victim Fuegana, or Queen Oscura‘s re-cleansing of Princess Lumina‘s memories, or Princess Kiriad‘s efforts to establish herself as a bona fide leader, or just what exactly Sombrana is up to with Elektra.  Yeah, there’s a lot of unfinished business, but a lot of these things will soon be tied together.  In fact, some of you might have already noticed some story elements heading in that direction.

I’m ending this chapter with a bit of relief, as I’m very burned out and I need some time off.  At the same time, I get such a high off of seeing a page go from a brainstorm to a script to a fully-rendered comic page, and then seeing you all’s reactions to it and getting to answer your comments, that as tired as I get from the late nights and sleepless weekends, you guys always get me juiced up to do it all over again week after week.  As long as you all keep getting as much enjoyment out of experiencing the comic as I do producing it, I think we’ll be together for a long time to come.  I hope you all will continue to join me for the ride.  Thanks for the company, and keep spreading the word.

Having said that, starting next week, it’ll be four weeks’ worth of guest comics and guest art as part of the 2012 Draconia Chronicles Annual!  Fans from across the globe are sending in their submissions, allowing me to take a month off.  Make sure to stop in and check out what your fellow Draconiacs have put together!

Chapter Five begins the week of July 18, so be sure to mark your calendars for the big return.  Until then, my sincerest thanks for being such an amazing audience and for allowing me to entertain you with the fourth chapter of  my humble little webcomic.  I’ll see you back here in July.  Until then, take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thank you very, very much for reading.  I love you all!  ^o^



Hmmm, She’s only safe if the tigers can’t manage to climb up…she seems too tired to do much escaping if any of them get up there. And the scythe caught on the edge, it would seem…

So she may be in bigger trouble than ever, unless someone intervenes…

And if she does make it, that pink dragon I hired to get that package to her damn well better manage it, or I’m gonna have a head to collect…

Seeing a flying tiger with a sickle sure gives you that extra strength now doesn’t it?

Especially when it’s coming at you.

Well, that was a close shave. Heh. I’m getting from bad to worse.
So it’s kinda like a physical short-duration EMP, then? Interesting.

Fly Bri fly! I hope she makes it to the exit, i think the other tigers in the tunnel might of seen/heard that. But boy is red going to get it when bri gets back.
but as the old saying goes She isn’t out of the woods just yet.

Any who Great job once again razor – Briella you may exit the stage Above you, feel free to take a bow once you get the hell out of there.

Briella seems to get a break; only bye the skin of her teeth. Great chapter man! I can’t say I had a kill list for this, but, it would have been interesting.

Never underestimate the power of a sudden burst of adrenaline. ^__^

I imagine when she gets home, she is going to find her bed and pass out for the next 3 days to recover. Looking at that blast and her comment, she really shouldn’t have been conscious or rushing to fly/climb out of holes in the ground, but then, she didn’t exactly have the convenience of time for a lengthy nap now did she 🙂

Pink Dragon? Package? I’m confuzzled. o_O

Well I felt bad for her, since she was all hurty and tired and stuff, so I figured she deserved some stuff to help her feel better. A few nice cold drinks, some painkillers, some ice, directions to a secluded hotspring not too far away…

I had to get some random pink dragon to courier it though… the royal mail clerk laughed at me, DPS’s rates were extortionate, and TigEx didn’t seem like a good idea. Pinky said she’d do it for ‘some food that tastes better than iguanas’ and swears she can find bri out there… and something about a fire dragon owing her a favor if Bri made it back to the capitol first.

Well, this has certainly been a long week. I couldn’t help but imagine all of the different outcomes that could have resulted from last week’s cliffhanger and how I would react to each of them. After finally reading this though, I will admit, that was pretty anticlimactic. What happened to the risk taking Razorfox who decapitated Gaia back in a previous chapter?
I suppose it could have been worse. You could have made her go all Deus Ex Machina on their asses and had the tigers reduced to smoldering skeletons while Briella survived. But that still begs the question. How was she able to use this ability at such close proximity to Zhirite? A material that renders a dragon’s magick inert. She had that scythe pressed right against her jugular, but that didn’t stop her from bending the laws of Draconian physics.
Oh well. Both Tiger fans and Brielievers won’t have to mourn any losses in this page. Great work on the panel in any case. Have a good break and I look forward to seeing the next chapter.

You said it yourself it’s Draconian physics. And since Razor is the maker of this world he can bend it however he likes. Still kind of disappointing that after being caught in that blast all those fur bags got away with is seeing spots.

I think it’s due ot the magic surge of her passions and fears combinging that broke through an otherwise normally unbreakable limit…in other words it’s all in their minds that it won’t work. But the zhirite may explain why the tigers got off so light. it protected them.

Zhirite is known to suppress magic ability. It does not completely eliminate the magic of a dragon, they still have their magic essence inside, but zhirite makes it so they can’t use it. In under extreme stress, dragons can unconsciously access this essence and release it in an elemental burst. This was first seen with Fuegana, and now Briella. This has always been Draconian Law, he did not change anything.

Sojourner actually has a pretty good grasp on it. I might devote a future page or two to explaining zhirite. In the meantime, the draining effects it has on Dragons aren’t exactly immediate. Yes, a Dragon will have her power compromised at the initial exposure, but as the length of the exposure grows, the Dragon’s power drains further and further. She might have had enough left in the tank to power through it, but not if she had waited very much longer.

I’m sorry about the finale’s shortcomings, but my specific intent on writing this chapter was to try something new, and that was to write a chapter that’s a romp of crazy action-adventure. After so much tragedy in previous chapters, I wanted to do a chapter that still had its dark moments, but overall was done to have fun.

Will these or other characters eventually die? Absolutely. Do they have to die every chapter? I don’t think so. The creators of “South Park” discovered this when they simply got tired of killing Kenny every week. If I killed off some character that the audience had grown attached to in every chapter, it would become a cliché pretty quickly, and the audience would eventually get jaded and cynical, figuring that they shouldn’t get attached to any character for fear that she’d get her head lopped off.

I WANT you all to get attached to characters. I, myself, want to get attached to them, too, and that’s been the case here in Chapter Four. One of the reasons I’ve enjoyed working on it so much–moreso than previous chapters–is that each of the principal characters helped me write it. From Kess’ rage to Ennek’s grouchiness, from Rula and Naisha’s twin thing to Kenzi’s lisp, from Riah’s silence to Shie’s new mission in life, and from Briella’s hatred for Lady Red to Briella’s amazing luck, I fell in love with this group of characters and decided that there was more to be gained from their survival than losing any one of them, at least right now.

As for Briella’s surge and the circumstances surrounding it, I do plan on there being a “debriefing” of sorts in the next chapter. I hope to answer some lingering questions there.

Through it all, though, thanks for your continued support and your constructive criticism. After all, praise doesn’t correct mistakes as it has a tendency to overlook them. I hope to get better as time goes on. Thanks for believing in me thus far.

All I here is “Waa Waa Waa, the dragon didn’t die and I didn’t get my Guro fix.” Well deal with it because Briella finally flew that cave system choo choo’s nest.

You really don’t seem to be able to grasp the concept of criticism, do you Kobra?

i woud say that was toclose to her tail i don’t want to now what is now in the head of the tigers and Bril want some rest bevor she kicks ladyreds ass 😛

Nice work and some smooty final for that chapter

I think you doing a good job and learning from mistakes what you make it woud be to good or to wierd if there where no mistakes becaus you can only learn somting new and good out of it and thats as good as you going throu here in the chapers 🙂

Thanks! I know I made a mistake or two here and there. I don't know how obvious they might be to the reading public, but I know there are some areas I need to work on. Overall, though, I'm happy with my efforts here and I look forward to learning and growing with the next chapter. Hope you'll continue to join me for it! ^o^

Awesome! go Briella go!

Caution Watch for flying Tigers!

Now that I think about it, I’m somewhat glad to see everyone survive this. It should be interesting to see the “reactions” between Briella & Lady Red, Kess & Kiliana, and…well, there’s just to many enjoying moments to list. This is going to be awesome when it starts back in July. 🙂

Do light dragons use their magic to manipulate photons,or how does that work?

That’s what I’m thinking, actually. They can manipulate existing photons and generate photons of their own, within certain limits. For instance, being a Light Dragon, she wouldn’t be able to manipulate the light from a fire as it’s not her element. The Tigers grabbed torches so that Briella’s flash attacks would be lessened, but they presented an altogether different problem for her. Higher level Light Dragons can also tap into non-visible portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Did Briella just release a radiation bomb on her three assailants? Hmmm…

Ok so photons produced by other sources or photons already inside atoms are out of their control. I doubt that explosion was radioactive (the tigers still have their fur). However a very powerful light dragon can manipulate photons into the gamma wavelength. And then Briella’s explosion would go more like this.

Briella: *boom*

Tigers: Yeah, I don’t think the dragon scum did anythi…*dies from radiation poisoning*

Yeah wondering but in your comic world

So am I. She kinda grew on me, almost in direct proportion to how much I grew to hate Kess.
Really would like to see how her beating went. Maybe not so much as more panels, but maybe Ennek having some flashbacks savouring the memory. Or maybe Kess having some the next time she's about to swing on someone for no good reason, if she's actually capable of learning anything. Tho my hopes for the possibility of Kess learning is pretty low, might just me my bias of wanting to see her pounded more. :}

Also fairly happy everyone getting off with just beatings. Am one of the torn ones since I am a dragon and tiger fan. Being someone who likes both, not just talking bout the comic either. Tho my sympathies lean a bit to dragons. Got a tattoo of one covering half my back after all. (Cover of the book, All the Weyrs of Pern, by Anne McCaffrey if you want to know what it looks like. not coloured tho)

So nice to see your ass will make another appearance Brie. :3 o/

Hmm for how it works I think I'm going to go with hyper exciting the photons that she had a direct connection to, causing them to share the energy around them causing bright light and a small explosion.. AKA a living flashbang. Would explain the hurt to her and the tigers but still be living for both sides.

If i guess right how much Bri is exsorsted out, don't think so she could do lot, especially if she forced to do a land due this fact. I do see Bri don't like it if this how ends, but don't think so she would get harmed by her. ^^

She survived!? YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Start from water with wet wings is really really hard … i know it 🙂 Of course, Briella has no feathers, maybe it is not so hard, but still not easy. Water is heavy.

(First, after last light explosion, i expect only gray shadows on the cave walls in tigress shape. Maybe it was just soft ultraviolet light …).

Cannot be tigress little more friendly to dragons? One kind wants kill other … how long it can persist? Maybe somewhere are living tigress and dragoness more peacefully?

(First, after last light explosion, i expect only gray shadows on the cave walls in tigress shape. Maybe it was just soft ultraviolet light …).
Leaches theory was that that the light was concentrated upwards therfore the more powerful rays would be focused upward while the less harmless light created a blinding flash, there all lucky there wasn’t a cave in though.

*Keeps his distance in a far enough location to utilize his AS50* Death… Is no deterrent to war. For war knows no boundaries. Only annihilation… Is it’s intent. As our forefathers, had fought so long ago. For they had earned us our salvation. Though these dragons, and tigers do not know such results. Only survival is critical towards the continuation of their species. As a famous WWII General once said. “War is courage, cloaked in fear” And fear. Is a mere means of what the enemy wants to remain a true fact. Though some use war, to get what they desire. The dragons? Genocide of the tiger species. The tigers? Close, but not really. Just to survive and pass on the warrior legacy of their people. humans? Just that. Fear. But as young as I am. I am indeed wise for my age. Though some may think otherwise. Keep this in mind. Everyone. Even you Razor.

[I felt this speech necessary to this page. If you try and steal my words. You only prove my point. Humans lust for attention drives them to just take]


Briella made it out of the Calera! At least she doesn’t have a group of angry tigers anymore.

She’s still severely injured and probably near unconsciousness, so it might not be a bad thing that Kilani saw her given that Kilani is probably the one Tiger who would actually help her.

Anyone other tiger would probably leave her to die or finish the job personally.

I have 3 ideas but didn’t know which one to put here, so, here they are:

1) Well, at least the exit is bigger
2) With that energy surge, imagine Briella’s energy bill
3) With that energy surge and a DeLorean, they would go Back to the Future, but who will be Doc and who will be Marty?

I think B will call this a day (before kicking you-know-who’s red ass 😛 ).

what, how they should survive they been shadow lines on rock floor,i call foul there fox, but at least there seeing spots for a bit

darn you for this cliffhanger…

both literally and figuratively actually, as the tiger (cant think of which one she is atm…) is probably still holding on so as to not fall down there again.

also, YAY bri got away!

dragons win over tigers for me.

gah i was so mad that tigers survived that typed in fit of rage should said:

what, how they survive.. that close to her and her surge of power, they should be shadow outlines on the walls and floors, but at least there seeing spots, foul fox i say foul good sir hehe

at least she got them out of that cave.

I suspect the main destructive force of her release was directed upward with the surrounding horizontal blast being made up mostly of harmless white light with perhaps a residuals secondary concussion wave. It wasn’t actually a 360 degree blast.

I am actually kind of glad the Tigers survived. Adds that little unexpected touch. As the expected result would have been the tigers getting vaporized or something.

As to them getting out, I am sure given time they could figure out a way to climb out once they have rested themselves.

I have some little questions now Razor… Will the next page come the next week or you will take a break for think about the new chapter? Or this one is still not complet done yet?

Enjoy a lot your comic XD

Big boobs. Making you boost upwards slow enough for the enemy to barely escape since this comic was made.

What do you see of yourself when you look in Deaths mirror?

An good ending! Good to see not all conflict ment to result in a blood bath, i’m sure though, we will see casulties in the future, but these tigers, and Bri sure not deserved to die here. Asured, lessons were learned here for both sides, though still hoping for some contact between the two race ( Bri and Kilani ) though yes, that should be part of a new chapter ( I imagen Bri wont fly that far out due being compleatly exsorsted, but far enought get lose the tigers pack, but seen by Kilani where she lands )

Can’t wait for more though =) Have a good vacation Razor! ^^

The jury’s out on how they affect her aerodynamics. ^__^

XD you understood what i meant. is good

Let me say that I am glad to see her have escaped, I was worried about Briella and her safety, but yay she lives and escaped ^^. I love the Tigers (yep I favor them in a biased capacity xD)but I certainly did not want to see another sweet dragoness of Briella's caliber become a victim. Heh even though this will warrant some flack on the case of the Tigers, one can only hope things will even out.

Save for Shie and Riah…and maybe Ennek. Shie actually caught her and decided to…well…take pity isn't really the word I'm looking for. She didn't really seem interested in preventing the others from killing Briella, nor did she really have any desire to kill her off.

Riah was injured but actually benefited from Briella in a way. Thanks to Briella she was able to show Shie the culprit that caused her injuries.

Ennek…didn't really get much of a chance to participate all that much in the chase. In fact she almost missed out entirely. Her comrades did more to bruise her than Briella did.

Oh my, how do I put this.. The look of pain, desperation, and hope all wrapped up into one beautiful face. Damn Danny, you really did it this time. What a great page!! I’m floored by the attention to detail you’ve put into this! You rock bro! can’t wait for more!

Swing and a Miss.

I can just hear the wave of colorful expletives the girls are shouting right now. I can also hear the insanely giddy laughter coming from Briella being happy to survive that ordeal.

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