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Comic 290

Comic 290 published on 172 Comments on Comic 290

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Briella go boom?

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can continue to pull up “My Way” by Limp Bizkit.

We are very close to the end of Chapter Four, and with that comes the Draconia Chronicles Annual for 2012!  Submissions are starting to come in, and I’m seeing some good stuff so far.  I’m looking to launch it in two weeks (June 18), and hoping to have enough to cover a month’s hiatus for tired, little ol’ me.  So if you’ve got a comic story or a pin-up that you want to share here–and you want to have your art gallery or webcomic promoted here, and a free copy of the forthcoming 2013 Draconia Chronicles Calendar for your efforts–shoot me an Email and I’ll be happy to fill you in on the details.  Thanks in advance for your contributions!  ^__^

And with that, it’s time to work on the grand finale for Chapter Four, which goes up next week.  Who survives?  Who dies?  You’ll find out in seven days.  Hope to see you there!

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Briella has reached critical mass!

With an earth-shattering kaboom.

I hope Briella lives, she is my fav dragon period. Really do not want to tigers dead but it is a story and characters have to die to make the story go forth. But if Briella dies Shinto becomes sad. I will say Razor I like how you keep people wanting more, I also like how you have a third party in the comic doing things in the shadows to keep the conflict up. Me thinks that there is something bigger going on than the Dragon and Tiger feud, my fursona is a Fox and that Fox girl would not be welcomed around my clan lol. But serious I got my comic team to start reading your story last week and there hooked I hope one day we can have a booth next to yours at a con lol. Looking forward to the next page.

Wow! Thanks for the recommendation, and I welcome your friends to our readership. I hope they continue to enjoy what they see. As for conventions, if you look to the right of the comic, you’ll see a heading titled “Conventions,” so if you find yourself at one of those events, come find me in the Artist Alley. ^__^

I’d ask who died, but the list of survivors might be shorter.

Well…*Redacted* and *Redacted* stand the greatest odds of survival. While *Redacted* and *Redacted* probably stand the greatest odds of being killed off.

Ultimately what it amounts to is how much of a sadist Razor is.

And that is why you kill someone and dont loose time talking about how much you hate your enenmi XD … I dont know if the 3 tigers survive, dont see much like that but I have my hopes on the other 4… and is that Kilani?

It sure is. She knew her way out. Felt good to draw her again. ^__^

I can taste that

*Stands safely outside of the kalira with Chuck the talking RC*

Chuck: Think anyone survived that?

Me: No. Or maybe.

Razorfox: You’ll just have to–

Both: we know.

Me: *Starts loading his AA-12 Custom [Drum mag and Red Dot Sight] for the in case situation as well as loading his P99*

Razorfox: You sure like your guns do you Zuruck?

Me: Yes. Yes I do.

Chuck: I still question whats in that rucksack of his… Could be a whole damn arsenal from 1939-2012! [2016 in MW3] What do you think Razor?

Hey Razor. Ever wanted to chat with your readers live? I got a site I dont use much. Would work perfectly as a place to chat with the readers of katbox, as well as the other artists. However the only kibk is, I’m the administrator of that site. But you are welcome to join in order to talk to me. [I feel like I trust you and the other artists enough]

you realy know how to make me change my mind all the time! first your voting for one side to win and the next week your vote for the other side!
think im gonna quote the GLA worker from Command and Conquer generals ”Cannot we live in peace?” XP

“Briella used Explosion!” “Wild Rula fainted!” “Wild Naisha fainted!” “Wild Kenzi fainted!” It’s super effective!” I believe there was a pokemon joke a few pages back, but this page deserved another one XD at least Bri got the blast she needed to make the crack big enough to escape through ^_^ also that is an awesome effect on Briella, it does actually look like she is releasing all power stored within her in one concentrated blast without just showing a large blast of light with a small shadow in the center representing Bri. It’s the details like that that really show that the artist is dedicated to not skipping corners with their work. Nice job Razor!

briella = 9001 power 0.o””

I would venture a guess that it’s well in excess of that. ^__^;;

I am really curious what light spectrum it was … only visible colors? Or more wide spectrum from infrared to utraviolet? Or maybe was it also gama radiation? Can light dragon communicate in radio frequencies?

Too many questions … i really need talk with Briella 🙂

Hell one could make a light saber, so I’m not shore how wide there spectrum is.

Seeing this page makes me wonder what be the end result, i do hope not all is about to be dumped into the comics body bags section, with Bri who is my favorite character, would be quite a waste, including the tigers as well ( and leave the bad one alive, Kess, urg )

It’s good to see Kelani though, and would be interesting if she could help Bri get out alive, as an possible latter point for talks. It’s clear, both sides hands are soaked in blood, but i don’t see why this could not be subdue ( and have still an amezing and twist packed story )

Visuals, 6 stars and a full moon ^_^

Stupid cats, had they followed Kilani instead of agreeing to cast her out they could have been living it up with her in a nice flowery tree. Instead there drugging it in that cave with an abusive beater.

You mean dealing with Briella isn’t bad enough?

Bri used self destruct. Find out if its effective…. next week. XD

You know looking at it I have to say no with you Razor. “My Way” by Limp Bizkit is not the best soundtrack for this page. I instead offer “Master of Light,” by Monster Magnet, mainly because Briella is a light dragon and a master of light, and in the lyrics it says “life’s a big explosion.”

Talk about an explosive temper. Briella has star level skills, but push her hard enough and she really shines. She really is ‘da bomb’. I mean, talk about a stellar performance.

Okay, the pun is over, now time to be serious. Another excellent comic. Just when I have think I have your plot pinned down, you rise above my expectations, which are pretty high by this point. Keep up the good work.

We may have lost some tigers, but look on the bright side…

Wow, thanks! I’m honored and humbled by your high expectations. I just want to tell a story that I personally would find exciting. Glad it works for you, too. ^__^

I think panel 2 dictates that the song for this one should be: “RIDE THE WILD SURF” (1964 – movie directed by Don Taylor. With Fabian, Shelley Fabares, Peter Brown, and Barbara Eden.)

This is actually really sweet, for Caroline to teach Rexley how to read. Even if her motives are self-driven, it’s a nice thing to do.

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