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Comic 295

Comic 295 published on 89 Comments on Comic 295


Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

The lesson here?  Don’t sneak up on a frazzled cook with a knife.

Those of you looking for a soundtrack to this page can continue to pull up “Some Nights” by Fun.

I’m really sorry about how long it took this page to be produced, but I thank you all for your patience.  As you might’ve been aware, upon the launch of this chapter, in an effort to provide myself with a bit more flexibility for outside projects, I decided to scrap regularly-scheduled updates, and go to a system where pages would be posted as soon as they’re completed.  This would call upon you, my faithful readers, to check the site regularly, or to follow me on social media for announcements on page updates.

I’m happy to say that I’m ending this little experiment, and that The Draconia Chronicles will return to regularly scheduled updates starting Monday, August 27, and every Monday thereafter.

I know the staggered update schedule has caused a bit of frustration and disappointment for you all, and I’m really sorry for that.  At the risk of sounding selfish, though, the reasons for going back to the regular updates are largely personal.  The weekly updates provided a firm timetable for page production, including milestones that I had to hit by a certain day each week in order to ensure that the page got done on time.  That gave my days and weeks a good amount of structure, and I became pretty disciplined.  All that has fallen apart in the past several weeks, and I’m really not liking it.  In spite of how I come across in public–rather free-wheeling, as those of you who recently met me at Otakon found out–I’m actually a pretty straight-laced guy who prefers a routine rather than just letting my whims dictate what I do.  I need that structure back.  It cultivated a rhythm for comic production, and that rhythm seemed to create some enjoyable music for you, in the form a reliable, weekly comic.

So both for my sake and yours, The Draconia Chronicles will return to Mondays.  I would have made it this coming Monday, but I can’t really do a comic in 2 days.  So next Monday, August 27, Monday updates return.

There will be much rejoicing, I’m sure.

So with that, it’s back to work on the new page, and you and I both know exactly when to look for it.  See you then, my fellow Draconiacs.  And thanks for your patience during this little experiment.  I really appreciate it.

Take care, and thanks for reading.



Aaaw, poor Xhianil =(

She might accept a hug. Make sure she's not packing a knife first, though. 9_9

Is that Flare in the final panel? She sure has changed since the flashback!

Um, I think that's Xhianil you're seeing in the foreground of the final panel. Flare's is Xhianil's blond friend in the kitchen. And yeah, she's changed a bit. It was a couple years prior.

My memory is pretty bad as of late. Where was Flare's first appearance in the Draconia Chronicles? I don't really have the time to look through all 295 pages at this point in time.

This flashback sequence is her first official in-comic appearance, although she made a cameo in Kess' flashback on page 277 [link]. She and Xhianil made cameos in the 2004 calendar story, but their characters were never actually explored in any way whatsoever. This is the first time either one has gotten any significant face time.

Its partly a releif that youre back to regularly scheduled pages, normally when comics do that, they end up getting lax in updates ^^;

Structure support stability ^_^ and poor xhianil, always so stressed D:

Oh, on a side note, I dont suppose you caught the comment on the last page about a possible fanwork from me? ^^; If you didnt, basically I need to run some stuff by you and get some questions answered if thats okay, and to do that, kinda need contact info ^^;

I always welcome fan works. My contact info is at the upper right of the page, including email. I'll be happy to answer any questions that I'm able to. ^__^

And Lady Red already knows what is wrong. Sign of a good leader to know your people well enough to be aware of what their faults and triggers are. Doesn't make up for making Briella hunte tigers through the sewer, into the Calera, and almost torn asunder by said tigers. However, I may be biased on that point. All else fails, Xhianil can go back to being a cook.

PS. Welcome back to a structured, scheduled life. Though I personally didn't mind the unscheduled updating, so I am glad to hear that it is at least partially due to personal reasons.

It is, and not PERSONAL personal. I just came to realize that I didn't like it and I felt like I was coming detached from the comic. I was afraid that if *I* felt that way, you all must feel even worse! So I decided that I needed that structure and that rhythm so that I don't abandon my baby. ^__^

hmmm~, back to monday~monday eh, well, thats fine by me :). structure in work is always good to have ^^. anyways… i get this odd feeling, that if Xhianil manages to join the hunting squad, a stealth sneak attack wouldnt be the best way to go xD heck, a normal attack wouldnt be a good way to attack with her charging:P but yer making this interesting, Razor, thanks for that 😉

I wonder if the broom's wood adds any smoking flavor to the shwarma… also… poor, poor Xhianil. She needs a hug, A big ol' tight hug.

Maybe the then-Palace Guard will have some kudos for the shawarma flavoring. The broom bit was a very last-minute add to the script. Since shawarma is usually shown turning on a vertical spit, I needed a vertical heat source. So jamming two halves of a former broomstick into the hot coals beneath seemed logical. This is also the reason I went back and added a mop to the background. They can still clean up, in case the Ministry of Health pops in. ^__^

What to do with a "loose torch" with anger issues? Give them the equivalent of a "Letter of Marque" and let them wreak havok on the enemy. Since it's been made clear that HRH Oscura has no intentions of establishing diplomatic relations with any Tigers in the foreseeable future, she dosen't have to worry about political fallout from any…"excesses"…said Dragons might take in the field.

Very true, but there is a clearly stated objective for the mission at hand. Lady Red might need team members who can keep a cool, level, rational head.

hey razor fox can i ask questions to you on gmail

You can, but I'd rather you use my Katbox address. The link for it is to the right of the comic.

I did. I'm still thinking up answers. ^__^;;

I just noticed Xhianil took Flares tatoos sometime after her death. Interesting and shows some level of obsession. Hmmm. Good work Razor

Hmmmmmmm……. *Eagerly sits next to Oscura with a face of contemplation*

Oscura: Is there a reason your sitting ne- *interrupts her*

Me: Shut up and wait or I use you for target practice using a personalized M4A1 equiped with an EO tech sight, Masterkey, and extended mags with nearly 20 of them to spare. Oh and a five seven with extended mags with 12 extra mags. Plus I'm wearing bullet/magic proof assault armor in the heavy tier.

Oscura: Fair enough *gulp*

Razorfox: Overkill much Zuruck?

Me: Yes. Very. *Smiles deviously*

So Kess killed Flare?! That's even more of a reason for me to see Kess's stuffed head mounted on the wall!
Thing is I do feel for Xhianil I do. But she's more of a cook than she is a warrior. Her actions in the training hall is proof of it. She doesn't deserve nor does she belong in the battlefield.
Really is there anyone that doesn't have a blood feud ageist someone?
… Well maybe the kids.

I hope lady red falls in this story, no… she better fall… don't need to die… just a bit ruffed up, like 4 lost limbs, or something… don't like that dragon, gief blue i sa, blueeeeees! and maybe some tiny tiger girl, yeah, i can go for that.

hey razor fox i got some notes for you at furinfinnity

I see it. Share, baby, share! ^o^

Ok please explain to me what is hapening
is this a flashback
why is flair (i think) crying
Was the last page a flashback
Who is comeing in
why is xhianin answeringing when she says flaie

Well, if you read back on the three previous pages, I think it might clarify things. Guess I need to do a better job of spelling things out clearly in the comic, but if you go back and read, things fall into place a little better. The story needs to be taken in doses of multiple pages.

In case you don't feel like reading, here are the answers:

– Yes.
– Flare isn't crying, but Xhianil is.
– The previous two pages were also flashbacks.
– Lady Red (shown and addressed by name three pages back) is the person coming in.
– Lady Red is asking if it's about Flare. She's not calling Xhianil "Flare."

If you're still confused, please go back and read some more of the comic. This is an ongoing saga of a story, so virtually every page will reference a previous page somehow. I'll try to make things clear through characters providing exposition, but there's a certain amount of effort needed from the the reader, too. That's what makes this so much fun–that you, as the reader, are rewarded for your attention and loyalty if you keep checking in and look for clues in neighboring pages. I'll try to do a better job spelling these things out, but I can only go so far. Give it a shot and I think you'll enjoy it more. ^__^

Ok ok now it makes sence.
i thought that the bottom two were one peice and that lady red ahad come in to the kitchen asking for flair and xhianil answered making lady red think that she was flair so that she got picked not flair
Thanks for the explain

First off, Welcome back!

Secondly, D: *looked back at a link posted in the earlier comments* So…THAT'S the reason for Xhianil's rage at Fuegana 🙁

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