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Comic 319

Comic 319 published on 197 Comments on Comic 319

Hello everyone. Avencri here!

It seems things got a bit mixed up here at the Katbox and a defective upload engine mixed up all the comics.

My cast ended up in Draconia… which means that the war is totally non existant since there is not a single tiger in The Eye. So dragons win by default?

At least Mayte and Zaira seem to be enjoying the whole ordeal. And they are giving those censoring slugs a huge workload. I just wanted to thank Danny for being so helpful with sharing some of his art resources for this gag. Originally i had just censored the girls with mosaics but then i was told that the slug was a better candidate. And they were so right about that. XD

Might post the slugless version sometime in the future for the heck of it. But being honest, the censored one is way funnier.

Also… i came to terms with Mayte´s tail design. It was a unintentional design choice that i didn’t catch until someone pointed it out to me. XD

Best of luck everyone and be careful with what you read this day. Pranks for everyone.



So I don’t suppose FA will have a version without the slugs?

Hmmm, so in this world dragons actually have naughty bits to see without clothes. And let’s not forget the oversize tail on the water dragon as well as other predominant features. Interesting.

I had to censor her tail… even if the result was accidental. XD

Hey it’s probably the best use for the tail. Aerodynamic flexible the shape can be used for a rudder and a knife of sorts. Stinger is out of the question to hard to move the flat shape against currents but the flexibility is perfect for its current design if you think of the dragon as always in the water.

Who’s the black dragon? i don’t remembe rher from ramalach

Her name is Zaira. She is the one that helped the crew cross the desert.

u kow, i never saw that tail as anymore then a cover for a spine, same as a scorpion until u said that, now thats all i can see -_-

Y first guess was that but it made no sense to have that part of her there. But being a water dragon a stinger is very hard to use and actually had for their swimming. Now if it was one of those dragon tails with sharp edged pincer it would make more snse but still not very usefull so that leaves eggs.

wait! Kimi’s gone?!?

Kimi istead of him.
thats a good frikin plot twist.

I guess she is one of the Nekocat spirits now, probably as Kya… I have to admit that I didn’t expect she would become so… that quick. :'(
I also thought Maya would intervene at the last moment to fullfil the Nekocat’s destiny. I was so wrong.

I basically said so before that happend and someone said to me “dude that’s dark waaaay dark” but I was on the right track sadly so

Nekonny, are you prepared for the faboy and fangirl tears that will come of this?

Have to deal with it because not every story has a happy ending

The problem is that this is a complete tone shift from literally the entire rest of the comic. From the beginning, Caribbean Blue has been a lighthearted fantasy adventure comic, and an ending THIS dark just doesn’t fit.

This is all IMO, of course.

Ever read “Bezerk”? Or even watched “Wreck it Ralph”? There’s no law that says that tone can’t change in a story. It’s too early to pass judgement on whether it was a good idea or bad.

There’s a difference. Even from the start, Wreck it Ralph had a decidedly somber tone despite its quirks and humor, with both Ralph and Vanellope trying to defy their expected roles in their games despite everyone else telling them that’s impossible. Plus, the Cy-Bugs were established as an ominous threat well enough that their arrival at the climax makes sense.

This…This isn’t like that. Yes, Jorumgar (or whatever his name was) was established as a threat from the very beginning. Yes, Kimi’s death was admittedly foreshadowed (One of the first things we learn about her is that she has a “destiny” that makes her having a life with Nekonny impossible, and as much as I hate to admit, Kya DID say that the Hammer drains the user’s lifeforce). But even with all that, the actual nature and execution of Kimi’s death just seems overly dark and even cruel (as I outlined further up the page).

Don’t get me wrong, I still like this comic. I’ve followed it for years. I’m just disappointed by the manner in which it seems to be ending.

But apparently this isn’t quite the end, so maybe this will change and the conclusion will be satisfying. I hope it is, at least.

Nekonny, be ready for the cat sisters. Now that Kimi is out of the way, they will stop at nothing to have you. Maybe they’ll stop if the bell somehow turns you back into a human, or a nekoboy, or maybe a nekogirl, for a last page gag.

no i dont think they will there going to give him time to console himself with the one he loved that he lost, and that would be what they thought they bell could do was to change him back to being human

Human, or nekoboy, or for a nice little send off for the fans, nekogirl. :3

Seriously? You want this to end on a fanservice note?

Uh, no. I bloody well wouldn’t. It’s a terrible idea for more than one reason.
1. This tonal shift was jarring enough, you want it to do a whiplash-inducing mood swing from this to LOLSOWACKY GENDERFLIP FANSERVICE?
2. The comic deserves a better ending than that, we don’t need an ending so cheap just because you want some extra fanservice shoved in last-second.

Called it.. knew she burned off her life’s energy to do that hit wish i was wrong about her dying, at least i was wrong about neokonny being dead so he becomes the physical protector of the bell?

secondly is that rust on the bell?

Nice plot twist! We all knew something like this was going to happen….GREAT JOB NEKONNY!

How is it a nice plot twist if everyone knew about it already? XD Stop peeking at the script! D:

Haha ever since the guardian said that Kimi loving Nekonny would only lead to sorrow we knew something bad HAD to happen…I just did not know it would have been this epic:-)

Can anyone tell me where the characters got their clothes from? If you all recall, they were in animal form when they got their upgrades.

From the looks of it, a local tourist souvenir shop.

Hey Nekonny, you planning on doing any other series here on the katbox after this? I’d personally like to see a prequel comic of how Tina, Nekonny, and the third girl who’s name eludes me all met, how their friendship started, and the events that led up to this comic

Yup! After CB I’ll be rebooting my original prequel comic which used to be called “TinaOnLine” under a new name. Although, that will probably be as a 4koma comic though.

I remember Tina Online. Your art has improved big time over that. I don’t know what a 4koma comic is, but are you going to do another story or are you going back to the type of one shot ‘shorts’ that you did before?

I wonder… if Kimi had known Nekonny was alive from that hit he sustained, would she have held back just a little bit of life energy from that mega hammer attack to keep herself alive afterwards instead of using it all?
For all she knew he was dead and was going to take out the monster even if she had to kill herself in the process, one to destroy it and two be with Nekonny in the afterworld.

So in other words, she essentially died for nothing. Lovely. ;-;

Not exactly, she died protecting the island, that’s not nothing. She died protecting her friends, that’s not nothing either.

Still, if the above implications are true, then it means that, more or less, Kimi intentionally killed herself out of grief, died believing she had failed to protect Nekonny, and will never know that he survived. That’s just cruel and even a little meanspirited, especially for a comic like this.

I agree, as her death seemed rather sudden and it didn’t really seem like it fit the story all that well. It was probably hinted at earlier that her death was possible, but if it was, it wasn’t very well.

it sucks when a good comic comes to an end

But its always best to go out while you’re still on top.

Why?! I just finished Katawa Shoujo and I see this. I’ve never felt so overwhelmed in my whole life. And I’m laughing like a psycho while this happens. Somebody… Help…

Wow. Seriously? Kimi gets killed off? For no actual reason? Let me take a wild guess, last-minute pairing of Nekonny and Maya coming up so room had to be made?

Well, there was enough of a reason for her to do what she did; her body just wasn’t able to take the strain though.
That wasn’t a exhibition battle (like say, WWE), Kimi meant serious business.

What indication was there even that she was friggin’ dead? And in a way, it was for nothing because Nekonny was alive and she sacrificed herself for someone who wasn’t dead and thus she wouldn’t be meeting in the afterlife. And like, really, she got power after power handed to her and the ability to kill that thing without killing herself wasn’t one of them? This doesn’t even fit, nothing in the story was this dark up to this point. It clashes so hard with the tone of the rest of the material. I don’t know who’s been writing this, I remember you once saying somewhere that you haven’t written it for quite some time now, but I’m gonna come out and say it, whoever has been is monumentally bad at writing.
And no, seriously, I’m gonna be so pissed if he inexplicably ends up with Maya, especially since that’ll show a big out-of-story reason why Kimi got killed off. Or if he just ends up with everyone.

Well. Okay. Are we going to at least get Maya’s storyline concluded in a satisfying way? Hopefully one that doesn’t involve her being paired with Nekonny?

I’m still more than a little frustrated by the way Jormungandr’s defeat was dealt with, but it’s a free webcomic and the only money I’ve been giving you is whatever your advertisers pay you per view, so I suppose I don’t have any right to expect anything more. At least there was some form of repercussion for it.

WHAT!? NO!!!!! that is so wrong!! that is not even right for poor old Nekonny

you got that right pal

this better be a trick! i mean litterally this isnt funny, he waited all this time to be with her to have it taken away, i hope when he touches that bell she will be revived

As bad as the writing has gotten by this point, I highly doubt they’d be dumb enough to sink to the lowest common denominator and have her come back to life after something like this.

Would they still be called ‘kittens’? If Nekonny’s a man turned cat, and Kimi’s a cat turned Nekomimi, would the children be born Nekocats, or just cats? Or maybe the neko gene’s recessive and they’d be human if Nekonny and Kimi became anthro again. Would the offspring be able to understand both human and cat speech?
Man, so many questions. *takes another bong rip before passing it*

Nekonny has always been great at surprising us. While I still think that the big bad went out too quickly, the one and only Nekonny has a plan:-). They still need to try to bring Kimi back. As long as it is climactic and involves effort on the parts of our heroes i am good:-)

Wait a minute… It could be that Kimi gets returned to this world by the other spirits for her sacrifice! I mean, the other girls survived the battle, but they didn’t die from using all of their life force. That kind of a sacrifice could influence the others to bring her back. If something is powerful enough to transform living creatures and summon weapons from nothingness, it should be able to bring a person back. (That, and the real Kimi isn’t dead anyways. A few panels back, it shows that it’s just a tv show or something acted by people. So no matter what, she technically lives!)

That wasn’t canon; it was on April fools day:-)

…………………… this had better be a fals lead and kimi is realy alive but is in like a coma or something!

Pretty much what I had expected, at least the part with Kimi dying. In Norse mythology, Thor did slay the Jörmungandr, but only walked 9 steps before perishing to its venom. This sacrifice is probably what was needed to finish Jörmungandr for good, since every previous Nekocat had a chance to “live out their lives” — meaning they didn’t finish the job.

I didn’t expect Nekonny to survive though, I had figured they would have a happily ever-afterlife.

Why are people saying this is a plot twist? No it isn’t. This was pretty much spelled out for us before the battle started. The other spirit said that after they do their duty they die and turn into spirits. She accepted that pact when she became the Neko-Cat to save everyone. The plot twist (and in a very predictable and bad way) would be if she came back to life right now through the power of love or some other shitty plot device that is always used to make a ‘happy ending’… happy ending tch, more like sappy ending.I hope he doesn’t renigg on the death and makes it permanent. IMO that’d make for the better ending. For one thing the guy wouldn’t be married to a cat. It’s not all that bad either because the neko-cat spirits can physically manifest, it wouldn’t even be one of those “I’ll be alive in your heart.” type things they can literally appear and interact with living people.

And for everyone giving the guy shit because he decided to give a melancholy ending to HIS story, back the hell off him. It’s his story, it’s his characters, it’s HIS way. When fans have too much input the story’s take a wrong turn. Just look at Dragon Ball Z for example. Gohan was built up to be the hero a passing of the torch, it was decent writing and it was built up over the course of the entire story. Just when it seemed like there would be a final death for Goku the fans demanded he come back and take care of everything. That’s why the Buu Saga is so simple minded and terrible, too much fan input. It would have made for a much more dramatic story if it ended with anyone else taking down Buu, even if it had to be a team effort. Personally I would have liked to see Vegeta’s sacrifice pay off, and for Gohan to realize he’s got to be responsible for the world. In both Goku & Vegeta’s absence and become the master of Goten and Trunks meanwhile training himself for the next threat. That would have been much less old-hat.


Seriously, I really do agree with your opinion. I mean, I don’t mind that plot device in SOME things, but in a story like this it’s unnecessary and ridiculously predictable if it happens. Which would be a shame.

I don’t mind fan input, but the story is by the writer, not the fans. There is a saying:

You can please some of the people all the time and all of the people some of the time but you cannot please all the people all the time.

Except that it was previously stated that literally ALL previous Nekocats survived their mission and were allowed to live out the rest of their lives after defeating Jormungar, so why does Kimi get the raw deal outside of “drama”? Plus the idea of neko spirits being able to physically manifest doesn’t really mean much when you remember THEY CAN’T LEAVE THE HAMMER CHAMBER, much less the island.

Great point! Do you think Kimi’s spirit will be treated any differently from the past wielders? I also think your ideas sum up the reason why the big bad died so easily…he simply was not prepared for an everything-in-one attack since no one had attacked like that before.

Also remember that there is only one guardian at a time….To think that Kimi will be alone in the Chamber for who knows how long….jeez

Plot twist or no, this is a terrible climax. The style of the art and the way everything is done does not fit this end at all. Even if we knew it was coming, how many times has the death of the beloved been done? And this is not satisfying OR fitting.

The way this comic is done is bad for where you guys wanted it to go. It’s like pairing Clannad’s artists with the writers from Gungrave. It doesn’t work. Nekonny, your a great artist, but when you tried to bring all of this serious business into such a light hearted art style and attempted to make what I think the writer wanted to be an epic but quick conclusion, it derailed from what it was and you wound up with a bad flow. Something like this only works if both the writing and the art style match up. Not only that, but the mood wasn’t there either and mood is key to making it a flowing comic.

In the end, you get a bad result. It doesn’t make logical sense to have it work this way, because you had something that didn’t fit into this criteria. The humorous vibe. Take that away little by little and you might get what you wanted, even if the art style is strange for this sort of thing. That or you need that sort of screwed up humor and shock value that just literally messes with your viewer’s head. Pulling a trump card this late with this much impact makes it a hollow blow that can be forgotten.

All together, you started with a story that had a very light and funny feel to it that didn’t take itself too seriously. You had this for a long time and all that light heartedness are great! However, you tried to change it into something else far too quickly and far too late for it to work.

This isn’t the end, so I expect there is going to be something that changes a few things after this. One of those things has to be pretty good to turn this around. If your gonna go back to the feel before where it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Not to sound like a fan girl, but it would be pretty sweet to see a happy ending to all this somehow, even if your not going to go back and redo things.

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