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Comic 340

Comic 340 published on 118 Comments on Comic 340

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.  Welcome back!

I’ll let the comic speak for itself.  And if you need a refresher on what’s led Kilani to this point, check out the last comic page to jog your memory.

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “My December” by Linkin Park.

I want to thank you all for your patience during this hiatus.  I would have kept the comic going, but I was running atrociously behind with the 2014 Draconia Chronicles Calendar and decided that I needed to devote my full energy to get that project done and keep it from getting any later than it was.  I also want to thank fellow artist and one-time collaborator Jen Starling for her valuable assist on the calendar by providing some awesome shading work!  Be sure to check out her own webcomic, Tales From New Winter!

I also want to thank you all, my fellow Draconiacs, for once again setting a sales record for the Draconia Chronicles calendar series!  To help prevent lateness, I am actually already doing preliminary work on the 2015 edition, which will commemorate the comic’s tenth anniversary.  I’m determined to have them ready to ship by November!

Otherwise, it’s back to business as usual.  Another page is right around the corner, so keep an eye on my Twitter feed or the Draconia Chronicles Facebook page to stay on top of updates!

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



HOLY COW!!! This escalated quickly!!!
I actually had to go back a couple of pages and was surprised to see how fast the time passed with the scenes here. I truthfully thought that there would still be some dialogue between the tigers before this would happen.

Good eye on the passage of time. I made sure to use the sun’s position as a makeshift clock for these scenes.

Yeah, nice touch there RazorFox
But you know, there has been one thing that has been bugging me. If I recall correctly, only nine of the tigers know of her betrayal. Couldn’t she simply hide out/conceal this from anyone else, assuming that she doesn’t stay with the same nine or something?

Waiting for the new page with baited breath, hoping to see a resolution to the conflict between estranged sisters Kess and Kilani…and finding my favorite character attempting suicide.
RazorFox, why do you do these things to me? TT_TT

I ask the same of those who’ve driven Kilani to this point.

I am about to share one of my greatest fears with you all, so please don’t judge me for the way I feel. sometimes I go to bed wishing that I could be in the worlds that these very comics portray, like I could vanish from existence and reappear in the world of these comics with my body anew and strange. I wish all the time that it could happen and if it does then I would count myself among the luckiest and richest people in the world. but because that isn’t able to or isn’t likely to happen, my heart goes out and aches with the void of despair. if the characters in the comics die, and the comic ends, I would feel alone, like the thing that I value above a river of gold, has just been washed from memory. a piece of me acts out my depression and I go to a feeling of emptiness, like I no longer desire to hold my will to live. that is my fear.

I know that feeling sometimes I go to bed wishing to wake up next to a hot android GF and my (once) all too ability to one handed swing a 6Ft long 60Lb. sword would be useful in my job as a monster slayer. at the very least you get no judgement from me. I know that feeling all too well. that the world just isn’t enuff/ isn’t what it should be. so don’t feel too alone you got us kindred spirits out there feeling similar to you.

Noooooooooo somebody stop her! Is not so bad!

She might need some heavy convincing to believe that.

Well then somebody had better get comfortable. Heck, Oscura kinda OWES her, since if Kilani hadn’t adopted Lumina, there’s a good chance she’d be dead. And yes, I’m well aware that she will likely never accept that. But really, the only thing Kilani is really guilty of is being a decent person who’s tired of other people dying. There’s worse things to be guilty of.

KILANI, NO!! D: KESS, STOP HER, FOR PETE’S SAKE! ;AAAA; Turn around, you’re her sister, you just implied a few pages ago that you really don’t want her to be killed, TURN AROUND! ;____; oh god, I am literally in tears, Kilani’s one of my favs, and for once I am hoping to god the dragons come and tackle her or something just so it can stop her from doing this!

Well… Hm. This is most certainly an interesting update! You’ve done an absolutely amazing job with the coloring, shading, and the mood setting with the purple. It looks great how the first three panels are actually all one large background, with the purple deepening as we see deeper into her depression, then see what Kilani’s doing. All in all, absolutely wonderfully done with the visuals. And… …. Kilani’s contemplating suicide? The expression is perfect, and the lines showing her shaking? Lots of emotion in that single picture. Really looking forward to seeing how this all plays out! … She needs more hugs!!!

NOOO!! Dont do it!!! Kilanni remember your dream. if you die it dies and both tigers and dragons are doomed!!! REMEMBER YOUR DREAM!!! REMEMBER CHUKI WHAT ABOUT HER!!! Seriously though nice to see an update and a whammy at that. good job.

You know what the best/worst part of this is? Major characters have been killed off before, so we all know it could happen again. Although I believe that was before Razor started writing this, so maybe he won’t do it? Maybe? ;-;

Lemme haver lemme haver!!! No rags for tigers to play with. better to hide a baby bump

I’m sure Kilani would appreciate the sentiment.

Lets just say its a good thing i have a thick hide and thick fur, semi claw-resistant and hides the claw marks from a tigress in the throes of delight. Now if only one like her would decide its better to let go of the past and move towards ones future, avoidance of possiblities removes ones chance for incredible wonders.

True, a pregnant tigress is a beauty only compared to by eternity, wonderous and everlasting, giving birth to endless possiblities and fun for as long as you hold out your arms and open your heart and mind. A pregnant tigress is nto something you can tame or claim, but claim her heart you can with your own words and actions, give her your own heart and soul let her claim you as her mate, let her claim your heart as the one she deems worthy to join hers to bear many litters.

Who knows maybe theres a wolf hiding nearby watching them, waiting to pick of the most emotionally weak one to treat her as a wonderful gift and a treasure to be adorned and groomed and held as often as possible?

Perhaps, but any wolves in the Draconiaverse would be regular feral wolves. Dunno if they’d get along with Tigers.

Mayhaps a male direwolf bred with a sad tigress and created a rare Tigolf/Wiger hybrid and its just previously undiscovered. It’s sensitive to sad emotions and is very nuturing and loving, more of a spiritual sensing creature than anything qute feral. Maybe we should join minds and cross a few pages with one of the books im in the middle of writing?

Kiwanis should not do this if every tiger and dragon would open there eyes then there could be a chance for peace but all it is, its not a war for wining, its a war for revenge

Killing off Kilani would make absolutely zero sense in the current state of the story. You’ve already got an upcoming plot event in the dragon search party, so your plot isn’t stagnating; there’s no reason to kill such a central character at this point. In other words, spoiler alert, Kilani doesn’t kill herself.

Unfortunately for Kilani (And fortunately for all the fans) I highly doubt that piece of fabric will be able to hang her. It would likely break the moment her body weight pulled on it. Of course it might snap her neck, but as a previous warrior, her muscles would probably prevent that. Sorry Kilani, you’re likely out of luck….. Well, not like you’ve had much luck ever since the Dragons found you with Chuki.

Err, that’s not a noose. That knot will not tighten around her neck to strangle her, and I doubt it’s properly measured to snap her neck…

Did not really see this coming…. Realistically, this is the absolutely last option I would consider, but then, Kilani seems to have reached that point. However, I will wait for the Deus ex machina conclusion to this one OR see if Razorfox goes that route and gives us another fatalistic ending. Good one, RF. Nice soap opera twist.

…DUDE! I come around, see “happy new year” on my tab, and then click “newest” to see this.
Not. Cool.
…Okay, the art and emotions are really nice, but man, does the sudden blue hit like a 25-kilo hammer to stomach.

summoned by the darkness of the impending grave Grind smokes up from the ground “so sure you are? Shall I take this then?” The darkness swirls about the auld death snake and forms a giant hand ready to catch or pluck the self doom from her perch.

I’d rather live and die as a traitor than live with my soul stained with the blood of an unborn baby who was cowardly murdered by my hand just to be the known as the hero of the tigers as well as being praised by my b**** sister and her sidekicks. Besides i wouldn’t be surprised if Kilani commit suicide because great people die young.

That moment when you realize her dying would majorly put holes in the future of Dragon/Tiger relations.

she doesn’t believe what she’s saying or her hands wouldn’t be shaking. I get the feeling that even if she does start to hang herself something will happen i.e. the dragons will attack the party and she will respond to that, the rope will rip because that branch does look thick enough to support her, or it’s her the dragons saw and they swoop in and stop her since the queen wants her alive. then there’s always the possibility that she has that one light of hope thought that makes her not want to go through with it.

okay i am new at this it is on furinfinity

All you need to do is go to the page where you’ve posted that picture, copy the web address (URL) from your browser’s address bar, and then paste it here. It’s very easy, and for that matter, that’s how you share links anywhere on the web. Just give us the address for the page.

Otherwise, if you can’t post it here for whatever reason, please tell us what site it’s on (and be sure to spell its name correctly), and to tell us what exactly to do once we get there. Don’t just tell us that you posted it and expect us to magically find it automatically. You need to give either its address or specific instructions on how to find it. Telling us you posted something doesn’t mean much unless you can actually show it to us.

yeah i am planning making more 3d animorph models
most of the time i do 3d anime stuff than 2d

Cool! Well, when you do, just post the link to the page by copying and pasting the address from your browser’s address bar–the one that probably begins with “http://”. That’s all you’ve gotta do. Save us all some work and just plop the address here so we can all enjoy it, just like I did below. And please use the “Reply” button, too. No need to add a whole new thread every time you want to say something on a previously-established topic.

Thanks, and good luck with the forthcoming models! ^__^

How do I change this so that it won’t show my name?

What well actually happen is that the dragons come swooping in all the red’s fire off at once straight at Kilani, yet she had just dropped down. Leading to the fire burning the tree the rope and her fur a bit. Kilani lives for now just singed and in chains being dragged back to the queen to die in front of her precious chuki.

Exile Vilify By The National
Exile.. it takes your.. mind.. again.
Exile.. it takes your.. mind.. again.
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Does it trouble your mind the way, you trouble mine?
Exile.. it takes your.. mind.. again.
Exile.. it takes your.. mind.. again.
Oh you meant.. so.. much.. have you.. given.. up..? Does it feel like a trial?
Does it trouble your mind the way, you trouble mine?
Now you’re thinking too fast like you’re like marbles on.. glass…
Vilify.. Don’t even.. try..
Vilify.. Don’t even.. try..
You got.. suckers luck.. Have you given up? Does it feel like a trial..?
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Does it feel like a trial..? Did you fall for the same empty answers again?
Vilify.. Don’t even.. try..
Vilify.. Don’t even.. try..
Vilify.. Don’t even.. try..

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