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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! published on 41 Comments on Happy New Year!

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Happy new year, and welcome to 2014!  Big thanks to fellow Katboxer Nixie Seal, creator of Anthronauts, for contributing this spiffy filler for the new year, featuring a shoutout to the hottest in-universe trend amongst young Dragons, My Little Dracony.  Flashbang (courtesy of Generation 17‘s Ethan Qix) puts on a little fireworks show for Nixie’s original Dracony creations Tetrissa and Rainderp.  Be sure to check out her delightful sci-fi adventure webcomic, and let her know RazorFox sent ya!

Click here to order the 2014 "Draconia Chronicles" Calendar!The Draconia Chronicles is on a brief hiatus while I finish up the 2014 Draconia Chronicles Calendar, which you can still order!  This year’s theme is “If They Were Human,” where you’ll see many of the comic’s current stars done up as humans from a variety of times and cultures, and you can still get it for just $17.00 plus $5.00 for worldwide shipping and handling.  Place your order now!

Well, back to work.  Thanks again, Nixie, and thank you all for a great year, my fellow Draconiacs!





LOL wow, where’s the bronies?

Anywho nice to hit first post again, lets see lots more of them sexy tigresses wet or not, preferrable they are dull-clawed if i chase one down as a late night snack. Im feeling hungry enough i could eat a whole Tigress.

I’m wondering just what exactly you mean by “eat.” ~__^

If thee merely asks, then thine query mayeth be attended upon. For thine respondence of thy query, I mayest say to thee: For morals of greatest treasure have mine heart, one must as well seek within thine soul to knoweth what it be thee truly desires. For mine eyes have set upon some of the most fertile and supple bodies worthy of heavens greatest fame, never before hath i dreamt’ of such fine pelts with which i care to lay upon mine bed. With care doth i plan and to heart it is meant, for the ladies of which i see within this realm i do profess a need most deep and stirring. Tis more than a mate for which i quest, tis a quest of mind and of soul. If i mayeth be so blunt as to request an appearance of one dear lady of velvety fur and delightful markings before me i would bow not only to her, but also to take her hand in mine and ask her to honor mine hearts request to be the only one for whom i shall apply my givings of heart soul and body. (Eat as in devour her and ravish her upon all sense of the romantic meaning, to be in her “fur” more or less is to be betwixt the sheets with her and please her in ways only read about in books of old, for her to put fresh claw marks daily upon her headboard and soreness only a woman can smile about.)

Wooooooo bronies!!! 😀

We accept you.
We accept you.
We accept you.
One of us.

One of us, one of us
gooble-gobble gooble-gobble
one of us, one of us…


Welcome to the Year of the Pony! ^3^

(shotgun) say that again…

Gladly! Welcome to the Year of the Pony! ‘D’ja hear it this time? ^__^

Wheres the cast page update, its been a few years. Maybe we can check it over soon while your updating the comic in a little bit.

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