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Comic 342

Comic 342 published on 53 Comments on Comic 342

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Has this been the moment many faithful followers have been waiting for?  Has Kess finally turned the corner?  We’ll find out…

Those of you looking for a soundtrack to this page can pull up “Rooster” by Alice In Chains.

My apologies for the delays on this page.  A combination of a convention, a class project, and an illness all slowed me down.  I’m happy to say all three are now behind me, so it’s all comic work for the immediate future.  Thanks for your patience.

And a big thank you to all who came out to say hi to me at Katsucon on Valentine’s Day weekend.  The weekend was particularly memorable as it was my twentieth Katsucon–I’ve now been to all 20–and my one hundredth convention overall.  Big ups to all the toasts and salutes I got over the weekend for reaching this double milestone, and for making this the best Katsucon I’ve attended in years!  Unfortunately, my biggest souvenir from this year’s Katsucon was a bad cold that apparently affected hundreds of fellow congoers.  I’m better now, but it knocked me on my ass for a few days.  It’s a small price to pay, though, for such a momentous occasion.

So are we witnessing a transformation in the Tiger everyone loves to hate?  Stay tuned…

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Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



How do you figure the dragons could tell the girls apart? not like they got their name in dragon tattooed to their butts. maybe the dragons all grab one each and carry them a little ways and drop them in mud puddles (since a tiger cant swim in mud or hide in it), till they figure out which one is their quest item? I could just see it now a tiger vs. dragon all one on one how you tell which would win, tiger claws can pierce just about anything including most dragon hides, and dragons got their elements and long strong tails and claws, yet still tigers are very quick. So its a wash to guess right now which would win if any, I would say they all go off live for a while come back in ten years when they have matured a bit and everything should have sorted it out by then. I think maybe that’s what is going on with the Alpha Luna comic. Though i will say this, I may not see a female dragon as copulation material, but they dont seem to be as sexually appealing to me in the way a tigress is.

they were given a physical description, hair length, color, kind of broad shoulders, and some have even fought before during the jail break. they have a name to go by. they could throw it around until someone reacts

Adam’s got it right. Lady Red mentioned Kess by name on the previous page, identified by her blue do-rag. I created Kess 12 years ago, and believe it or not, I’ve never once drawn her without it. I have a rule on her that she is never to be seen without it on. Who knows if I’ll ever change my mind. ^__^

True about the do-rag, but in a tussle there may be a little loss of cloth and things might get a bit hairy and with all the claws and fur who is to say there wont be confusion? I am sure if they say her name in the dragon tongue not many would recognise it unless its used like the Japanese do with some names that dont translate over and its easy to distinguish and yet I still think they would all respond to a point when hearing the dragons saying Kess’s name.

Well razor you just keep playing with our emotion don’t ya. Something depressing last page, and now a sudden bit of hope… why must you torture us so! You already killed a beloved earth dragon(way back in the comic yeah I liked that character :)) and now a loved tiger wanting to die. Also wow you really know how to keep thing interesting.

The amount of ways that this can go so wrong is stressing me out right now o.O

Theres no doubt now, with Kess’ group doubling back that their gona run into the dragon party, man we may have another fight on the scale of of comic 48 a bruin…and it’s making me feel excited and worried at the same time.

excited cus it’s been a while since we’ve seen a dragon vs tiger fight, worried cus I don’t want anything bad to happen to Kilani but ya know she’s gona be the central figure in this thing….
), :

well either way awesome page as always RazorFox your definitely keeping us on our toes
( :

+1 for Shie, i would probably ask for death too in this theory.

Shie’s no dummy. She’s wise beyond her years.

Tall, muscular, AND wise!?

Oh, Kess, thank *god*! Yes, please, go find her, talk some sense into her or *something*! Preferrably before the dragon party looking for all of you swoop down and things get hairier.

Also, Shie is quickly becoming a fav character of mine 😀 She’s a good overall voice of reason, and she’s grown since her wild warrior days before the capture. She even regrets killing Azure (if I’ve been reading and remembering this correctly, since Azure was the one carrying Lumina’s egg). And whoa, Ennek and Rula giving each other dirty looks xD It’s your and Kenzi’s fault, gurl, you knew Ennek was gonna lose her patience with all the teasing *sometime*. Just turned out sooner than later, haha.

So Kess is now going to her sister’s aid? After everything that she has said? Well, I guess late is better than nothing?

On somewhat of another note, I’m surprised that Shie is being the rational one. I don’t know if it’s the whole cliche strong woman appearance that I’ve seen in several mangas, but she seems to be the most rational of all the tigers thus far.

That’s been the idea throughout. Despite her size, I want to portray Shie as the most cerebral of the bunch.


Would somebody answer that phone?


All joking aside, I did mention a while back that blood won’t easily turn on blood.

Blood is just a means of transporting nutrients throughout the body. Nothing more, and nothing less. My (former) uncle took piss poor care of my grandmother in her last two years of life, and the whole time he was living in her house, and off of her, and the governments money. When my mother and I went to see her for the last time, he, my mother, and my grandmother were in the bathroom together, because my grandmother had broken her hip she could not go by herself, and he said to my mother, “Debra, you just shut up, you don’t speak when I am talking. Now this is how we take care of her, it’s a real pain in the ass. We pull her pants down, sit her on the toilet, and if she pees herself, we just wipe her down, and throw the washrags in the bathtub, because we don’t have time to deal with it, since we have to take care of HER.” I heard the entire conversation over the baby monitor, and my mother told me that during this time my grandmother was sitting on the toilet with her head down, like she had been kicked. The next day, when we were at the hospital, the nurse told my grandmother that she was no longer a patient there because of her sons attitude, and you could tell by the look on her face that she was absolutely mortified. After that, my (former) uncle and I, got into an argument about his behavior, and afterwards he decided to stay in an expensive hotel on my grandmothers credit card, for the duration of our stay. Not only that, but when my mother went into town to buy groceries, she saw his truck at one of the local casinos. “blood won’t easily turn on blood” please, don’t make me laugh with that idealistic nonsense. It takes a hell of a lot more than mere blood ties, to be able to call yourself family. It’s not a title that you are simply born with, it is something that you must EARN. After all, Comrade Stalin left his own son to die in a German POW camp, and if it were not for the fact that killing other humans is illegal, I would have painted my grandmothers home with my (former) uncles brains, the second after she (unfortunately) passed away.

so now kess sees what kilani’s dealing with at the moment, and is going back to at least prevent her from taking her own life. I’ve dealt with depression long enough to know that this is what she needs, someone to make sure she doesn’t make a mistake that would end her, and hurt everyone around her. wow, do I have the feels for this current storyline.

Doesnt matter whom they spot, its about who’s stripes they want. Just dont change to the “LitterBox” 5.0 everyone else is moving to, nothing against the creators of katbox 5.0 just dont like the layout.. I like to see my fav comics snuggled up next to each other like a happy family for me to click on and check every day and see whats going on.

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