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Comic 346

Comic 346 published on 53 Comments on Comic 346

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Looks like Kess had made her statement.  Will Kighan respond in kind?

Those of you looking for a soundtrack to this page can continue to pull up “I Predict A Riot” by Kaiser Chiefs.

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Back to work on the next page.  Even I don’t know who Kighan will pick because I haven’t written it yet.  I’ll be just as surprised as all of you when she makes her decision.  Stay tuned…

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Now things gonna get messy!

Fox, I’m curious, as far everyone knows, each kind of dragon that you made control one of the prime elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Lightning and Light. So, why not made Wind dragons or Dark dragons?

Good question. My story’s mythos never really had a need for Wind Dragons, though Fire Dragons might be able to influence air currents by changing the ambient temperature. And darkness has been shown to be a power of Light Dragons, as evidenced when Briella went one on one with Kess, and Briella was able to darken the room.

while we’re on the subject of magic; is there necromancy in the setting?

Alas, their magick cannot bring back the dead.

Then I imagine biomancy (life magic) is out of the question.

Too bad, looks like these tigers will be needing some healing and the occasional buff to strength, speed, or something other physical aspect would explain how the Tigers have lasted so long against the dragons

(yeah, I am all for giving the tigers some sort of magic and letting them have healing/buffing magic fits)

Hoo-boy!!! Charbroiled Tiger may be the main course.

If they keep misbehaving, Chef Kighan will have to make it into a seven-course meal. ^__^

How about a meal of those foxes manipulating the tigers and dragons? I’m getting truly P***ed off at them.

I’m thinking we need a little ‘side-line’ view to see why they’re doing it (aside from the obvious removal of two predatory races that could easily feast of foxes).

Why does she think it’s a good idea to kill one of them, that’s a terrible idea. Also what’s Kenzi over there remembering? A long lost encounter of some kind, or just storing information? Also, “All Aboard the Lady RedXSaph ship train, last calls for the Lady RedXSaph ship train now leaving the station”.

Well, it looks like a certain dragon just earned some personal time with one of there heroes. *wink*

Joking aside, I have to say that I’m actually shocked that one of the earth dragons is shocked that she blocked. Granted, I understand that they wanted to hold back there powers, but did she really want to have one of their dragon comrades actually die? And I’m not too surprised that none of the dragons have encountered an earth dragon…well, except for the one that has a suspicion.

Didnt expect a rock to block it. And i was expecting them to be more hum observant ( sorry for the hit on the 1 eye tiger ) of the color of a dragon. After all, they encounter a light one in the cave. So, seeing another different color one would probably mean a different ability. Anyway, now they know but might be too late.

Rock block, indeed. Who knows what other tricks Saph and her pals might have up their non-existent sleeves? ~__^

In a series of books I’m writing, a race has similar powers and encases peoples feet in ‘material’ to hamper their mobility. When that race wants to kill, opening a hole beneath them and closing it on them works wonderfully… as does encasing them in rock.

Betcha Kighan’s gonna go for Kess, since she was the one mouthing off and all XD. And now even more shit hits the fan! owo/ I also see what you did there with the ref :3 Also, go Saph! I’m glad she didn’t let Eone’s words hold her back for long.

Are you trying out something new with the inking? If you are, I like it very much.

Saph rocks (i love her expression) and i hope she keeps rocking. Too bad for Eone 🙂
As for Cabbage, i always knew since the beginning that she will lead her team to destruction.

And just how do they expect torching one of the tigers (lethal or not) to help them communicate?

I mean, Kess already threw an axe. That’s pretty much sealed as far as the stripeys are concerned, and reciprocation from the enemy will only solidify their opinion on the matter.

Well, if you throw a punch, and the other guy hits back harder, then that’ll probably discourage you from throwing anymore punches, wouldn’t it?

Or it’d convince me to make sure my next punch won’t allow a return.

Come on, now. History records ‘throwing punches’ has never convinced ANYONE to cease violence. The ONLY things that have convinced anyone to stop fighting has been victory or defeat.

That’s why wars don’t settle anything unless one opponent is utterly removed from the equation.

I am beginning to wonder one thing though… how in the world have the tigers managed to keep from a total loss against the dragons?

The dragons have too many advantages:
1> mobility; dragons fly and tigers walk, dragons not effected by terrain and can gain altitude to avoid tiger attacks.

2> ranged offense; dragons have ranged powers, tigers are limited to throwing their weapons (I have not seen ANYTHING resembling archery or any other projectile weapon).
3> ready weapons; dragons never have to worry about ammunition (well, the earth dragons may to a small degree), but tigers have ONLY what they can make and carry.

The ONLY advantage I’ve seen for the Tigers is the are better at melee combat and the dragons’ advantages negate that very often. Tigers have some chance if they stay where dragons are restricted (forests, box canyons, ect.), but they are dead meat if caught in the open.

Am I missing something, here?

Wow, some of these comments are 13 days old without getting the next page.

It’s coming along. I should have it done by Monday. Sorry for the delay! ^__^;

it’s okay. I commented on it because it’s so unusual for this comic.

I’m reading another comic in which some of the comments are 22 days old and it’s common for comments in that comic to be 14 or more before the next page. Obviously, that story-line is progressing extremely slow, but the art is not exactly ‘top-of-the-line’, either.

Well, it used to be that there’d be a page for this comic every single Monday without missing a single week. Now that RazorFox is doing other things that take up more time than usual, the once-a-week thing had to be put aside in favor of getting the same or even better quality comic pages out. It’s actually been this way for quite some time now. I personally don’t mind the long waits, and I don’t think you should either. Just be patient. This comic used to have two people on it, and now it’s just Razor. On top of that he finds time to go to conventions, taking classes, has a day job (I do believe), and he’s just recently begun coloring his pages along with trying out new stuff with his art style.

It’s quickly becoming well-worth the wait for each page, and at the very least Razor does give everybody some updates through patreon and the comic’s facebook page. If there’s gonna be a longer-than-usual hiatus because of whatever, he lets us know. Pretty good tradeoff for an erratic schedule, if you ask me.

I don’t mind it much at all. This is a very high quality comic (at least, compared to any others I’m aware of) and that quality both makes it worth waiting for and the wait hard.

Guess a good story-teller can never tell enough to satisfy his listeners/readers.

I hope Razorfox realizes I wasn’t criticizing him. His story is so good, I’m not sure a twice-weekly schedule would satisfy me, but rest assured, I will be waiting.

oh, and the quality of this comic is enticing me to learn how to convert my books to a webcomic.

It’s also telling me I have a hell of a lot to learn about making that webcomic. It will be a long, loong, loooooong time before it actually hits the ‘net.

Hey razorfox do u or any other authers have plans for possible future comic u or the other authors might or might not be making if not still love all the series on the site especially draconia wonder who she’s going to pick

Im still a tad lost. Why is the queen sending lady red and her group to hunt khilani in the first place? And that whole caldera thing- did both races lose a huge number of people in a mututal slaughter, and now both sides are afraid of the place?

Queen Oscura’s got a few things to get off her chest on Kilani, who abducted and held her daughter captive (or, as Kilani would view it, rescued and raised). As for the Calera, it once again proved itself to be a confusing and cramped collection of caves and caverns that makes it hard for either side to fight effectively while saving their own. Kess and company should be glad there weren’t more Dragons in there. ^__^

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