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Comic 347

Comic 347 published on 92 Comments on Comic 347

Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

So, ummm… yeah.  That happened.

Those of you looking for a soundtrack to this page can pull up “The One I Love” by R.E.M.

This page took longer to produce than I wanted it to, but I thank you for your patience.  I hope it was worthwhile, as I’m thrilled at how the scenery came out, and how the last panel worked out.  Hope it was worth the wait!  Next page won’t take as long, I hope. Remember that you can get a first-hand look at work-in-progress pages and even see new pages hours before they’re made public by pledging your support via Patreon!  Just a few bucks per page gets you neat perks, and some neat new incentives are on their way, too!  Thanks in advance for your support!

And with that, it’s time to get back to work on the next page.  Will the Dragons be able to get who they came for, or will the Tigers mount a counteroffensive?  Stay tuned…

Take care, fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Well they kinda asked for it.

It’s what you get when you play with Fire… Dragons.

i can pretty much guess whats going to happen next. shie isnt dead.
she’s just critically wounded. and when the dragons ask for kilani
again, the tigers still say no. and right when thier about to finish off
shie. kilani arrives and steps in. trading her life for shies and the
rest of the tigers. how accurate am i razorfox?

??? I’m wouldn’t say the dragons gave them much choice.

Violence is how these two races think when considering each other and that thought over-rides all other options.

Remember, these are not two little kids fighting over a toy in a playground. These are two races that have been fighting each other for so many generations, the memory of WHY has been lost and any attempt at peace is trampled quickly and efficiently on both sides.

yeah. but if any of them had any brains or common sense they would relize violence doesn’t

help at all. if they only realized the old human saying ”you reap what you sow”. ”force answers force, war breeds war, and death shall only breed death. to break this viscous cycle one must do more than act without any thought or doubt” – kahn from the video game metro 2033. the ”someone” in this case is kilani.

i can pretty much guess whats going to happen next. shie isnt dead. she’s just critically wounded. and when the dragons ask for kilani again, the tigers still say no. and right when thier about to finish of shie. kilani arrives and steps in trading her life for shies and the rest of the tigers. how accurate am i razorfox?

My lips are sealed. Yup, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. ~__^

i see. well razorfox. its good to see how far you’ve come in this comic despite delays. i really like this comic. hell, i love it. but thiers just one thing i would like to ask you about. when i first saw this comic. i quickly got the idea you were making. dragons and tigers fighting an endless war to destroy each other. with neither side being completely bad or good. (damn good idea). yet as the story went on, i began to notice that the dragons are actually more evil. for example: the dragons say they have a queen, yet from what im seeing, she’s more of a despot then she is a queen. a hardened shell of anger, never showing any good emotion. and if thats not bad enough, she imposed a law on her people, that tells who can and who can’t have children, just so she can continue raging this war. not to mention what she did to gaia and the fact that she’s trying to turn her own daughter into a weapon of mass destruction. and that is only the queen. the tigers never did anything like this….at least not yet.

All I’ll say is that there’s plenty more to Queen Oscura than has met our eyes yet. Maybe we’ll find out when she learns the result of this expedition. ~__^

yeah i understand. but what im saying is that you wanted to make a comic about a war between two races with niether one being good or bad, yet the dragons seem more evil than the tigers. also i apologize for my repeating comments. when ever i try to delete one of my comments it just reappears as ”guest” for some reason.

im judging queen oscura, elektra, red, kighan, chiara, and maybe cinder. seriously. what chiara did to riah was bad enough. but now shie has to get hurt? well i guess thats what she gets for killing azure. however, i can only imagine how much regret and guilt chiara, kighan, and oscura will have if they ever learn the truth about azures last dying moments. which reminds me, back when shie said she regrets killing azure, does she know azure was chiara’s mother or does she just feel regret for killing an defenseless dragon?

i can hardly wait. literally. but this war is getting intense. if only humans were there. that way we could just step in between them and be like ” okay ladies look, weve done this before okay. were humanity, we’ve been killing ourselves ever sense we were put on this earth. we know war. we know it more than any thing else. just chill…..CHILL OUT!” – eddie izzard.

but another question i have is about elektra and sombrana. im still pissed that elektra just turned away let gaia die at the beginning of the comic. but sense elektra has a child of her own. i guess i can’t hate enough to wish for her to be killed. imprisoned or tortured maybe but not killed. but the question i want to ask is what is on sombrana’s mind right now? when we first saw her, elektra freed her and then she began boasting on how she going to overthrow queen oscura, yet when we saw her later being sheltered by elektra and her brood. she didn’t seem a eager to take down the queen. i wonder does she have a new plan or is she still planng to overthrow the queen. oh but let me guess your answer. all in due time right? lol. (which i have no idea why she’s trying to do so. i understand why she wants to get revenge on oscura for leaving her to die. but overthrowing her? sombrana can barley manage elektras team, so what makes her think she can manage a whole kingdom. i mean anger and revenge i understand. but im sure the last thing she wants is power)

cool and razorfox one final thing i would like to talk to you about the comic is the delays. plz accept my most deepest apologies if at any time i sound inpatient in this comment. i like your comic alot. its one of the best out of the katbox. but when page 346 came out i was so fraught with anticipation that i began checking the comic almost every single day only to see the same page. (i a big fat guy thats still working to get his drivers license. so i literally have nothing better to do) but believe me when i say that i know what your going through. your busy as hell with all the stuff thats going on your life. not to mention the way you had to make this certain page. drawing tigers from that angle, its must’ve been a bitch. i know. i both understand and respect that. im not trying to rush you nor ask you to hurry. i am very patient and i can wait. hell, ill wait a year if i have too. the only problem is that i don’t how long i will have to wait. i don’t know when the next comic page is coming. so i end up checking the website the next week and almost every day from there on. its a pain to do that, but i also don’t want to wait a month or two and see that im 4 or 5 pages behind. so if you can plz put a date in the description of when the next page may (or may not) be finished, that would be absoutley amazing. again, i am extremely sorry for bothering you about this. i mean no offense, and i mean no need to rush you. im sorry.

Personally, I’d add something about how we never forget what we’re fighting over. Our longest official war took 100 years to get sorted out but we never forgot that a French king should be on the French throne.

*facepalm* my mistake. but still, its not that they need to know what thier fighting for, its that they need to see how damaging war is. ya know when i first saw this comic. i had a weird idea in my head. an alternate ”what if” reality if you will. my idea is, that this comic does take place on earth. but what if the dragons and tigers weren’t the first species to exist there. what if billions of years ago, way before the war started. humans lived on the same planet they are on now. and that the humans destroyed themselves through nuclear war, and that female lizards along with female tigers were mutated into the creatures we see in the comic today and not only that. but some humans survived and are not happy with what they found. but again its just an idea of mine. one that im more than happy to let razor fox use if he eve decides to bring humans into the mix. wouldn’t that be crazy!?

you mean from fallout 3? ah i don’t mean humans that are that powerful. if it were like that, both sides would be easily defeated. especially with liberty prime going against them. no, i was thinking about humans that are in our modern age. the age were in now. no lazer guns, no robots. although i do believe it would be okay for them to have the same armor as a B.O.S. soldier. when it comes to the shelters. i was thinking they would go into stations similar to vaults, only instead of taking shelter in them. the vaults have cryo pods that they used to go into a hibernation sleep when the bombs fell. i would say about 40,000 humans survive and only about 5 or 10 of them have actual guns, and even with those, they have very little ammo. i was thinking more of them would have home made pneumatic weapons. ya know. weapons that use compressed air instead of gun powder and instead of shooting bullets, they shoot harpoons or sleeping darts. similar to the weapons in metro 2033 and in metro last light. besides, if anything. im sure the humans or thier leader at least would try to help kilani end the war peacefully. sense ya know, humanity’s last war pretty much, well……destroyed the world. but the humans would have communication. small way radios and maybe a truck or two. they would definitely have bombs and flame throwers. just to show the dragons that their not the only ones that can breath fire. lol. their main base would be were the vault is. and the vault is in the unnamed mountain near the borderlands. right in between the dragon and tiger territories. now you may be asking. how the heck did 40,000 humans go into one vault? that’s because they didn’t. the truth is. (get ready for a long read) ”the vault started out with only 40 or 50 people. but when the vault opened and they saw this tiger and dragon war going on, instead of reveling themselves. the humans chose to hide in vault and think ”oh this war will be over in a 4 or 5 years” (sense that’s the natural time length expectancy of human wars) however this wasn’t a human war. it was war between two races who have been fighting for thousands of years. it has now been 58 years sense the vault was opened. the 40 or 50 people, have now grown to a good 40,000. they have hollowed out the mountain into a huge underground town/city with multiple tunnels. some with railroad tracks and mining cars (similar to those in metro last light and metro 2033). ever sense humanity came out of the vault shelter, they simply stood by and watched and listened. gaining knowledge on both races. finding out their strengths and weaknesses. and while this knowledge does make them powerful, the one thing they yearn for is peace. the human survivors went into the vault shelter to escape war, not walk into another one. so the remnants of humanity or at least their leader will try to search for a peaceful way to end the war. they will side with kilani if necessary. but make no mistake. humanity owned this land before these tigers and dragons were even born. and they will own at least one piece of it again. no matter what.” so what do ya think? 🙂

What I want to know is, what in all seven hells is Kenzi thinking about? Old foes? Her time as as solider if she had time as a solider? The dragon that killed her mother? Or is she trying to store info for later? I want to know.

whatever connection kenzi may have to earth dragons. im guessing its either friendly or misguided. none the less. what im wondering about, is what the earth dragons think of kighans little stunt. no one way in hell are they just gonna stand thier. if anything they should at least call her out on it.

Welp, Kighan just made my shit-list

SHIE!! ;AAA; Wow, what a way for the sin of killing Azure to come back around for her. Even if she regrets it, karma is still a bitch. Oh man, as if Riah needed more trauma in her life, poor bby D:> It’d kinda be handy right about now that Kilani at least saw THAT and decides to show herself.

Looks like Kenzi finally figured out the Earth gals. I don’t think she would have heard her sister’s account of the failed mission for the Zhirite Claw just yet, so I wonder if she heard of a song from earlier, or if she ever had a personal connection with an Earth dragon. Or it could be she just recognizes Meta, since she’s golden brown XD. Either way, I wanna know what that tiger’s thinkin’! owo

shie dead? come on. a big tiger like that. its gonna take alot more to kill a tiger like that. she may be critically injured. but not dead.

I know Shie ain’t dead, but that doesn’t stop me from expressing my dismay that she got seriously hurt. Shie’s one of my favorite tigers, after all. She might not “pay” for Azure’s life with her own, but until her karma runs out she’ll keep paying for that and other kills in some kind of way.

uh huh sure. elektra stood back and let gaia die and she’s doing well for herself in the waste land. she even escaped that volcano eruption. now azure i understand. what im hoping is that kilani will show up and trade her life for her friends. and when kilani is taken back to the council. maybe kilani can convince oscura to see the truth.

The only reason Elektra was able to get her own brood away is because she was one of the *only* dragons that knew what was going on when every Earth dragon around doubled over in pain following a few small quakes. That bit surprised me, actually, makes me wonder where she got the knowledge from since Aetna’s previous eruption(s) was undocumented.

Yeah, I’m hoping for a real heart-to-heart between Kilani and Oscura. Ideally, I’d love to see a sharing of memories, so Oscura knows from Kilani how Lumina grew up during that time. I also hope the fact Azure *gave* Lumina’s egg to Kilani eventually comes to light. Oscura’s gonna deny it up and down, but thanks to Azure’s decision Lumina was able to be hatched.

she doesnt care how she grew up. if anything oscura wouldve wanted kilani to return the egg to the dragon kingdom. instead, she took the egg to raise as her own. probably because she thought the egg belonged to azure. so she didn’t want the egg to be motherless.

wait a sec, who’s Azure again???

azure is chiara’s mother. what makes azure so special is that, when lumina was still an egg. queen oscura gave azure, red, and a few other dragons the task of escorting the egg to a safe location. however, on thier way to that location, azure and her group were ambushed by kess and her gang. while the other dragons were killed and lady red escaped, azure was stabbed and fatally wounded by shie. the tigers took off, believing her to be dead. but she was still barley alive, soon kilani arrived, long after the tigers have taken off. when she see’s azure, instead of finishing her off like most tigers would. she ends up trying to help azure. azure, seeing the kindness of a tiger for the first time, accepts her help. but its too late. azure is unable to carry on. but before she dies, azure hands over the egg to kilani and her last two words she says is ”show them”.

ive kinda been gone for a bit, is Chiara the queens daughter?????

uh. chiara. the dragon that took away riah’s eye? (riah is the one in this page with the bandage over her head.) chiara, is the one that helped lumina when the volcano erupted. she’s also the one that has been assisting the queen in purging any bad memories in luminas head.

Shie?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhh!! Now thats the reason I requested my comission at last years AWA. Maybe I will be motivated to make the fanfic for it. “Hideous muscles?” go chew neutronium scaley!! X[

I want to show the “Big cats” like Shie as being the most desirable by male Tigers. This, however, does not jibe with Dragons’ idea of beauty.

man. screw the dragons way of beauty! besides when you start living in the wildlife, your body begins to change on its own. so its not like she had a choice right? also razorfox, did you get my last comment about the delays…..ya know. on second thought forget it. no need to bother you about it.

We can see too much of Shie for the hit to be direct in that blast – of course, it’s possible that a blast that hits/injures most of the tigers without actually killing any of them (Even if that’s Kighan’s intent) might be more effective in securing the tigers’ forced cooperation than killing one but leaving the others unscathed – hitting them all/most takes the fight out of them, without necessarily triggering the desire to avenge the slain one that would rally and make them more bellicose and likely to fight to the death against the dragons, instead of cooperating.

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