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I don’t think Clair is Looking For a Group at the moment. I suspect she isn’t aware of what it means or even the process.

Thankfully, she just incidentally introduced herself to a couple people who could help her ‘do it right’.

Of course, blinding one and slamming her door into another’s face aren’t the best ways to introduce one’s self (she needs to work on her presentations a bit).

Maybe she should talk to Richard (though he’s busy right now)

I’m going with Villain.

Agreed… somewhat. It looks like Dante will be a recurring encounter, but I’m not sure about the ‘villain’ aspect. She definitely does not seem like a loyal team mate at the moment.
As if Sesame needed problems right now.

yeah, Dante seems more like an antihero/foil for the protagonist…much like Fortinbras is a foil to the titular character of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet or how Darkseid is (in my opinion) the perfect foil for Superman….or is it Lex Luthor? ah whatever, I like Darkseid more than Lex.

Oh, hey Claire. Welcome to this world, or universe, or whatever. Also, get ready for what looks to be a severe beating in the making from Sesame.

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