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Now, I have to admit one thing. Clair grasped what actually happened a hell of a lot quicker that most people would. This goes to demonstrate she has above average intelligence and adaptability.

Poor Sesame, all she cab do is lie prone and moan. I guess she’s not accustomed to forcefully receiving large metal objects directly to the face.

Also note Clair seems to be a fair bit larger than Kibbles. Possible due to good nutrition. She also seems to be in pretty good physical condition. I suspect she exercises quite a bit.

743… AE? After what? Something tells me the year means absolutely nothing to Clair.

Judging from her questions, it very well might NOT have transported her through time AND space. After all, she could have transported to a planet outside her experience (or even known to her culture) or she could have time-traveled to a time in the far, far past (or future).

Let’s just say she is unlikely to get any technological help soon. LOL

Her talk about this avatar in simulation thingie makes me wonder if Claire’s is the “real world” and Evyr is just The Matrix 😮
Aka whatever happened when she stepped into her machine she just hooked up / logged into “The Matrix”.

Actually, I think the authors of the comic said that Evyr is not an virtual RPG world. In other words: it’s real.

Yes, the line about being an *Avatar* in a *Simulation* was meant to explain that the world of Evyr is just as real as Claire’s reality. Though also to prod that people were suspecting it was a Game or even a Matrix-Like-Simulation. Granted it was a writer’s error on my behalf for the first previous 13 pages and not establishing that properly (previous game jokes were just jokes!) . Things will clear up and you will all see how Claire’s Time-Line and the world of Evyr tie in along with what ‘AE’ means. 🙂 Anymore and I will be giving away the plot!

Oh well, so much for that theory. Still, I always feel humbled when the author(s) take their time to answer little ol’ me directly x3
I guess we’re all back to guessing whether it’s a completely different planet/dimension, her own planet/dimension in a different time, or if it’s even a different planet/dimension in a different time. And if it’s about time, (pun unintended) then is it backwards or forwards in time from Claire’s perspective? :3

Something that always bothers me with the idea of NOT traveled through time AND space: the Earth is moving in orbit to a Star that is orbiting a Black Hole that is trying to escape larger Black Holes orbits. If one is just moving through Time and Not Space, they would almost certainly not ‘land’ on Earth. At the least if there would have been a repeat of Earth’s location in the universe, we have yet to reach it. The universe is just that large and with it’s expansion orbits are only relative markers not a measure of absolute location.

That said: if she were traveling only through time, it would most likely be an alien world she’s landed in. Sector Gamma Colony IX =! Evyr
If she was traveling through time and relative space: Sector Gamma Colony IX == Evyr
If she was just traveling through space: Sector Gamma Colony IX =! Evyr

If she were randomly traveling through time and space: she could be anywhere and anywhen ~_^

Sorry for the relativity rant.

back to the future!!
proto! to the delorean!

we’re boned????

It’s a bow to decency. Better than saying the 4-letter word which says they’re having ‘very intimate relations’.

Damn, I thought of something and it won’t let me
‘unthink’ it until I put it in…

“AE” could mean “After Explosion”. Maybe Clair’s deportation caused severe damage to her world… her entire interstellar culture… 743 years ago.

Gravedigger wants you to know, THAT IDEA IS GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you. as an alternative… her deportation shifted her planet ‘elsewhere’ where they no longer have communication with the interstellar community.

Since studies have shown 700 years without humankind on earth is enough to remove all evidence of humankind except things like the pyramids, this is an interesting thought.

Yikes doesn’t seem to be good for poor Claire I must say D:

I’ll say. I was reading the cast block again and found a new entry for Clair. It includes this quote…
“She tries her best to make sense of things and fit in, despite not having a formal class or any fighting experience.”

It appears Clair doesn’t have any martial arts training, after all. Guess the author DOES pay attention to the comments (or I missed this the first 5 times I read the cast)

Next quest: Finding the Super Cell! =^^=

I don’t think any of these gals is a “shrimp with a rack” or Latino. There do not appear to be any sphinxes or chimeras in this party. I doubt they’ll find any Nazi U-boats in this realm.

Maybe I’m referencing the wrong webcomic, here.

Which ‘Super Cell’ are you talking about?

Old Nintendo reference, The Super Cell was the battery used to power something or other in one of the Final Fantasy games. (This might be a corrupt reference as I am also getting it from the Captain SNES comic). Long story short, I’m referring to the ultimate battery…

Shrimp with a rack?!? >Oo<

My reference for it is another webcomic. The “shrimp with a rack” is a latino girl who stands ‘4 foot, 13’ and (last time she mentioned it) her cup size was “J for JEEEZE”.

She was called a ‘s-with-r’ by another character’s VERY solid conscience. That other character later found out she was a half-sphinx.

Since then, there have been a chimera, another sphinx (librarian), several demons, and a assortment of mythical and legendary creatures… all afraid or adoring of the ‘s-with-r’.

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