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Kibble looks so cute in the 3rd panal :3
I hope they become great friends anndd when will we see any guy charrs lol

SPOILER: Page 20 will introduce the 1st of 3 male leads. 🙂

And we all lost a little of the excitement we built up for ourselves, how dare you D:

Lesson learned, sorry about that. I didn’t say which male character it would be or how, so there is still some intrigue I hope.

I’d prefer the raccoon archer as another foil for Sesame’s attitude. By that time, Clare should be sufficiently dazed by her new situation.

I’m looking forward to meeting Clare’s teacher/mentor. It should be VERY interesting to see his opinion of Clare’s tale.

Will he be old enough to know what happen 743 years ago or at least why the calender is anchored on that event? Would he know what was before that event or how people lived before the event?

Of course, maybe Sesame or Kibbles could answer that question, but would Clare think to ask?

We already saw one: the owner of the bar Kibbles damaged with her ‘accidental’ fire spell.

Plus all the guys in the bar that Kibbles roasted and Proto has a plug-in, so he is ‘technically’ male. Although curious what is so wrong with having female protagonists? Las Lindas has a primarly female cast and it’s the most popular webcomic here.

most of the protagonists in Game of Thrones and Firefly are female and I don’t really mind.

there is a reason for it. Most of the things you mention are fantasy themes in one form or another.

Fantasy MMORPGs have found the vast majority of female avatars are run by male players (much higher than the % of players who are male) and the vast majority of female players run male avatars.

It rather makes sense. You’re talking hundreds of hours of looking at the backside of your character (the standard view for most MMORPGs). A male player would much rather watch a ‘girl wiggle’ than a ‘guy shake’, and the opposite for female players.

Not too fond of Claire’s attitude so far.

Really i kinda like it even so look at her bio she has been an outcast and made fun of by others. Sooooo she has a bit of an attitude cuz maybe she just has been through a lot.

I over analyse charrs and ppl way too much xD

OMG! Caught up and I love it thus far. Consider this a favorite of mine, since one of my other favorite Anthro series is kinda… dead in the water.

Sequential Art?

hey, keeping any webcomic going is a rather difficult task. Somebody once read some of the books I’m writing and suggested I’d convert them into a webcomic (she teaches computer graphics), but her description of what was needed kinda quailed me.

I can understand, and the artist for Catena is working on Luci Phurr’s Imps. So I cannot complain too much. I hope they do get back to Catena. I really miss the style it has. Also you are writing a book awesome.

I’m liking Claire even more along with Kibbles. Sesame……..mmmmm…..meh.

I have a suspicion it’d be rather difficult to NOT get along with Kibbles (and look out if you don’t).

She’ll be the glue to hold this menagerie-of-a-team together.

I’m wondering why Kibbles hasn’t at least offered to heal Sesame’s aching and sore body. I wouldn’t really be surprised if Sesame declined the offer, though (for some strange reason).

Maybe Kibbles should just cast the healing spell without telling Sesame she’s about to. Boy, would that freak Clare out (weather she mixes the spells or not).

Awe that’s adorable :3

how so? Claire’s attitude stinks more that month old sausages.

They made their amends :3

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