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… I never figured out whether these dragons were wearing very skintight suits or just went around naked.
This just raises more questions.

On the one hand, despite being reptiles they seem to have a bust of sorts that is not only featureless but has that stretch of material in the middle that suggests a covering layer… and now we see a distinct lack of genital features too. Consider also that the ventral scales seem to cut in at an unnatural right-angle around the shoulders.

On the other hand though, there aren’t any other visible lines, boundaries or markers to suggest the edge of such supposed clothing. And of course the whole weirdness with the eggs and whatnot strongly suggests that these humanoid dragons are completely incapable of reproduction. It is almost as though they were golems of some sort… simply made as a race of servitors or the like.


Maybe later comics will clarify this.
Hopefully they’ll also include loads of gore! =D

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