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Kill It with fire!

and bullets

She bought bullets when she bought the pistol (we had to edit it for the oversight).

Okay wait so Kibbles pulled off a spell properly, Claire’s gun actually worked and Sesame hit the thing, but it’s still standing AND poisoned Sesame? I though this was just a rare random encounter not a random mini boss. O_O

If that’s an F.O.E then the poison is accurate. Poison is by far the worst status effect you can get hit by in that game. 350 fixed damage at a time where your max hp is like 500. Even with 999 as your max hp it’s still crazy.

That was exactly what I was going to say.

What we have here is NOT the fore-seen triple-failure, but an unforeseen triple success.

The only problem is the target of all three attacks doesn’t die and its counter-attack WAS effective enough to take Sesame down.

Obviously, Kibbles will not be able to help and Claire will have to show some hidden talent to help.

I think Farron is about to show just how effective he can be. Or maybe somebody else will show up.

can I kill it NOW??

I think Sesame would want you to.

has gaming got so bat pandering to instant gratification noobs that everyoune expects to one shot every mob now ?

Okay dude listen here good. Don’t -I repeat- Do NOT dare to go there! Got it? The comic might be using a bunch of MMO and gaming tropes, but this is no place for some meaningless “Oh my, filthy casuals are ruining gaming.” moments so try not to continue on this line, got it? :/

Anyways this was a joke. Everyone was expecting for every attack to backfire so when all three hit it was pretty surprising.
Also if you remember how easily the king slime got defeated with just one frozen status effect and one hit then two head shots and a fireball does raise the question of what level is this thing. 😀

That or what the level of the weapons the gang is using is? Remember Claire has no clue what she’s doing so if anything she probably bought a gun that had 1-1 as it’s damage.

Good point, but Kibbles has already proven HER spells (even when accidental) do hundreds of points of damage.

In the tavern, her accidental flame aura did hundreds of points to each of the cats around her (as shown by the ‘tags’ associated with the damage).

Sesame has revealed tremendous strength, which adds to damage done with a melee weapon by a warrior. Even a glancing blow would get double digits bonuses.

Unfortunately, we no longer get the damage tags, so we don’t have any idea how much damage is being done.

True though of them all Kibbles clearly did the most damage. Claire’s gun barely looked like it did anything and it was a headshot, which in most games is grounds for an instant crit + Crit bonus

Sesame, while powerful and did hit, probably had her damage offset though. The poison hit her at the same time she attacked, and she kinda looks like she recoiled before actually hitting as a result, so if this has any bearing on her attack….. probably weakened.

Now enough about damage. The thing lived…

I’m more bugged about Panel 6 where Sesame attacks. Her left arm should be holding that blade lower…. Unless she can use it both left handed and right handed that is. Sesame is holding it right handedly in panel 5, and after she’s holding it left handedly after her attack (Mind you, holding it in your left hand does not mean left handed. It matters where the hand is, which is what I was looking at)

Now the blade I can explain.
Sesame is a practiced warrior (at least fifth level in AD&D terms).

In real life terms, you don’t swing a weapon and recover before preparing to swing again. You let your weapon’s momentum set up the next attack. That was exactly what Sesame was doing when she released her sword with her right hand and maintained her left-handed grip. The higher attitude of the posture tells me she was going to next be holding the sword in a ‘cross-block’ or maybe ‘angle-up’ position.

If the Dopple-wrym’s venom hadn’t stopped her, the next panel would have shown her prepared to strike or already striking again with a downward (pear-splitter) cut.

You can thank my time in the SCA for knowing about it. Sometimes, the SCA uses the real, authentic weapons of medieval Europe (which aren’t light-weight, believe me) or very accurate reproductions for demonstrations or training. You DON’T swing them things around willy-nilly if you want to be standing after-wards.

I get that and I wasn’t questioning that part at all. I understand why she lets go with her right hand.

The question I’m dealing with is more her left hand is farther up on the hilt than it should have been. You don’t swing right handed with that much power and end up with your left hand where your right hand used to be. The readjustment alone from that would cause you to lose power on the next slash, where as normally you’d just grip the hilt normally and swing back.

It’s more a drawing thing I noticed than anything, and it was bugging me since with a swing of that power, your left hand wouldn’t move up on the hilt at all during the swing. It’d still be at the same spot.

Caster heals warrior with a curing spell, ranger distracts opponent with several light blows.

last time Caster healed warrior, warrior got incinerated…


yeah, everybody who thought the pistol would shoot, raise their hands.

look at all those liars, he-he.

who you callin a liar??

anybody who raised their hands to say they thought the pistol would shoot.

If I had thought about it shooting at all, I would have agreed with you. It is a short-barreled, smooth-bored black powder weapon.

It would have an effective range (meaning a good probability of hitting the target) just barely beyond melee range. There is a reason the thing doesn’t have any sights on it (they’d be useless).

About the ONLY thing Claire could do with it at the range she was at was exactly what she did… point the pistol directly at the target and hope.

In game context, if I were the GM, I’d be taking a VERY close look at Claire’s ‘luck’ write-up (unless she rolled a ‘natural 20’).

hmmm… a thought for later on.

Clare is a pretty clever gal and knows she is truly out of her comfort zone.

She has just discovered this planet and time has primitive, black-powder firearms. She should be able to ‘arrange’ several improvement (such as rifling, ‘mini-balls’, cartridges, and lever-action or bolt-action mechanisms).

Come-on, we’re talking about an inventor from an ultra-high tech society getting dropped into a very primitive tech society. She would be aware of many ideas and procedures that the smartest and wisest of the present society just can’t dream of.

Her main problem will be adjusting her knowledge to what can be done.

In truth, I envy her. I would love it.

Kibbles, Clare, and Sesame worked as a well-oiled team (amazing, in truth). Problem is, they were not effective and now one of them is down.

Sesame must have felt pretty damn good to see both of her team mates pulled off their attacks. Let’s face it, she’s the leader of this little rag-tag troop and she has just seen them operate like professionals.

Now, her life hangs in the balance and she can’t help.

Ouch! Right on the boob and with a fast acting poison.

is everything boobs with you??

You should ask the artist that.

In case you haven’t noticed, the artist is shrinking them to more… manageable…
size (even kibbles’). I think this is very smart.

The artist has established our girls are good looking and now needs to establish a standard look for each of them.

In every comic I have read (more than 3 dozen at the moment), the characters’ appearances go thru changes as the artist gets a better idea of the characters and gets more comfortable with them.

This artist is no different in that, but is better than most.

If only she had the stronger sword! Go Sesame, get up!

Like the one Dante took?

You know, This would be an excellent time for her to reappear. It fits her profile, except she would wait until the dopple-wyrm is almost dead (and THAT doesn’t look to be right now).

She would use this as a way to get Sesame ‘beholdened’ to her.

You know, I spend more time each day studying and commenting on this comic than I do with any of the other webcomics I read.

That must say something about the quality of this comic and the other comments…


There, something said.

hmmm… Kibbles had the best initiative with Claire after her. BOTH of them had successful attacks (surprise abounds).

Then Sesame and the Dopplewrym had the same initiative and BOTH of them hit. Unfortunately, the Dopplewrym’s status attack overwhelmed Sesame’s resistance and she surcumed to the sleep effect.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the first time Claire has seen magic in action? Sesame’s strength when kicking the pod and her belief in drinking that potion can be explained away, but Kibbles’ fireball can not.
After this encounter, I expect Claire and Kibbles to have a VERY interesting talk. Sure, Kibbles tried earlier, but now she will have Claire’s full attention… especially if Kibbles decides to heal Sesame (successfull or not)

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