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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here

So what’s worse for Briella than being pursued by a mob of angry Tigers?  How about a mob of armed angry Tigers?  Run, Briella, run.

If this is your first time visiting since last week’s update, welcome to the new and improved!  We’ve redesigned the site all the way across, with plenty of improvements for you, our dear readers, and for all of us here at Katbox, including all the contributors and our web team.  Big thanks to SoulKat and Mihari for all their hard work in the sitewide overhaul.  It’s been in the works for weeks, actually, but we finally made the big move for all the comics over the past few days.  It’s much easier for contributors like myself to do updates and manage our content, and hopefully you’ll find it a much easier to navigate the site and post comments.  I’m really diggin’ it so far, and hopefully, you will, too.

Just a programming note: Next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, and so I’ll be suspending the main story to put together a little Valentine’s Day bonus comic for next Monday.  What sorts of chivalrous shenanigans will I be serving up next Monday?  You’ll see.  ~__^

The main story resumes with page 275, due out February 20.  You can make it until then, right?

Also, we’re just under two weeks away from Katsucon 18!  Katsucon holds a very dear place in my heart, as it was the very first convention I ever attended back in 1995, and I’m proud to say that I’ve been to every single one to date, including appearing in every single Katsucon Artist Alley since 1999.  I plan to be there again this year, armed with Draconia Chronicles prints, and accepting commission requests throughout the weekend.  I love getting to meet my fellow Draconiacs face to face, so if you can make it to National Harbor, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC, the weekend of February 17-19, come on in and say hi!  Get more information at Katsucon’s web site.

Finally, as I write this, Super Bowl XLVI has just wrapped up.  I’m always thrilled when my Super Bowl picks come out right, and this year, despite everyone else picking the New England Patriots to win, albeit by a narrow margin, I sided with history and picked the New York Giants.  Last time these two teams met in the Super Bowl, the scrappy Giants wrecked the Patriots’ otherwise perfect season.  I pegged the Giants to be party-crashers once again, just like in 2008, and they delivered.  Congratulations, Giants!

And with that, I am a very sleepy fox.  I shall see you all next week with some Valentine’s Day fun.  Until then, take care, fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!  ^__^



Sex crazed twins? [WHERE?!] Kess roundhouse? [lame] Scythe chucking? [ouch] And now Briella being screwed over by accidental discovery? [Do i feel sorry for her] Is it just me, or does our little brunette Ennek have some problems today? Granted that I don’t kick the living shit outta Kess right now

Oh and Btw Razor. You DO have a cast page now. Start setting up the main characters of this freakin coming! you know how long i’ve been DYING to see the cast?!

Finally… Someone finally thought to pick up some souvenirs. I mean, you visit the Kahlira and only come away with a lousy tee-shirt (which looks good when wet…)? I see that some people are getting avatars now… any more advice?

Soon, good sir, soon. Still figuring out the layouts. The goal is to put up a new profile or two each week with the updates. Who should I put up first?

@SteelTiger: Thanks for pointing that out! When I was on my old site, prior to page 225, the pages were formatted to a 750-pixel width. Katbox uses 700 pixels. We had formatting in place to squeeze them in, but it looks like that didn’t cross over into the new look. We’ll get that fixed up. Thanks again! ^o^

lol i think the twins are right… someone needs to get ennek to RELAX!!! ONE way…. orrr THE OTHER! >xD

Tonight, the role of “One Way” will be played by Rula. “The Other” will be played by her twin sister Naisha. Enjoy the show, ladies and gentlemen! ^__^


You know, I’ve been thinking…I really hope Briellla survives this so she can open a can of Whoop A#% on Lady Red. ^o^

I’m guessing serious permanent injury that she survives and blames on Red.

That might be her biggest motivation to stay alive right now: Revenge! ^o^

Now that I think about it how do these things work anyway because the lightning dragons were able to use there magic even though the tiger group they were fighting had these weapons too. And weren’t some of the dragons also wearing armor as well?

Well, it might mean that the battle might not be as lopsided as some might have thought. Maybe the Tigers are just leveling the playing field. ~__^

So far, there are only three people in the comic I’ve come to respect fully.

1) Tam’syn- Like Kilani, she wishes for an end to the war, and she is the one destined to brind that peace and unity. 2) Kilani- She was disillusioned by the war and the horrors it brought. Not only that, but she spared the life of the one dragon I’ve come to respect the longest. 3) Chuki/Lumina- let’s face it! She is one of the few innocent characters we see in this comic, not yet corrupted by Oscura’s bigotry.

Good idea, except that armor’s heavy. Dragons have to be very mindful of their own weight and what they carry, as it might otherwise compromise their ability to fly.

“I will crush you in the bones of your brothers, and your sisters. I will burn them in the flame of darkness, and destroy all who defy my choices. Child of light, heed my words; you are not who you wish to be, become that which you are, and stand strong against your fate…” -Gavir (From the book i’m writing, looked like it could be relevant to her situation.)

It’s a powerful motivator. Who doesn’t want to stay alive just long enough to see the defeated look on their enemies’ faces?

But then there are those that go completely out of control because of it.

Poor Briella doesn’t want to hurt anyone nor has she, she just wants to get away from those mean nasty tigers.

I’m still not exactly sure where they got the weapons. Help?

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