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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Does Rula see a bullseye on Ennek‘s back?

Those of you looking for a soundtrack for this page can pull up “Tear You Apart” by the aptly-named She Wants Revenge.

Thanks again to the growing number of you who are now supporting The Draconia Chronicles via Patreon!  In almost ten years of doing the comic, I’ve never been paid directly for doing it, and I didn’t expect earn this much in pledges for each new page when I launched my Patreon account.  I am genuinely thrilled!  To all who have pledged, thank you so much!  And to those of you still thinking about doing so, any amount helps fund the comic’s production, and there’s practically no minimum pledge amount.  Every little bit helps!

That’s it for now.  Time to get to work on the next page.  What’s the source of that groan the twins just heard?  We might find out soon.  Stay tuned…

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Well she can be angry about seeing Shie and Riah getting burned a bit but they started the hostility so what were they expecting in return? Whoever is in the bush, good luck.

They’ll need that luck, especially with the mood Rula’s been in.

hey razor fox. its very good to see how the comic is going. with cliffhangers at the end of every page. it really keeps the comic going and keeps people excited and eager. but thier is one thing that has me very concerned. and that is all the stuff thats happening in the story. really, i like how your adding tons and tons of suspense to the comics story. and i can’t wait to see what comes next. but im kinda worried about all the differen’t situations that are taking place all at once. i mean lets take a look at them all. 1. we got fuegana in a coma and xhanil in prison. 2. we got sombrana and elektra’s brood all working together to possibly dethrone the queen. 3. we got princess kirad under pressure from her fellow tigers such as scyde. 4. we have chiara hunting down shie and riah. not to mention vice versa. 5. there is suspicion brewing in me that kighan may have been involved in elektra’s failed mission in the calera, (could kighan have killed some of her own fellow dragons in the calera to make elektra look bad) 6. thiers the situation with the earth dragons black mailing the queen, which im sure hasn’t died out yet. 7. not to mention that the earth dragons still have no idea what happend to gaia. 8. then we got those piss pot fox’s playing both sides of the war. 9. then we got tam, trying to cope with her sisters death.
10. and finally ,the biggest of them all. we have the situation with kilani, queen oscura and lumina that is taking place now. im worried. are you sure you gonna be able to conclude all these situations before the comic ends, god forbid it ends anytime soon. i don’t mean to stress you. i just want to make sure we don’t have any plot holes here.

Shhhhhhh!!!! Will you two tone it down! You give away your position to the sexy lizards! xP

Sounds like there’s about to be a mutual discovery. ^__^

Five internets say they just heard Saph pouting over being given guard duty…

uh dude, thier deep in the woods and saph was suppose to guard the area she was standing in. i doubt it was her the twins heard.

Just for curiosity, how do you choose the soundtrack for each page?
Is random or you really think a lot before you choose one?

I try to pick a song whose lyrics and/or general feel suit the page. Sometimes, this is a song that randomly comes up in my playlist that fits the page while I’m drawing it. Other times, I produce the page first and then find something in my playlist that would work for it. In this case, Rula’s thoughts on Ennek got me to thinking of “Tear You Apart,” and the band’s name is an added bonus! ^__^

Rula, that’s what you get for pushing Ennek’s buttons too hard. And for getting in-between the fight. I’m willing to bed that groan either belonged to Kilani, or to Shie. Ima say it’s most likely Shie, cuz she got burned pretty bad, and the pain’s gotta be gettin’ to her.

Enter Kilani maybe? or perhaps a fumbling dragon? either ones definitely gona cause a scene and I’m sure looking forward to how either parties get out of this particular situation.

Well, I know who’s behind the groan, and I’m not tellin’.. ~__^

Loving the facial expressions on the Terrible Twosome here, and their twin telepathy in finishing each other’s sentences! ^////^

Thanks for noticing the facial expressions! I experimented on these two here, going for a slightly more cartoony look. I’m rather happy with how they came out, and I’m glad you like them, too! ^__^

In truth, Razorfox, you have gotten so good with the facial expressions (and body language), most of us readers just accept the excellence as part of this webcomic.

I know I certainly wouldn’t be able to do even a significant fraction of what you do.

basically, you do so well, we just accept it as the common aspect from you. What you do as a matter of course would be considered an excellent improvement for many of the other comics I read on a daily basis.

im confused Ennek tried to kill her??

It may or may not have been Ennek’s intention, but if you check page 335, it looks like Ennek was aiming for both Kenzi and Rula. Rula managed to dodge.

is rula freakin serious? they nearly got killed by dragons, shie and riah are hurt badly, and yet she holding a grudge with ennek. WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!!?? the ”all the tropes of draconia chronicles” wiki page was right when they said that kilani is the only sane person here.

It’s not entirely unreasonable when you consider the circumstances. I don’t doubt that she’s pissed as Hell at the dragons, but they aren’t in a position to do much about that at present; thus, she defaults to something *else* she’s angry over that they *could* resolve.
Besides, have you seen these two in the comic thus far? It seems that sex is all they ever think about. =/

Dang. I hope the twins make it out all right.

Is it friend or foe? Or future food? We might know soon. (Or you’ll know right now, if you peek in on my Patreon! ^o^)

I find it ironic considering that Rula and Kenzi were pretty much asking for an ass-whupping with their teasing and taunting.

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