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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Sooo, yeah, Lady Red just went there.

Those of you looking for a soundtrack can pull up “Drift and Die” by Puddle of Mudd.

Big news to report, and that’s that, by the skin of my teeth, I’ve been accepted into the Artist Alley at this year’s Anime Weekend Atlanta!  As I announced a little while ago, I’ve decided that doing Artist Alley has become too much of a grind and I’ve decided to retire from it at the end of 2014, concluding a 15-year run with Artist Alley appearances at over 90 conventions.  Anime Weekend Atlanta has long been a highlight of the convention year, and while I was initially placed on the waiting list for a table, they eventually pulled my name and I’m now in.  Despite some initial hesitation, I’m excited to be going, as I couldn’t make this a true “farewell tour” without stopping at what is consistently the most fun convention I have the privilege of attending each year.

So you’ve got your marching orders, fellow Draconiacs!  If you live anywhere in the American southeast and you wanna meet me, this may be your last chance for quite some time.  Fellow Katboxer MasterGodai will be joining me, so if not for me, do it for him!  We both hope to see a lot of you there!

Welp, back to work on the next page.  Has Lady Red crossed a line?  Stay tuned…

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Uh oh. That’s one can of worms Red might not be able to close again.

But if it gets Eone and Meta to fall in line, than the ends might justify the means.

wait just a minute. are you telling me that red knew about gaia all this time? and didn’t even bother to tell eone or meta? ooooohhhh, lady red you are dead! you hear me!? DEAD!

Perhaps it just didn’t come up as it didn’t seem pertinent to the mission. It seems to be pertinent now, though.

it doesn’t freakin matter rather its pertinent or not, they trusted lady red, hell i still can’t believe it. i mean after seeing what that dritch of a queen did to gaia, she still serves her? WTF lady red!? she killed an innocent earth dragon and she just walks it off like nothing happend. i hope eone creates an earthquake and has a rock smash her skull. seriously, how the hell could red do this.

okay first off, yeah scyde did kill gaia, but tigers can’t tell dragons innocent dragons from the rest, not that they care. and she was innocent, because the population control law, was a law that the queen imposed upon her just so she could continue this stupid pointless war. i would rather see a child raised by a peace loving gaia than an war mongering queen just so the dragon can go die in a war. even more gaia didn’t deserve to die the way she did. but as i said, the thing that pisses me off the most right now, was that red knew about it and was fine with it. she needs to pay, just as much as Queen oscura.

Bostonianful- what happened to Gaia is not information that would just be casually spoken about. It’s information that only those closest to the Queen would know. This is shit not spoken openly to anyone OUTSIDE of palace executives. This is a fact used IRL as well when it comes to royalty business. Anyone who knows anything personal from that of the royal family: they can’t just spread the information willy-nilly.

Lady Red probably does not know the full details of what happened, but the ‘rumor’ is that it wasn’t pretty. That is about it from what I am interpreting. So she isn’t just going to use that information unless specifically needed.

even if the people are friends of the victim who was wrongfully murdered? seriously, no one deserves a right to know more than eone and her fellow earth dragons. and now because red kept it from eone, she is most likley going to abondon the mission. rather red knew the details is irrelevent. she should’ve told eone before she even considered recruiting her, but because of that, this missions is going downhill for her. and as for the queen, well eone has a little dose of black mail that protects her from any threats she or red can dish out.

Man, at first I feel sorry about the tigers to be in “disadvantage” in this fight, but the earth dragons itself…
Why Oscuras has to be such a bitch over then, what make them so inferior than the others ?

what sucks is the next page will come after school starts. dammit.

If you can access the web, you can see the comic. We won’t tell on you if you check from the school’s computer lab. ^__^

yeah, accept that the school blocks what ever website that isn’t educational.

There are ways around that. One of the simplest might just be to use a different browser which can be installed on and run from a flash drive.

I doubt they are actually capable of tracking what you do and where you go on a computer in real time, unless they are using a key logging program which is a bit of a iffy legal subject, they have most likely only the browser history to tell what sites their students have been visiting and that can be deleted before anyone even knew it was created.

Some browsers can even be set to not record history and the same ones can be run remotely.

Every system has its flaws, learn those flaws and you’ll be amazed of what you can get a way with.

Of course I’m not telling you to do something you are not comfortable with, I’m just saying that it can be done.

well ive seen people get in trouble minutes after they’ve been to places there not allowed to be on a computer or even searching subjects that in no way, should be searched on a computer. so i guess they do have a key logging program. besides, i rather not risk it.

I can see that this won’t end well…hope the tigers come and make it all better :D!”

Better for US, perhaps. ^__^;

I hope aiko comes to….but I will has a sad if she gets hurt 🙁 (aikos fan) 😀


Razor. its been a while since i read Draconia. almost a year in fact. an i would like to apologize for being gone from the site so long. But im back (And got alot of reading to do.) im also ready to support your series if you ever need donations. also a side note. will you ever be visiting Fan Expo Canada in Toronto?

Thanks for your support! It’s greatly appreciated! And as for Fan Expo Canada, while it would give me an excuse to visit Canada for the first time, I’m not adding any new conventions to my roster at this time, especially one that’s happening next weekend that I’m only just now learning about. Thanks for the invite, though! Have a drink in my honor! ^__^

And NOW it occurs to Eone that, hey, she might be kinda shooting herself in the foot just cuz she got mad about being drafted. What goes around, comes around, Eone~!

I gotta say, I love Meta’s body language there with her wings slowly enfolding her and hiding her. Got herself backed up into a corner pretty good.

nah, my guess is that eone is either going to abandon the mission and leave red and her dragons to fend for themselves or she is going to kill them. either way, red is screwed, and it serves her right. i knew what the queen did to gaia was bad, but i didn’t know that red knew of it. i mean really, after what the queen did she still serves her blindly, i hope red at least gets injured in this mission.

Okay, Bostonianful; I am not going to be rude, but I’ve seen your comments on nearly -every- page that has occurred and your assumptions are starting to get to me. It’s like you’re obsessed with this and it is REALLY bugging me as a reader of this series. As both a writer and artist, I must tell you that in order to have a PLOT, you can’t just have certain characters act on impulsive emotions that would FUCK EVERYTHING UP unless there is a SPECIFIC ONE-SHOT reason for said character or unless said character is impulsive by personality.

For starters- Eone isn’t going to kill someone like Lady Red, who is a high-ranking
official, let alone get away with it without maybe getting herself
killed by the other fire dragons. And she would be easily killed in turn because she is MOLTING HER SCALES. This means her skin is soft and weak enough to be pierced or sliced by even a tiger’s or dragon’s dull claws. Attacking someone would be a pretty fucking stupid thing
for ANYONE in her position to do. Eone WILL find out what happened, but I doubt Lady Red knows full-well
the details of what happened because she was not there to witness it.
The only way we will find out is to wait for the next page.

The Queen herself did not kill Gaia- she ordered that Gaia be taken out and abandoned in tiger territory. And the irony in this is that the Lightning dragons got the blame for Gaia’s death- when in fact they did what they had to do. That and Gaia -was- killed by tigers, kind of what the Queen intended to happen when Gaia would be abandoned. Don’t get me wrong, they still treated her like a ‘dirty whore’ because the Earth dragon used pretty sneaky and shitty tactics in order to seduce the Queen’s significant other. To be honest, I’d be furious at someone like her too, just as an individual, if I found out my partner had been seduced away from me. I don’t believe she deserved to die because she had a reason behind her actions, but it was still a shitty thing to do in order to get what she wanted.

okay dude calm down. the honest truth is that next week ill be going to school, im not associating in any activities and ill be taking my driving test soon. so in short, i literally have nothing better to do at the moment other than to stay at home. in doing so i see things that peek my interest. this web comic is number 3 on my list. number 1 being the highest. but thats a secret i keep to myself.

so yes, i pay very well attention to this comic and check it almost every day. what can i say, im amused and engulfed in this comic. if you ask me, razorfox deserves more credit, as does the rest of the katbox. as for the story, let me tell you, your not the only one thats hoping to become a book writer. its just that when shit in a series gets this dark and this bad, someone has to speak out. (spoiler for walking dead fans) just like how many people spoke out, demanding the death of the governor in the walking dead series.

now what i don’t get is why your making a big deal out of this? so i voice my opinions on what has happend to the characters, im expressing my reaction. thats it. im not telling razorfox how to make the comic, im just speaking out. thats all and if razorfox see’s it as a real problem then i will stop.

and about the story, well at this point, eone possibly believes that she can’t trust anyone in the dragon kingdom right now, let alone the queen. you believe that her attacking red would be a stupid move? well that would be just one of the many mistakes that the characters of this comic have made. really, its nothing new at this point. now rather red knew what happened or not is irrelevant, the point is that she shouldve told eone what happend when they met the next day when eone was rebuilding houses.

and finally, yes i know what happened to gaia. she died by the tigers which was intended by oscura, but even that punishment was too harsh. because if i recall gaia was exiled because she broke a law that oscura imposed upon her people, just so she could continue this pointless war. i said it once and ill say it again. its better to have a dragon raised by a peaceful, innocent dragon like gaia, than to have it raised by a fire dragon, just so that dragon and go to war when she is old enough. because thats why the earth dragons don’t have that many children, because they don’t go to war, so oscura doesn’t allow them to have children. its unfair as much as it is stupid. but the worst part about that, is thats just the reason she told to her fellow dragons.

the REAL reason why oscura wanted her dead. yeah gaia seduced oscuras husband, but thats mainly because the earth dragons were being treated unfairly. so gaia thought herself: ”either i go on, with my life and with the idea of never getting a child of my own and living the rest of my life alone, or i sneak in and take a child of my own and take the risk of being punished by the queen herself”. to be honest, im glad she chose the latter. because she had enough sense in her mind to know that its better to raise a child, that you know will be safe in your arms, rather than a child that you know will eventually go to war and be in danger.

sound familiar? *cough* princess Lumina. *cough*

in short: queen oscura is not a queen, but a tyrant. not to mention, she is one poor ass excuse of a mother

I’m a writer as a hobby, I’m an artist first and foremost. Also- I’m it’d be ‘dudette’ I believe. Though other than that, I have OCD and when I see repeating stuff after awhile- it starts freaking me out something fierce. I do apologize if what I said offended you, but my reasons were with plot speculation. Think of this- look at certain points of verbal language as indicators of tone (if they had a physical voice, yeah).

I do wish you luck on your driving test though. I’ve had my license for nearly 8 years now, got it at 16.

well i failed my drivers test twice, so three times the charm. and thank you for apologizing. i understand if i get carried away at times, not to mention im thriled with anticipation. it sucks that school starts next week though. none the less, im looking forward to the next page. also if you wish to know .razorfox put up his first youtube video. if want to see it, go to youtube and search Danny Valentini.

I’m glad you are also respectful for someone your age. Most kids I’ve met are very presumptuous and have bitten my head off when confronted before without knowing I’m twice their age.

I did not see the ‘see more’ because it was late and I went to bed.

my friend the reason that kids are like that, is because deep down inside them, they don’t care about anyone but themselves. like my brother, he’s so self righteous that when ever i bump into him or accidentally hit him, he thinks that its right to beat the crap out of me. so i end up busting his teeth out. if there is anything that i understand most in this world, its cause and effect, and consequences of ones actions. i rarely let my anger control me, especially over the internet.

its something that the characters in the draconia chronicles should consider doing. LOL!

Glad you noticed Meta shutting out Lady Red with her wings! And as for Eone, it sounds like Lady Red may have finally had enough.

If I were Lady Red, I would feel the same. Eone’s willing to jeopardize everyone just to make a friggin’ point. Lives aren’t worth that. I hope she sees that soon, at least.

do you honestly think that they’re lives are worth that much at this point? there’s kighan, a dragon who attempted to dis obey orders by trying to kill two tigers at once, when she was only told to choose one. and lady red, who not only drafted two innocent peace loving dragons against their will, but kept sensative information from them, information that concerned one of eone’s most closest friends. if you ask me, the only one im worried about is cinder and the earth dragons.

Okay….what? What kind of biased bull is all this you’re spouting? I don’t think you understood what I meant. Eone being uncooperative just to continually drive the point home that she does not like being drafted is *also* putting her life and the lives of those around her at risk. Why are you so determined to defend the ones who are willing to jeopardize innocents so they can feel vindicated? That’s exactly what Eone and Meta are trying to do, and it’s the exact reason why Meta shut her mouth and tried to hide herself from Lady Red using her wings when Red got on her case about it.

No, no life is worth Eone getting some childish satisfaction in somehow being able to say “See? Should never have drafted us.”

okay look. eone and meta are the only innocent ones here. kighan is a bitch, red is oscura’s guard dog, and cinder……..well cinder is just a guard. frankly i can’t blame eone. she was peacful earth dragon pacifist, and then red just comes along and takes that away from them and forces them to join her guard? thats not gonna happen on eone’s watch. so she’s not necessarily trying to get anyone killed, she’s trying to make red regret recruiting her. its as unfair as much it is stupid to recruit a pacifist. and i hope red regrets it.

but i doubt she’s putting there lives at risk at this point. sense 1. the tigers are still scared, and 2. are most likely, a somewhat long distance away from the dragons. if anything, im expecting kilani to find them soon. that way this mission can be over.

Lets just say, that the last time queen Oscura, crossed a GODDESS, “it did not end well”. 😉

The Queen got out relatively unharmed, it was her people, the commoners who suffered most. Divine retribution is only a valid threat if the Queen and the Queen alone would suffer.

For the ruler of a people, then the most painful thing to see is their people suffer. Adolf Hitler invaded Poland because they were butchering ethnic Germans left and right, killing any of them that tried to flee to their fatherland, and even rounding up young German boys and CASTRATING them. But of course, this flies in the face of mainstream historians, which always neglect that bit of history, because it doesn’t fit their kosher approved image of a power mad “evil Nazi” dictator hell bent on conquering the world. 😉

No, no, no! Don’t “just say”! Be blunt, be descriptive! Make her understand just how much fallout her petulant child act will create! Tell her that not just the Earth Dragons, but possibly every dragon of every colour will be hurt by this because it will ‘justify’ classicist attitudes (would it be flat-out racism?). Make them understand that any rights they extracted through negotiating with Queen Oscura would be torched like yesterday’s garbage! Otherwise she might get it into her head that she can mitigate the damage of her behaviour.

okay seriously, why is everyone taking lady reds side? gaia was wrongfully murdered, yes she broke one of the queens laws, but it was law she imposed on her own people just so she could continue this pointless war. not to mention oscura gives very few eggs to earth dragons, because earth dragons are peaceful. basically, oscura only gives eggs to certain dragons, in hopes that they will grow up to be her new soldiers to send to war, its unforgiving as much as it is unspeakable. so i don’t blame gaia for wanting to raise a child of her own. one that is not made to go to war, but to live a peacful life with her mother.

also, in case you forgot, eone has blackmail on oscura. as long as she has it, red and oscura won’t lay a finger on her. i can’t say for how long though. eone is gonna want some payback toward the queen when she finds out.

I’m not taking Red’s side, just saying what I would do if I were in her… scales? Shoes doesn’t seem appropriate.
Unless one has the support of the people, acting against any royal person is suicide. Breaking the Queen’s Law is treason, treason is a capital offense with death as it’s punishment.
If Eone want’s things to change, she needs power; she doesn’t have it, neither did Gaia. The Queen has a loyal army who will enforce Her Laws. And as far as her ‘blackmail’, unless she has a way to use it after her death, all it does is make her less likely to survive any encounter with the Queen.
All Eone’s actions serve to do in this present hostile confrontation (remember, the Tiger’s, the Dragons’ mortal kill-em-on-sight enemies are there), is to get herself, her friends, Red and her squad killed.
Act purely on emotion without planning or even considering the consequences will justly end in one’s demise.

treason? okay, for all those people who use the word ”treason”. let me make something clear. treason = traitor. and traitor by defenition is when someone in a war defects and joins the opposing side. last time i checked, gaia in no way associated with the tigers. so i would hardly call it treason. treason is just a word the queen uses to get her people on her side.

eone doesn’t have the power? oh she does. ya see, with each dragon oscura hurts and kills, she makes more and more enemies. ya see, like most of the characters in this series, oscura doesn’t plan ahead. she’s short sighted. she doesn’t consider the consequences. and in doing so, she will regret making those decisions. sombrana and elektra are already planning a coup against her. if she were smart, she would realize that when your in a war, its better to have people with you then against you, even if they don’t meet your standards. not to mention if she reveals her black mail, oscura’s entire kingdom will be up in arms, angry at her for breaking one of her own laws. a revolution, during a war is not good. especially for the queen.

one thing i would like to point out about the tigers is that. according to the draconia chronicles wiki, tigers are suppose to capture any dragons they have never seen before, so that they can study them and know their powers. scyde broke this rule when she first met gaia. like most of the other characters, she let her anger control her. so im just waiting to see what happens to her when kirad fins out or anyother tiger for that matter. especially kenzi.

I’ve read most of the comments and I think that what most of everyone is forgetting is that the only reason the earth dragons are there is because Eone black mailed the queen into doing so, and now Red drops that on her she might take it as she was dragged there to be killed without anyone knowing

i hate to say it but, i don’t think she can think of it any other way. i hope she holds off on her anger though. she is a pacifist after all.

This town needs an enema. Dragons should find out what the queen looks like scaleless and have a revolution. And if the fire dragons don’t like it, they can see how much they like the fire of lava controlled by earth dragons feels like. As I recall, the fire dragons were a damn good demonstration of useless during the eruption.

yeah. the problem the the queen is that, 1. she’s short sighted. 2. she’s always angry. and 3. she believes that her being on that thrown makes her invincible.

she’s way too short sighted, and because of that she fails to think before acting. she doesn’t consider consequences. for example, they say to be a true dragon, you must not let your emotions dictate your actions. yet oscura is letting her emotions dictate her actions and she doesn’t even know it. otherwise, she would put aside her hate and realize that there is nothing to be gained by fighting this war. and that thrown does not make her invincible. she believes that she’s doing right by her people all the time, when she isn’t. she already has the electric dragons and sombrana against her, how many more enemies will she make?

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