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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Saph, meet Ennek.  Ennek, meet Saph.

Those of you looking for a soundtrack to this page can once again pull up “Common Ground” by Rhythm Corps.

This coming weekend, that being November 7 through 9, you can find me at NekoCon 17 in Hampton, Virginia, not too far from where I live, and it shall be my final Artist Alley appearance!  I announced earlier this year that, after 16 years of doing the Artist Alley at close to 100 conventions across the eastern United States, I’d be calling it a day and hanging it up at the end of 2014.  Well, my last con of any year is NekoCon, and so here we are.

To clarify, I’m not retiring from drawing or cartooning or doing The Draconia Chronicles.  I’m just not going to do Artist Alley at conventions anymore.  After so many years, it’s become a bit of a grind and I’m ready to try something new with my paid vacation time.

So if you wanna meet me and you can get to the mid-Atlantic, come on out and say hello!  It’s your last chance!

Will Saph and Ennek continue to make beautiful music together?  Or will Kenzi crash this party?  Stay tuned…  ~__^

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Thanks! I wanted the two versions to be polar opposites, like a poetic prayer versus a rowdy drinking song! ^o^

I just posted about what the song sounded like and saw it in the description, I’m dumb.

Well, as it says in the comic, the tune is the same as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” so just imagine the Dragon version as being sung by a church choir of castrati, and the Tiger version as being sung by someone who’s very drunk and very horny. ^__^;;

PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! oh my god! fricken enneks version of the song……..fricken hilarious! man, for once im actually glad tigers and dragons can’t understand each other. man, god knows what would happen if saph understood what she said. but none less, all i can say is……finally, FINALLY, we see some peace happening betweens dragons and tigers, for the first time sense this comic started. just hope kenzi stays there and doesn’t do anything rash.

This may be personal bias talking… but I prefer the raunchier tiger version. X3

It’s got a great beat and you can dance to it… horizontally! ^o^

Or spoon to it as I’m sure the lady tigers would be on their hands and knees ‘rockin’ dat booty’. X3

Now we wait until Kess finds out what Ennek did! Oh but that will be a while for that to happen. I’m glad Ennek was taking the opportunity to do something like this rather then murdering anything that isn’t a tiger xP!

Omfg, it figures the tiger version would be sexual xDD

OMG THO! Aaaah! Aaaaah! Yaaaay! Saph looks like she almost can’t believe she’s 1) singing with a tiger, and 2) the tune to the different songs is the exact same. These two need to be friends now. I really hope they become friends 😀

Original versus parody, or other adaptation of the tune. Nice~

But I’d love to see a Dragon’s take on a Tiger child lullaby, which for the dragons is like some fearsome war song about blood and a love of killing, while the lullaby is about peace and security.

Just as the lyrics to this tune have diametrically opposed purposes, wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a Tiger lullaby that serves as a rallying song for the Dragons.

Umm RazorFox I was wondering do you know where I can learn what was going on before the comic started, cause I know it started with calendars and they had story with them. But I can’t find any pictures of the calendars where I can actually read the text, so I was wondering do you know of a place where I could get really good quality pics of the calendars or just like a text document with all the story text that was on the original calendars?

Also, I just again went through the webcomic. From about 200 onwards and I found some missteps of internal logic. And basically they can be cleared up, I just got to ask one question. And that question is, in the pre-history of these 2 species and world were the two societies heavily patriarchally?

Cause basically it makes no sense for the tigers, who are show to be a matriarchal society, to use male possessive pronouns when it comes to mating rites and rules, and for their males, who are shown to operate on a completely different social plane, to claim females, who are shown as the main lawmakers, hunters, rulers ect…, as property. The dragon’s I can let slide cause a lack of info leads to interesting headcanons, but yeah your universes internal logic doesn’t seem to agree with your explanation of tiger mating rites, rules and understandings.

How about this? Saph- “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…” Ennek-“Thats a good lay!”
my apologies to Dino on that. XD

Still this is delaying them enough for someone who knows both languages to arrive..

But is there a bilingual individual around?

Lol those lyrics…they pretty sum up what I wanna do to them :3.

Well, it sounds like the Tigers already share that sentiment, though with each other. ^__^

D: (crys)

oh don’t worry. you wanna know the difference between kilani and ennek? if kess hits ennek, ennek hits back 3 times harder.

>< Doesn't take much to strike a traitorous assumption, does it?

Wait, if their supposed to understand each other or something, how come their speech brackets are still different? [ ] <— Those.

Hope this leads to some steamy interspecies intercourse. Way deep down, (no pun intended) under all that lead, brass, and bravado, we all know Queen Oscura wants to get it on with the Tiger Princess. Giggity fucking goo. :3

I get the feeling that Ennek is about to get attacked. I also get the feeling that Saph will be adding a few words in tiger to the song next time she sings it.

If it were me, I would start singing “pussy” by Rammstein. 😉 “Too big, too small. Doesn’t matter one size fit’s all. Zu Grob, Zu kleine, Er Konnte Etwas Grober Sein. Merzedes-Benz Und Autoban, Alleine in Aubland Das Fahren, Reise, Reise, Fahrvergnugen Ich Will Nur Spab, Mich Nicht Verlieben. Just a little bit. Just a little bitch! You’ve got a pussy, I have a dick, so what’s the problem? Let’s do it quick. So take me now before it’s too late. Life’s too short, so I can’t wait. Take me now, oh don’t you see, I can’t get laid in Germany.” XD

I hate you RazorFox!
I read comics out loud to my sister and although I haven’t started with Draconia yet, when I do, I’ll have to sing that song to her! Why do you do this to me?
On a lighter note, Saph and Ennek look adorable together. I fully support them becoming besties over their love of singing. ( I really need to sit down and memorise their names, I swear I use to be good at that. )

Well, you got these two right! And if by “hate,” you secretly mean “love,” then I totally “hate” you, too!

Tell you what, how about I give you some more family-friendly lyrics? Let’s try:

Let’s go out and hunt some rats!
We’re a pair of hungry cats!
Snag their tails and hear their squeaks!
Open wide and stuff your cheeks!
Nothing beats the tasty treat
Of that yummy rodent meat!

Think it’ll work? ^__^

Thanks for the song RazorFox! You truly are a man of many talents.
I might still sing the song to her though just to see how red her face goes, well that or how many times she hits me over the head. 😛 Yeah, she’d prefer pretty much anything over Ennek’s song.
I’m probably in a very small minority here, but even I prefer Saph’s version. Though with you showing off your skills, its got me wondering what a Songs of Draconia would look like. Probably more of this with a few violent war songs thrown in! 😛 Hmmm.. maybe the male Tigers would have a modified version of your cat song.

Thanks for the kind words, though keep in mind that “The Draconia Chronicles” has always been aimed at a mature audience, and this isn’t the first time the f-bomb’s been dropped, nor is it the first time explicit sexual references have been made. If you believe your sister to not be quite mature enough to handle the comic’s content, then I’d suggest that you enjoy it yourself and maybe introduce her to it when she’s a little older. There’ll be more to share by then! ^__^

I like seeing speciesim peaceful relation between different worlds I know that there are good foxes too
you know when I watched Disney’s gargoyles goliath said I cannot make war on an entire world can you see that there are good humans than bad those are the people I like what I don’t like when I see transformers 4
that the evil agent talking to caid that there are no good aliens or bad its just us or them and you choose them! well optimus fried him he promises tha he would not harm human but some humans your gonna have to kill and some nonhumans your gonna have to kill for your right to live. It is evil doing a genocidal on race or different species if they did they will blame another not just race but beliefs or disagreements with there point of view I know human and sentient being nature is like not pleasant

Well, finally caught up. I recall first seeing this comic back when the newest one was a certain bloody and tragic death. Lost track until just now.

A bit rough around the edges, but the running theme of a generational war and how good people can drive themselves to do perfectly awful things is well-presented. Also hot dragon chicks are always fun.

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