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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!  After the conclusion of the 2014 Holiday Special, I put the comic on a brief hiatus so I could finish up the amazing 2015 Draconia Chronicles Calendar, which turned into a big hit!  After getting everything finished up on that front, I rested for a week, and now I’m back on comic duty.

And with that, after sensing some activity farther back, it looks like Eone might have something she’ll eventually want to get off her chest.  Will Lady Red be a sympathetic listener?  Stay tuned…

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



Survival and Caution are often forgotten to be complimentary in the heat of the moment–Eone really should have spoken up, saved a lot of effort.

She chose to sit on it for the time being. Maybe we’ll get to see her speak up soon…

razorfox! your alive! *attempts to give big hug*. oh its great to have you back. i was worried you were dead or something (not really). but none the less, its good to see you back. excellent work on the calenders by the way. i would’ve gotten one if i had the money.

but none the less, its just good to have you back.

man. talk about being one with the force. eone and meta felt that from why the heck over here, they must be quite in tuned. but never the less, i see what eone is going through. she and her friends being forced to fight in the war, violating their autonomy of peace and non violence, and now one of her friends just became a killer. my guess is that when this is all over, if they are still alive, eone won’t attack red and she won’t bother speaking with her. instead she’ll either go to the queen or possibly, as a last resort, leave the dragon kingdom. regardless of what happens, i can’t help but think that eone, like kilani, see’s how pointless this war is, and why she and her earth dragons refused to fight in it. until now.

never the less, only time will tell what happens.

Interesting observation, and we might see it on a broader scale one day. For the time being, I find it more satisfying–and efficient–to tell the story by focusing on a select few individuals, as this allows us to more readily identify with the characters and what they experience in their lives during wartime. They can, in turn and to varying degrees, serve as representatives for their respective people as a whole. ^__^

of course. your right. after all, one of the individuals is the queen of the dragons, and kilani is the only tiger that wants peace. so you make good point. thanks for the answer. to be honest i was just asking that question because it was eating at me for a while, but im glad you cleared it up. thanks again razor, and great work with comic.

Hmmm, I sense Eone is concerned about whats happening to her fellow earth dragons…and shes right to..

Hey razor fox I am starting to make another 3d model of scyde I am still working on it I might show it to you on the katbox community service its Stephen my real name ive been busy well I like to see some lightning fire water and light dragons who are against the war and want peace same as the tigers also the foxes overthrow there tyrannical leaders and make a republic city like korra

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