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Howdy, fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

A wild Kess appears!  Will Cinder tame this Tiger?  Stay tuned…

Hope you all enjoyed the Valentine’s Day special last weekend!  Just a reminder that you can see an uncensored version of it at the Draconia Chronicles Patreon page, where a pledge of support as little as $3 per page also gets you access to sketch work on new pages, and access to finalized pages before they’re available to the general public.  Thanks to all who’ve pledged their support just within the past week, and keep an eye out for more new incentives coming soon.  Get in on the action at Patreon now!

Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



First, Also, interesting quick cauterisation from kighan there, either that or its some zhurite reaction there on her head? Difficult to say.

I’m glad the smart one of the two is still up and active though.

P.S. apologies if I mistyped certain words, been a long day

Yup, Kighan’s cauterizing her wound there, and in the meantime, we get to see what Cinder can do. Will she speak softly while carrying a big (flaming) stick? Stay tuned… ~__^

yay! new page!

honestly kess, you had the element of surprise even after you pegged kighan with a rock, and then you just blew it. a jump attack? really? these tigers don’t do alot of planning now do they? then again, i guess the same can be said for the dragons?

still, i hope kess goes back into hiding. what i don’t get is that she was unarmed and outnumbered before, so she and the other tigers decided to flee, yet, here she is outnumbered and unarmed again, and yet tries to attack them. i don’t get it.

Lesson of life: Scales are more efficient to resist fire than fur. And the fact that its a dragon kinda help a lot too. So far, the anger of the tigers didnt do anything ( not that blame them for trying though ).

I raised the question of how the tigers have been surviving quite a few pages ago. The dragons simply have too many advantages and the tigers have yet to show how they circumvent most of them.
Granted, keeping to the forest and having weapons tends to help negates the advantages of flight and range powers (somewhat), but it still doesn’t explain how the tigers have survived this war for generations.

I think Decentralization, mostly. And possibly shorter lifecycles. For the tigers, it’s a war. For the Dragons, it’s pest control (Very, very DANGEROUS pest control)

Also – a band of trained tigers generally seems to have a 50-50 shot of taking out an equally-sized party of dragons. And, except when Plot Armor comes into play, usually the tigers have significant martial advantage over dragons in close quarters.

Who can take out who, depends on many factors. Terrain, Time, Weather, etc. In reality, the tigers should have killed all the fire dragons by now, considering it’s night, and in the forest, where the tigers have full advantage of camouflage (darkness and trees/brush). Reason I say fire, and not just dragons in general, is due to the earth dragons’ innate earth sense, they could tell where and when the tigers would strike, judging by distance. But, it’s a story, and plot armor is in effect for certain characters to give chance where it’s undue.

three reasons why tigers are surviving.

1. they are stronger and more agile than dragons. they lived in the wilderness their entire lives. if they can survive that, they survive a couple of dragons.

2nd. while the dragons do have ranged attacks, they don’t use them often for two reasons, 1. they don’t want to cause too much damage to the environment for obvious reasons 2. i don’t know why, but dragons prefer their kills up close, maybe its because of their need for vengeance or something. also when far away in the sky, its harder to aim.

3.your right about the birth rate. because oscura put a population control law on her people because the males left, yet the tigers have their own sanctuary of males that they use to reproduce.

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