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Valentine’s Day Special 2015

Valentine’s Day Special 2015 published on 19 Comments on Valentine’s Day Special 2015

Howdy, my fellow Draconiacs!  RazorFox here.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and if you don’t have a special someone in your life, it looks like we have three volunteers in Ennek, Raz, and Aika–that is, if you don’t mind taking Roh‘s sloppy seconds. ^__^

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I’ve got the next comic pretty far along, but I had to pause it temporarily to work on the Valentine’s special.  The new page should be up in the coming days, so hang tight.  Take care, my fellow Draconiacs, and thanks for reading!



😛 call dips on aika and I hope you have a great day as well razor happy V day Everyone!….ps it…there by any chance a unedited version laying around 😉

man. how long has it been sense we’ve seen raz or akia? its been a long time. still, its great to see the comic moving along, and i hope we’ll see more of them in the future, along with other dragons like oscura.

hey razor, if i could ask something a bit personal. what do you think of las lindas? i mean even though their among the katbox, many people have said that las lindas is, quote: ”the worst comic in the katbox”. i myself don’t believe this sense i like las lindas, but many people are accusing chalo, soulkat, and ID_fox of doing their comic only for money and no longer for fun. not to mention, many people think las lindas is bad because of its writing and story. if i may ask, whats your opinion on this?

I think Razor is enjoying his day, but as for Las Lindas. It’s a great comic, and like any other, has it ups and downs. Anyone who says it’s bad just hating. I mean, Chalo disabled comments like 2 years ago because everything every post became a flame war between those who hated one character, but loved another.

huh so thats why he disabled the comments. well that sucks.

i like las lindas too, but if thats the way you feel, then i cannot stress this enough when i say, do not, i say again, DO NOT search las lindas on youtube. just safe yourself the trouble, and don’t do it.

im already in a flame war about the comic, i don’t want you to be in it either.

From my understanding, the “Las Lindas” comments section was disabled due to some unexpectedly high levels of enthusiasm from their fans. I love their comic, personally, and i also love that I have some of the best-behaved fans around!

As for Aika and Raz, they’re waiting in the wings. Could this comic might serve as a preview of what’s to come? Hmmm…

well frankly, as you can see from many reviews, las lindas has some problems with its comic in terms of writing and such. i myself don’t care much for these reviews, but none the less, they’re their. judging on what ive seen in forums, ID_fox (one of the three authors of las lindas) doesn’t seem to care what people what others think, while soulkat (another author) on the other hands takes questions and advice from the people daily, and i think chalo (author of the comic’s artwork) does the same in a way.

frankly, i love las lindas, but i believe it would be better if they tried to appeal to everyone and have more people. possibly with a reboot. but thats just me. but that way they can get more donations and turn las lindas into a comic for everyone to enjoy. but thats just my way of thinking. i love las lindas never the less.

anyway thanks for answering my question razor, and not only do the fans behave, but its great to see you respond to our comments every once in a while. it shows that truly care and that is what i admire most about you, other than the amazing artwork and the comic itself. none the less, great work on the comic.

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